Australian Surf Forecasts

The Coastalwatch Surf Forecast Team provides daily analysis of upcoming surfing conditions for all popular surfing regions around Australia. We do the hard work for you, so you can get on with ripping the waves.

Forecasters Blog

Forecaster Blog: Twin Typhoons to Slam Japan And The Philippines With Epic Surf

The northwest Pacific is under the influence of twin typhoons, inbound on Japan and the Philippines this week.

Forecaster Blog: Billabong Pro Tahiti. What lies at The End of the Road

There's no shortage of swell inbound for the Billabong Pro, but it ain't your usual west bowl action.

Forecaster Blog: Impending East Coast Low Threatens Storm-Swell For The NSW Coast

East Coast Lows can have seriously good implications for surfing conditions across the Eastern Seaboard.

Forecaster Blog: Indian Ocean super-storm culminates in long-interval S groundswell for Australia's East Coast

Even Australia's East Coast feels the reverberations from the Super-storm.

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