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Mike Jennings

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Jack Robinson at Teahupoo as seen through the lens of Andrew 'Shorty' Buckley. How nice is Jack Robinson's positioning?

Jack Robinson at Teahupoo as seen through the lens of Andrew 'Shorty' Buckley. How nice is Jack Robinson's positioning?

Ten Things From Surfing and The Internet On The Week That Was September 18, 2015

1. Trestles Was Great, Until Kelly Slater Did Something

Oh man. Biggest news EVER! We had four days of successive bumper to bumper competition at the Hurley Pro Trestles and it was mighty mighty good. Joel Parkinson was back to his 2012 World Title winning form. Mick Fanning was the business. As was Gabriel Medina. As were Carissa Moore and Lakey Peterson in the Women's Swatch Pro. Chris Cote has been commentating and has seamlessly quoted both Dumb and Dumber, and Seinfeld (There is not a square to spare down on the beach here at Trestles today."). *See Sean Doherty's Wrap Up of Round 4

The event has been narrowed down to the quarter-finals of the men's and the semi-finals of the women's setting us up for a stellar finals day that will likely happen tomorrow. But before then, in a Round 5 heat with Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater did something pretty interesting. What he did was a wild backhand air reverse where he lost control of his board in mid-air, before landing, miraculously, on his knees. He got up again very quickly, riding the wave further and completing a fairly bad 360, an awkward snap, and then a very good snap. He was scored a 4.17. Mick Fanning went on to win the heat and a place in the quarter-finals. So what?

The Internet, that's what.

Send in the keyboard warriors and The Inertia (four articles, one by a neuroscientist!) to fight the good fight. And with a bunch of lay-days immediately following the event, there were no new headlines to distract and displace the ridiculousness of the debate that roared on: Kelly Slater hard done by yet again. The conspiracies flowed – "The WSL wants Kelly Slater off tour," they said. "Kelly Slater doesn't have sponsors, so they underscore Kelly," they said. "If that was a Brazillian, it would have been given a 10!" they said. "Ha, I'd love to see a judge try and land that," they said. "The WSL is run by Ozzies, nuff said" they said.

Some even claimed Mick should apologise... on film... for winning the heat. ("Now that he has had time to see what actually happened, I would have like to see Mick have the courage to express his embarrassment on film instead of sitting back and playing the potlically correct game of pretending it never happened. After all he is the man that fights sharks off with his bare hands isn't he? If he does'nt he is sending a clear message that a win is okay at any costs.")

Palm, meet face.

Hating on the WSL is a very easy thing to do, and it's getting very old very quickly. If Mick wins, there is a conspiracy. If Kelly wins, there is a conspiracy. If Adriano De Souza wins, there is conspiracy. And so on and so forth. Kelly didn't land the air. He was scored a 4.17 (most of which would have been for that last snap). The WSL got it right, and whatever conspiracies are out there about the secret agenda the WSL may or may not have, lol, they have nothing to do with Kelly Slater being scored accurately for an air he didn't land.

However, the conspiracy that Adam Melling and Neil Patrick Harris are the same person is completely legitimate.

If you disagree and want to duke it out in the comments, I'm down, but I must warn you, I'm technically unemployed, have very few friends, and a lot of time on my hands. Come at me.

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2. Jack Robinson At Proper Teahupoo Is Great

Is Jack Robinson our Aussie John John? Will he get on the World Tour and flirt with being great, but ultimately just long for better waves? Does he even want to be on tour? Or will he one day be a World Champion? These are questions we'll get answers to over the coming years as our Jack Robbo gets older, and better. Whatever he chooses to do, it's going to be a hell of a ride watching him do it.

3. Tournotes From Trestles

Is John John so interesting that him opening a bag and going through some not very interesting products makes good viewing? Yes. Yes he is. Straight up though, the highlight of this clip is at 1.30 when two adorable little kids run over to John to say hi, immediately followed by Johns tail-high air rev. And then there's all the usual candid banter of the world’s surfing elite that makes you wish you were friends with all of them.

4. Dane Gudauskas's 11 Minute Movie

It's called Outerspace and it's really very good. Dane Gudang is one of the most beloved men in surfing. Why? Probably for things like that tube stance on the very first wave of this film. Also, I don't think I've ever seen him not smiling. Smiling is an important trait in a person's character. And Dane probably smiles better than anyone.

5. Tasmania Is Still The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Stu Gibson know dis! He know dis so well. This is from one of his first clips taken by drone and it features that ridiculous and incredible right point down there somewhere on the Apple Isle. Apparently sets are few and far between here... so imagine being that fella who gets dropped in on. That's gotta suck.

6. There Is a New Point Break Trailer

I'm so deep into loving the Point Break reboot that I can't tell if I'm enjoying it ironically, or if I'm just genuinely enjoying it. My worlds are colliding, up is black, left is apples... Whether you're going to like the movie or not, the new Point Break trailer is here for you.

7. BL's Blast-Off, Words From The Pros

The best grom comp in the universe, BL's Blastoff, gets underway this week, and to get hyped for it we have this prettty endearing video message from some of the Hurley Pros to the grommets who will descend on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The best! "BL, what’s up my dog!"

8. Mason Ho At Chopes

Remember when Mason Ho, arguably the world's funnest surfer, signed with Rip Curl at the beginning of the year and we were all stoked because it meant we'd get to see more of Mason in more places than Hawaii? Well, here he is, Mason Ho, at the infamous Teahupoo for the first time, secretly borrowing Jadson Andre's board. Love it.

9. Luke Davis – Velvet Joy

This week it was revealed that Luke Davis will no longer do competitions and will instead concentrate on freesurfing. News that came as a huge relief to the WSL's top 34, I joke, I joke. If it means that Luke Davis will make really good surf videos that are really fun to watch, like this one here, well, that's great news.

10. The Trestles Heritage Heat Was The Sickest

The WSL Heritage Heats have given us some truly incredible moments of throwback gold. Tom Curren's 10 at Jeffreys Bay. Tom Carroll's snap to tube at pumping Pipe. And now we have this one, have a listen to this roll call: Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew, Shaun Tomson, Cheyne Horan, Mike Ho, Simon Anderson. All in fairly pumping Trestles and absolutely ripping! Every wave was such a joy to watch. Couple that with it being commentated by some of the original door busters themselves in PT (the eternal frother) MR and Ian Cairns, man, I don't know if it was because I was all hopped up on coffee on a blissful  North American summer Saturday afternoon, but it was just about the most pleasent daytime viewing I've ever had. How good is surfing? It's so the best!

Bonus... 2 Instagram Posts Worth Taking a Note Of..

First up, how sick is this turn by Dimity Stoyle amongst the heavy traffic of a Lower Trestles freesurf? You should follow Dimity on Instagram, eternally stoked and posting selfies with Lisa Andersen, there's something everyman about her. Like she's one of us, but just so happens to absolutely shred and be amongst the best surfers in the world too. Also, she's into the semis at Trestles and up against World No.1 Carissa Moore this finals day. You can do it Dimity!

Having too much fun in ????! Thanks for the ?? @peterkinglajolla but sorry I couldn't help myself with the song LOL ???????????????????? #22 #imfeeling22

And another Insty, this time from Red Bull surf guy Chris Binns in Wales for that Surf Snowdonia comp, here's a first look at Jack Freestone having a splash in the man-made wave. Jack is arguably the first truly world class surfer to take to the Welsh wave and it's interesting to see how he disects the long, perfect, albeit sectionless reeler. Red Bull Unleashed goes down this weekend. Mitch Crews will win!

The homey @jackfreestone going bonkers at @redbull_surfing #Unleashed in #Wales.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go North Melbourne!

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