This Week In Surfing: Tyler Wright Be World Champ In A Couple Days, Right? Creed Is Ripping, & Who Is Dave Delroy-Carr?

23 Sep 2016 0

Mike Jennings

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TWEEEEAAAK! Creed McTaggart in his latest HaydenShapes clip.

TWEEEEAAAK! Creed McTaggart in his latest HaydenShapes clip.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was September 23, 2016

1. Can Tyler Wright Be Holding The World Title Trophy By Tuesday?

The answer is: Definitely!

The Cascais Women's Pro starts this weekend in Portugal, yep, from tomorrow afternoon around 4.30pm, you'll be able to pull up on that couch of yours and watch Tyler Wright try and make history. Here's what needs to happen for her to bring home her first World Title.

– Tyler must win the Cascais Women's Pro.
– Courtney Conlogue can not get past the quarter-finals. 

Bam! Two factors, and the title is Culburra's and the rest of us can all bust out the fairy bread, burger rings, and homebrand cola for a party.

It's worth noting that mathematically Carissa Moore, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Steph Gilmore, Johanne Defay, Malia Manuel, and Sally Fitzgibbons are all still in the running. It's also worth noting that mathematically, it's possible I will win every single Oz Lotto, ever run, for the rest of my life.

P.S. I spent a good 35 minutes doing the maths of the possible outcomes and what results would need to fall Tyler's way for her to win the title in Portugal before I realised that the WSL had put out a press release with that information two days ago. My main takeaway from that 35 minutes? Apart from maths being hard, and that I should read my emails more, it's that the WSL rankings system is very difficult to follow. Too difficult. If the WSL really wants surfing to be embraced by mainstream audiences, and they do, they need to get rid of a ranking system that uses large obscure totals (like 1,750 points for 13th, 3,300 points for 9th, 5,200 points for 5th etc.) and the dropping of each surfer's two lowest scores. You should not have to pull out a calculter to work out how far in front a surfer really is in the World Title race. Into the bin! Anyway, go Tyler!

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A video posted by Tyler Wright (@tylerwright) on

2. Five Minutes of Creed (and Pamela Anderson)

Creed McTaggart is one of the most entertaining surfers getting around on the planet in 2016 (see Cluster, Nix Nic Nooley for further proof of that). For this Haydenshapes promo of his preferred board model (the love buzz) Creed surfs his sweet mix of messy airs and rails and tubes, with his unique way of making surfing look as fun as it should, while abspolutely tearing the bag. Creed also plays guitar in his shitty band called Wash, which is pretty great. Shitty bands are the best. Actually, Vaughan Blakey reckons Wash are sick, but Vaughan is in the Goons of Doom, so he might not be the best guy to ask on such a matter.

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3. Russy Bierke and The Shippies Boys

Who knew that ambient indie music and terrifying mutant waves of Shipsterns would make such perfect bedfellows? Like cheese and vegemite, they are.

Despite the feats of the crew that take to Australia's most infamous slab on the reg, and the incredible footage that comes out of the their sessions, Shippies clips can fall into the trap of feeling a bit samey. The same terrifying wave, the same terrifying wipe-outs. It's impressive, but it's hard to get the footage feeling fresh, which is why this clip is such an accomplishment, with a session that happened all the way back in June no less. One of the best clips to come out of the bluff in some time.

GALLERY: Can you believe this was the last 35 days staight in the Maldives?

4. Slabs! Dave Who?

Who in the name of Laird is this Dave Delroy-Carr fellow, and why is he dropping one of the best slab surfing videos of the year? Delroy-Carr has just 972 IG followers, but next week he will have at least 973 after dropping this West Oz tunnel hunting clip featuring The Right and North Point. It's not the wildest stuff you've ever seen, but it's a great clip, and has the best drone jet-ski footage ever. Seriously. That intro was beautiful.

5. The Best of West Oz This Winter

Did you catch Coastalwatch's latest Standout Session from southwest WA, featuring Jerome Forrest, Jacob Wilcox, and more? It's a highlight of ice cold crispy tubes, some real refreshingly frosty ones. And it wouldn't be a true west oz clip without some modern psych pop, now would it?

VIDEO: Julian Wilson's Noseriding and Ridic Gold Coast Barrels

6. Julian Wilson's FCS Ad

One of Julian Wilson's secret tricks for doing great surboard riding is using this high tech technology called "fins". He swears by them, these "fins". Easy for him though, he's a gajillionaire who gets his fins for free, driving around in his BMW with a personal number plate all day, the boot full to the brim with all sorts of fins, probably. While the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet, spinning out all over the place every time we paddle into a wave... sigh. Fins, sheesh, what'll they think of next? Anyway, here's Julian's fin ad. It's good.

7. Occ-Cast – Kieren Perrow

Episode no. 4 of Occy's podcast is here, in pod form and in YouTube form, this time with Pipe Master and WSL commissioner Kieren Pierow. The Occ-cast, as to be is expected is not the place for great introspective hard hitting interviews, nah, it's a place for a chilled out beer and a catch up. But where the Occ-Cast does truly shine like no other in the format, is when they accidentally stumble away from the interview format, or analysis of the tour, and find themselves just reminiscing on classic moments in their surfing lives. Like their first heat at Teahupo'o back in the day, or talking about being out mindsurfed by Kelly Slater. If every Occ-cast started with the line, "Hey, remember that time..." it'd be the best surf podcast ever.

VIDEO: This wave in Nias will make you weak at the knees

8. Harrison Roach in Christian Dior Ad

What do a French luxury goods company, Harrison Roach, and Johnny Depp have in common? This clip, that's what. Tales of The Wild episode 1, Solace, is a six minute beautifully shot little film where Harrison Roach talks the spirituality of surfing and the ocean to an audience that probably has never stood on a surfbord. It's a tad earnest, but ultimately one of the finest non surf surf clips going around. And Johnny Depp narrates it. Captain Jack Russel himself.

9. Chris Bryan 2016 Showreel

Chris Bryan is one of the world's best water cinematographers, and this here is his 2016 highlight reel, shot on the fancy Phantom Flex 4K camera with Arri Ultra Prime lenses, at 1,000 frames per second. The footage of The Right at the end might be the most crystal clear imagery ever shot of the wave. The clip is nine minutes long, but did you know that if you play this video in real time it only goes for four seconds? Technology is crazy. Did you hear about fins?

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10. Body Whomp

Bodysurfing is the ultimate wave riding leveller. Any beach in the world with a little bit of ocean exposure is home to bodysurfing. But since Endless Summer's section on The Wedge, The dirty ol' Wedge, it's pretty well understood that the Newport beache's mythical monster is the world's spiritual home of surfing's purest form. Here's a clip by the completely underrated and always fun Jack Coleman from said wedge.

Bonus – Episode 5 of Weak Wrap

I know, I just put Weak Wrap in this little no.11 spot every Laird-forsaken gosh darn week, but it's cause it's so good, soooo good, except for one thing. The fact that Danny Johnson here uses the term "he surfs really good", which if you're a nerd like me, is a habit of surfers that is more annoying than Kelly Slater political art shows. Surfing good is grammatically impossible, ok? I do not surf "good", I surf "well. Actually, I surf horrendously. But that's ahh... nevermind. 

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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