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2 Sep 2016 3

Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was September 2, 2016

1. Ryan Callinan Shreds West Oz

Our boy Ryan Callinan hasn't been having the greatest luck on his rookie season of the WSL CT. He currently sits 34th with just two heat wins... but he does have the reasonable average heat score of 11.56. To put that in context, Davey Cathels, ten places above R-Cal and sitting on the cusp of requalification at 24th, has an average heat score of 11.29, Josh Kerr at 14th has an average heat score of 13.02, and Ace Buchan, 30 places north of R-Cal at fourth, has an average heat score of 13.40. What's that mean? It means that the difference between being 34th and fourth on the 2016, with a little luck, is less than one point per wave (fun fact, Wilko, deep in the Title race, has an average heat score of just 12.98, while Mick and Kelly have averages higher than 15). It also means that surfboarding competiton is a tough old business and perhaps the difference between the title contenders and the cellar dwellarts is much less than you first think. Anyway, it's a bummer, because R-Cals's one of Australia’s most gifted surfers. For proof of that just check this clip he put out this week free surfing around Margaret River during the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. Ripping. And how are those Clay Marzo-ish turns he ends the clip on?! Here’s to R-Cal getting a solid result at Trestles this week.

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2. Kelly x Tournotes x Teahupo'o

A big surf event doesn't really feel finished until a final day Tournotes clip is released. So here's the one from last week's Billabong Pro Tahiti, the comp of the year so far. It stars Kelly in as candid and relaxed mood as ever and also reveals that WSL boundary rider Kaipo Guerrerro once dated Madonna. Madonna! That's probably a bigger deal than Kelly dating Pamela Anderson, or Kelly dating Gisele, or Kelly dating Cameron Diaz... Gee, girls certainly have liked Kelly over the years, haven't they?

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3. Occ Cast With Kelly

While we’re still on Kelly Slater being relaxed and candid and just generally having a good time, Kelly dropped in to episode two of Occy’s new podcast, The Occ-Cast, while in Tahiti and it is actually one of the best on camera Kelly Slater interviews in ages. Interesting how Kelly explains that needing more buoyant boards for surfing in fresh water is a myth (so long as you don’t need to paddle). And there talk of diet is pretty handy too. How good are almonds?

VIDEO: Is This The Best Women's Surf Clip of The Year

4. Curren Skims Morocco

Clips out of Morcco always seem to feature the best to watch natural footers on the planet. Like Dane. And Noa Deane. And the finles surfing of Derek Hynd. Those long grey water right points are the perfect canvas for dudes of this ilk. Tom Curren went there recently at the request of a guy named Jérôme Sahyoun, and he surfed his skimboard thingy with those interestingly s-shaped fins. As far as Morocco clips go, it’s not amazing, but Tom Curren on a long right is and always will be Tom Curren on a long right, that is to say, poetry, weird skimboard thingy or not. That slow motion is a bit, uh, slow, though.

5. Tropical Fruit Punch With Noa Deane

Little known surf-media-writer-person fact, Noa Deane is the funnest guy in surfing to interview. Pull quotes out the whazoooo. Which makes Noa the perfect surfer for episode 1 of Surfing World’s new(est) video series, Tropical Fruit Punch, getting Mr. Deane's quick take on Kelly’s Pool, surfing in the Olympics, and Donald Trump of course.

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6. It Doesn't Barrel In Vicco, Unless It Does

If you follow surf scribe Sean Doherty on the Instagram you’ll know that Victoria was a little bit pumping last weekend. How pumping? Almost as much of a pumping as the North Melbourne Kangaroos have been getting the past 12 weeks… sigh… Anyway, Harry Dott’s clip from Sunday is full of cold Victorian barrels with cold Victorian barrel hunter Billy Harrison hunting them... in the cold. What’s Billy doing here anyway? Doesn’t he know that Victoria doesn’t barrel?

7. Perth Is Getting A Wavepool

Speaking of waves that don’t barrel, Perth (Tompkins Park, more specifically) is getting one of those fancy shmancy WaveGarden wave pools in 2018. Now that Kelly Slater’s pool is up and running and exploding the internet with footage of man-made perfcection, every time one of these gets announced a whole bunch of Internet complainers go on the Internet and complain. They complain that it’s not the magical Kelly pool. They’ll even go so far as to say we should all protest the government for letting this happen, which is akin to complaining to your high school principal about Arnott's changing their shapes flavour. Why would they care? These pools are designed as theme park style attractions where people can learn to surf, or better surfers can have a little play. Wave Garden have the capabilities of making these things six foot, but economically it makes more sense to make a clean one foot wave in a controlled environment that toddlers and adults who have never surfed before can enjoy, as well as the rest of us. It's doubtful WaveGarden, or URBNSRF – the Australian company making WaveGarden pools on our side of the planet – even care that Kelly's pool is a much better wave for the moderate-to-elite surfer.

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8. Weak Wrap Episode 3 – Ando Is Beautiful

Episode three of Weak Wrap is here with your wrap of the week (that isn't this column) and it's the best one yet. “Nine minutes is enough time to make four and half packets of two minute noodles," says Daniel Johnson. Why? Who knows, but it's funny.

9. The Hurley and Swatch Pros At Trestles Start This Week...

Woah, this Trestles hype clip has me feeling like I’m at a kick-on and the people I've just met whose house it is have taped black bed sheets to the windows, are playing minimal techno, and have me questioning what the frick I’m doing with my life… *shudder*.

Anyway, the Hurley Pro Trestles starts in a little under a week, so let's do a stupid mini event guide stupid:

Hurley Pro Trestles Stupid Mini Event Guide That Is Stupid:
– Everyone is going to go on and on and on about this being the most high performance wave on tour, and yes, John John, Kolohe, Filipe, Freestone, or Gabriel will surf a perfect heat where they do five backflips, at some point in the contest… but the final day, and the final heat will be won on turns, like always. ALWAYS. The most high performance contest on the schedule is never really won with airs. Nup, it’s usually dudes who are best at keeping their boards on rail, top to bottom, top to bottom, for four or more turns right in the pocket. Think Mick (his last comp of the year?), Kelly, Adriano, and of course John John, Filipe and Gabby too.

– Bethany Hamilton has the wildcard for the Swatch Women's Pro this year, which, after her performance at Fiji in June, comes as no surprise. She's unbelievable.

– The competition is called the "Hurley Pro at Trestles". How annoying is that? The Hurley Pro at Trestles. Why “at”? Bells is called the "Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach". Teahupo'o, the "Billabong Pro Tahiti". But this one is called the "Hurley Pro… at… Trestles". Where is the consistency. Don’t even get me started on the “Oi Rio Pro” (why isn’t it “Oi Pro Rio”, like other sponsored events) or the “J-Bay Open” (Open? Why is this an Open and not a Pro?). The big issues...

VIDEO: The Blue Road

10. Une Minute Avec Yago Dora

That means "one minute with Yago Dora," I know that because I've been studying French for ten months now and am so good I can order a sandwich at a Montréal café and get at least half of the order correct. No onion? You're getting extra onion, friend. Extra extra onion. Onion on onion on onion. Blam. Anyway, in 2016, Yago Dora is one of the best free-surfers on the planet. When's Kai Neville's next movie? Do you think Yago will be in it?

Bonus... Father's Day With Father Jay

Here’s a lovely clip of Jay Phillips talking the beauty of fatherhood in surfing, plus some clips of the getting shacked off his head on the Gold Coast. Happy Fathers Day Jay, and Happy Fathers Day to all the surfing dads out there. And if you’re not a dad, Happy Father's Day to you too, go and an find a really good present for one over here in Dad's Ultimate Guide To Surfing Happiness.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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