Billabong World Juniors Interview with Kiron Jabour

4 Jan 2011 0 592 VIEWS

The prestigious event stars the top 45 junior surfers on the planet, plus three wildcards, and carries a total US$95,000 prize purse. More importantly, it affords the finalists an unrivalled seeding in ASP Star and ASP prime events that serve as a springboard to the elite ASP World Tour.

International surfers have fared well in recent years. In fact you have to go right back to 2001 when an Australian – Joel Parkinson last won it. Recent winners of the Billabong ASP World Junior Championship include Maxime Huscenot of France (2009), Hawaiians Kai Barger (2008) and Kekoa Bacalso (2005), Brazilians Pablo Paulino (2007 & 2004) and Adriano de Souza (2003) and South African Jordy Smith (2006).

Coastalwatch’s Ben Horvath caught up with one of the pre event favourites 19 year old Hawaiian Kiron Jabour earlier this week to see how psyched he was for the event.

CW – Kiron have you surfed Northy before and if so do you rate it?
I've been to North Narrabeen the past two years. The first year I went there were some really fun 3 to 4 foot lefts reeling across the bank, but the second year I went it was barely surfable, I think it's a really fun wave. I just hope we get swell for it and its on!

Are you aware of the history? You know the fact that TC won the inaugural Pro Junior at Northy back in 1977, Occy, Dog, LE, Slater, Parko etc have all won it.
I didn't know that it went that far back, I thought the events been going on since Parko won it.

Well you know there were different sponsors but it was a similar event steeped in history.
That's super cool it goes that far back those guys are all my heroes!

How did you go in The Oakley World Junior event in Bali?
I got equal 5th in the Oakley World Juniors in Bali. The waves were really good. I had the funnest heats ever!

What have you been doing to prepare for Narrabeen?
I've just been surfing a bunch and doing a little bit of cross training also.

Are you feeling any pressure considering that Hawaiians have a great recent history in this prestigious event?
Yeah coming into the event I'm the highest rated Hawaiian, so I definitely want to do good and make everyone back home proud. I'm definitely feeling a little bit of pressure but in a good way.

Tell me a little bit about your boards for the contest?
I just got a couple from my shaper at Channel Islands Surfboards. They are going really good. The models I've got going are a flyer for smaller mushier conditions, a rookie for the in between stuff, and a Proton if the waves get good.

How's summer been in your hood?
Your summer is winter for me, winter back home has been really fun. We got some fun pipe in November and then a bunch of North swells served up a lot of really good 8 foot Laniakea.  The winds have been really good so far this winter a lot of south/easterly winds.

When and where have you scored your best waves in Aus ever?
The best swell I've ever surfed or seen in Australia would have to be back in February 2008. I came over to Australia to do a couple of junior events and in between I got the super bank pumping 6 foot. The bottom was really good at the time, and I got some really fun long barrels. I was so stoked to get it like that it was for sure the best sand bottom barrels I ever seen! It was really amazing to see how long the wave was when it's on and how below sea level some of the barrels were.

Finally Kiron give your sponnos a plug.
Quiksilver, Channel Islands, Jacks surf shop, Dakine accessories

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