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15 Jul 2016 6

Mike Jennings

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"Tyler Wright is my hero," wrote WSL commentator Ronnie Blakey on Instagram this week. You have to watch her video and see why.

"Tyler Wright is my hero," wrote WSL commentator Ronnie Blakey on Instagram this week. You have to watch her video and see why.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was July 15, 2016

1. J-Bay: Jordy Smith Will Never Win A World Title Unless...

He has a drastic attitude change.

Hasn’t J-Bay been a weird event? Middling and inconsistent runners got us one of the best quarter-final line-ups of all time. Jordy v John John. Kelly v Kerrsy. Jules v Gabby. And Mick v Filipe. That’s like a boxing card, heavyweight bout after heavyweight bout. But then Monday rolled around, they called on finals day, ran one wave starved heat in which the wind came up and ruined everything, and then called the event off again, hoping we’d get some swell at the end of the waiting period.

One heat, in one whole day… has that ever happened before?

Predicting the best time to run an event is a fickle business, and when there isn’t a whole lot of swell in the window it’s understandable that you might take a risk here and there and that sometimes those risks backfire. This time, they got it wrong… it sucks, but that is going to happen in surfing.

Unfortunately, it was John John Florence and Jordy Smith who suffered the indignity of the one heat day, Jordy suffering a little bit more than John John as he was the one who didn't progress to the semis, knocked out by John John's last wave of the heat. A 3.37.

Jordy, predictably, wasn’t happy.

“What are your initial reactions to that heat?” Asked Rosie Hodge in the post heat interview.

“Overscored his last wave, pretty much," Jordy shot back. "Yeah definitely… but yeah the conditions definitely aren't the best. Everyone knew the wind was gonna come up, but they decided to run."

He continued, "Unfortunately these kind of things happen and yeah you can’t really do too much about them, ey. End of the day it’s up to them, you just gotta go out there and surf."

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Rosie followed up, "And you have actually watched that replay on the big screen, so like you said you’ve digested that and taken that all in, so your opinion, what do you do with that now?"

"Ah, there’s not really much I can do, it’s not up to me, it’s up to those five guys, so they make the decision at the end of the day."

But here's the thing, Jordy caught four waves in that quarter-final, one of which he did a pretty sweet air-reverse that he unfortunately didn't stick. Perhaps, had he stuck that air, and done one or two more turns, he would have won. And perhaps also, if he'd paddled harder and used his priority to block John John, he could have kept John John off the inside wave he scored a heat high 7.33 on. "It's not up to me" is just not true.

And therein lies Jordy's problem. It's not up to the five guys who judge a surfing performance whether or not someone gets through a heat, no, it's up to the person doing the surfing. It's up to that surfer to make sure they surf so much better than their opponent that the result could never be in doubt. At least, that's the perspective that the surfer should have. And it's the perspective that Jordy should have. To be a little more fair, the interview was just minutes after a loss at his favourite event, and a loss that had drastic implicaitons on his World Title aspirations this year. Emotions would have been hot. But this isn't the first time Jordy has blamed others for a heat he has lost. And he's no closer to a big silver trophy for it.

Jordy Smith will never be World Champion because he doesn’t seem to want to make himself better. Sure, having that Ali-like swagger of thinking you’re the best surfer in the water is great, but it's only great if you win. When you lose, it is no-one's fault but your own.

To be looking to lay the blame elsewhere, whether that be the call to run the event, or the judges assessment of another surfer's final wave, and not at the decisions you made and the things you could have done to put the win beyond doubt, is the difference between a person with World Champion talent... and a World Champion. And till that changes, Jordy will stay the former.

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2. Tyler Wright Is The Best

My god, what an incredibly beautiful clip, and what an incredibly strong tube riding performance from Tyler Wright. We don't too often get high-performance clips of our star female surfers outside of competition highlights, so it's a delight when we do and when they're this freaking good. Especially that heaving south coast tube at the two-minute mark. Take a bow, Tyler Wright. You're the best.

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3. Vissla Gave Us A Free Movie

Vissla is one of those surf brands that operates on the peripheries of mainstream surf, but who consistently deliver well made, long form surf films with really high quality surfing and production value (see Palmera Express for anther example). Dream Steeple is no different. With surfing by the likes of Eric Geiselman, Brendon Gibbens and Derrick Disney – and a soundtrack by the likes of La Femme (France's best surf band), Neon Indian, and Kurt Vile – it’s killer, ebbing and flowing from punk to chic, shred to flow. But of course the best thing Vissla’s films have going for them is Bryce Young. SON (Son of Nat) is a freaking star. Always, and forever, SON surfs in a way you wish you could. High performance with old school flow, while exploring the possibilities of wave riding on new and different shapes. His approach to wave riding is probably best encapsulated in one small wave during the the credits (25.30), check it. Yew.

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4. Asher Pacey and Beau Foster Went To Norway and Indo

Norway looks cold. Brrr. But it also looks pretty. Aww. Hooded wetsuits, coffees by campers, pulled back surf footage to fit the amazing foreign landscapes into frame… this movie has all the cold water surf travel tropes, but that doesn’t make them any less rad. This is a nice 15 minute film of surf travel and adventure, and with narration by Asher Pacey it’s a really good sojourn that might even inspire the rest of us to get off our office chairs and out into the world. For surfing, or just for travelling’s sake. There’s also a nice homage to Jack McCoy’s Occy movies in the Sumba section. Onya, Jack.

5. Crewsy n Eric In Portugal

Another episode in Reef’s Just Passing Through series, this time starring the effervescent Mitch Crews, and Eric Geiselman, back in action after his near fatal drowning at Pipeline last year. The lads take us through Portugal for a balanced mix of rail and aerial surfing and classic European scenery in the land of the Euro Champions.

FORECAST VIDEO: Major Swell Event For South Australia & Victoria

6. Radical Times In South Africa and the high line of Lee Ann Curren

The world of surfing has it’s eyes focussed on South Africa at the moment, so that’s where team Quiksilver is putting together the South African episode of their Radical Times series. Colourful buildings, rich culture, skate, surf, and sharks abound. It’s a real travel heavy week of clips this week, isn’t it? Highlight: The high line of Lee-Ann Curren. Derek Hyd's J-Bay finless cameo isn't half bad either.

7. Luke Davis Joins Team RVCA

And drops a banger edit. Big question though is... who was the Cali natural footer surfing with before anyway? Davis is one of those surfers with the good looking fella curse. You know the one, the one where because his eyes are dreamy like a sad puppy-dog, and he appears modelling in music videos, or dyes his hair purple, he gets written off by our sometimes shitty and conservative surf culture… but as you can see in this clip, the guy can surf. So, power to him.

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8. Let's Get Around Connor O'Leary

At the end of 2015, out of seemingly nowhere, Cronulla’s Connor O’Leary came within a pinky toe of qualifying to the World Championship Tour. Back on the horse, and back in the fight, just the other day Connor won the first QS10,000 of the year, the Ballito Pro, jumping up to second place on the QS. There are only six QS10,000s each year, and they’re often won by surfers already on tour, so to scalp one in the hunt for qualification is HUGE. Let's celebrate with this nifty edit he put out this week and get around the fella! Connor for 2017!

9. French Music and Slow Motion Logging Go Together Like...

Vin rouge et fromage... Proof that anything in slow motion to soothing French crooning will look good. Not that the surfing here is bad by any means, but windblown Byron logging is hardly going to make the best clip ever. Throw some sexy French and a grainy film filter over it though and BLAM. The song's called Ballade Somnifère.

VIDEO: Groms Go Wild At D-Bah

10. How Do The Pros Get To South Africa?

In business class, apparently. Well, some of them do. For #Tournotes (surfing's best and most consistent web series) Peter King asks the world surfing elite how long it took them to get to J-Bay. There's something cool and disarming about the surfers asking each other if they paid extra for surfboard luggage and whatnot.

Bonus... Josh Kerr's Daughter Shreds!

Sierra Kerr is nine years old and already got a grab-bag of sick frontside turns in her repertoire. And what a classic song by Garbage to go with it? This might just be our favourite little clip of the week!

"My roomy in J Bay @woodrowmedia played around with some clips of my daughter @sierrakerr from indo and put together this little edit. Miss being @kanduivillas and having family surfs! #9yearsold #prouddad" captioned Kerrsy to Instagram.

A video posted by Josh Kerr (@josh_kerr84) on

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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