This Week In Surfing: Kneeboarding Is Tops As, Albee Nails A Double Spin, & Dane Reynolds Made The Film of The Year

24 Nov 2016 1

Mike Jennings

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So much talk of surfboarding aerials this week, not enough talk about kneeboarding aerials.

So much talk of surfboarding aerials this week, not enough talk about kneeboarding aerials.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was November 25, 2016

1. The First Ever Backside Double Air Rev

“Hey, go buy some champagne!” So, Maui big air / big wave guy Albee Layer landed the backside double air reverse this week. And it was a big deal. The accompanying video is a nice delivery of the landmark feat in that it shows the struggles faced when anyone is striving for anything great, or never been done. That said, I’ve gotten as frustrated as Albee gets here just trying to get the final tape in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater II (sweet game though), so maybe with dramatic music, frustrated head in hands introspection, and a board punch, anything could be made to feel like Everest. But here is a good Layer quote from the video that should be inspiring for any of us, in any of our persuits: “I’ve never had that freak kinda capability that people like John, or Marzo, or Matt kinda do in the air. So for me to do a trick like this, it was just to spend more time on it than anyone else, and just kind of be stubborn and not get discouraged after falling a freaking million times.” 

After this clip came out, the Internet melted a little while also re-lighting the fire of the 720 or 540 debate… which is a question I have a simple answer to. Answer: Neither / it doesn’t matter. We do not call air reverses or alley-oops 360s, nope, they're just air reverses and alley oops, and if an air does turn more than 360 degrees, we call them full rotation air reverses or full rotation alley-oops. Simple. So, this is a (backside) double air reverse. Anyway, none of this matters, 'cause, unfortunately for Albee, this clip was released a couple days before Dane Reynolds' movie Chapter 11, which claimed all that Internetty thunder. 

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2. Dane's Movie, Chapter 11, Is Really Bloody Good

So, all this time, Dane Reynolds has been working on a movie? A 35 minute proper surf film? Called Chapter 11 (the final chapter), the Marine Layer Productions flick is narrated by Dane and tells the story of Dane’s rise to professional surfing, his view from inside pro surfing's insular world, and his perspective of the Quiksilver fall out, and it’s just really really good. Better than really good, it's beautiful.

Throwing a good narrated story over a surf movie is no easy feat, and Dane navigates that challenge with simple, brilliant storytelling. And honesty, such honesty. And, of course, the surfing is that explosive, aggressive approach we know and love, not to mention featuring cameos from a who's who of modern pro freesurfing (Taj, Ozzie, Ando, Dion, Noa, Creed etc.). There’s a reason Dane is considered so important to our culture, and they’re all contained in this neat package of a surf video. Surfing is so damn lucky to have this dude in it.

With no Cluster, no Psychic Migrations, no View From A Blue Moon, and no Nix Nic Nooley... no major surf productions released in 2016, this is easily the best surf film of 2016. And it’s free! Dane, man of the people!

3. John John Won Haleiwa, Is Leading The Triple Crown

So stop 1 of the Hawaiian Triple Crown went down this week and at the end of the comp it was the new World Champion left holding the trophy. Not without a fight however, he actually tied with Portugal's Frederico Morais in the final and won the heat on a countback. Drama! If John John goes ahead and wins the Triple Crown, and also the Pipe Masters (of which he'd be the favourite for both) it'll mean that with his win at the Eddie and of course his World Title, this'll be the most dominant year by any individual competitor in history. A feat that with the Eddie running so inconsistently (and whose future is far from concrete) will be very very hard to repeat. What a time!

Sunset starts this weekend, and it will be the last chance for those not on the CT to secure a place on next year's big boy tour. Which gives it the perfect ingredient for compelling viewing, raising the stakes, dreams crushed, dreams realised. The best stuff.

VIDEO: Snapper Rocks Rises

4. The Maui Women's Pro Started

The last women's CT event of the year (and arguably the best) has begun at Honolua Bay, Maui. They have run Rounds 1 and 2, and so far the elite performers have been who you'd expect at the clean open face right point – Carissa Moore who topped Round 1 with a heat score of 15.83, and Stephanie Gilmore who scored the wave of the day with a 9.5 – as if that 2016 World Title race that excluded them never happened. Aussie rookie Keely Andrew (who has requalified for 2017 on the QS) equalled the highest heat score with a stellar performance in Heat 1, too. On the other end of the spectrum, Sally Fitzgibbons sadly went out in straight sets with her Round 2 loss to Lakey Peterson, ending Sally's worst competitive year in memory (though a successful one outside of competition), as did Laura Enever who, is a possiblity of falling off tour if goofy-footed South African Bianca Buitendag can find a way to win the event. For our World Champ Tyler Wright, a win at Honolua Bay would mean she would equal Stephanie Gilmore's 2008 record of five wins in a season. Unfortunately, the forecast will be flakey from here on out.

5. This Clip, South Coast Roast, Is The Business

Righto, how’s this for a bloody corker of an Aussie clip. Zion wetsuits have nailed it once again with a heavy dose of Australiana from their south coast NSW breaks, opening with a crusty salt dog’s headstand to a Paul Kelly number, and ending with a track from legends Shining Bird (South Coast lads themselves) and featuring Garret Parkes, Harry Bryant, and some ripping kneeboard times in between, it’s a ripper.

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6. Slater In Hawaii In 1986

Can you believe that some of this footage of Kelly Slater is 30 years old? Thirty freaking years! Kelly Slater as a grommet in Hawaii is just gold, the kid was ripping. What’s particularly entertaining is how his surfing in 1986 would still be winning some heats today. Slater was and is pretty good at surfing, huh? How’s that for a hot take. #surfjournalism

7. Rip Curl Go West With Craikey

The Rip Curl team featuring Dillon Perillo and Jacob Willcox went all Indian Ocean for their The Search web series – which has been great this year – and joined Ry Craike for some all Aussie adventures, with tubes and sharks, and larks.

Hey, how's this for an unchecked and not thought through idea? What if guys like Craikey could become freelance pro surfers, so companies like Rip Curl can hire him, take their team on a trip out west, and he'll wear the shorts and the wetsuits and do all the shredding with the team and feature in the videos and photos and thngs? Also, why are donuts round and not square? So many questions.

VIDEO: Felicty Palmateer On Making History Surfing The First Big Wave Final

8. Tyler Warren Has Lots of Boards

Surfer/artist, or artist/surfer, Tyler Warren is one of the more interesting characters in surfing and this is a neat eight minute clip on his super enviable quiver full of all sorts of boards you’d love to add to your own. Oh, and he shreds. After episode 1 featuring Rasta, this is turning into a handy little series, a handy little series indeed.

9. Ace Buchan and the Backside Carve

Ace Buchan is the best dude. Seriously, say hi to him if you ever have the chance and you'll know. You'll be like, "Man, Ace Buchan, best dude. What a dude. Hey did I tell you guys I met Ace Buchan." That's what you'll say. Ace is also a smokey for the Triple Crown this year after making the final at Haleiwa, and wouldn't that be a popular victory (popular 'cause he's the best dude). Anyway, for Hurley's Surf School series, here he is teaching us how to do a backside carve.

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10. Mick On The Occ-Cast

Occy's podcast hosted three time World Champion  and all round legend guy Mick Fanning this week and it was pretty good. Occy, with the familiarity and fools-rush-in-where-angels-fear-to-tred method of in depth interview got some of the deepes answers out of Mick we've seen in a while. Like retirement (one day at Bells), the passing of his brothers, his future for 2017 (definitely will be at Snapper and Bells, the rest of the year undecided), and, of course, the shark.

And another thing!

Oh look, it's Weak Wrap, where our mate Danny Johnson uses Oprah Winfrey to explain why Laird Hamilton is a good guy. Watertight.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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