This Week In Surfing: R.I.P. Surfing Magazine, 20 Minutes of Fresh Dane Reynolds, & Bruce Irons Features On The Best Occ-Cast Yet

27 Jan 2017 0

Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 27, 2017

1. Surfing Magazine Is No Longer

In super bummer news out of the U.S. (cause there hasn’t been enough of that lately), Surfing Magazine will be shutting it’s doors after more than 50 years in print.

Much of the staff will be moved to the big brother of Surfer Magazine which in recent years has been under the same ownership of ING, but the bummer remains in the diminishing of diversity in surfing’s old school mainstream.

With Transworld Surf falling in 2013, and now Surfing following it into oblivion, the U.S.’s definitive mag culture really only has Surfer left. Sure, there is Surfer’s Journal and What Youth, and those publications are important from opposite spectrums of niche, but neither can throw around the legacy of a name that’s been on the surfing landscape since 1964, nor offer the major yin to Surfer’s yang necessary for a suf culture to thrive. Too, you could argue that with the likes of Surfline, The Inertia, and Stab providing the seps with up to the minute surf content online, that a loss such as this won’t really play a huge affect on modern American surf culture, and that’s probably true, but that doesn’t stop this news from being really shitty. Surfing's voice had been important, it reverberated to all of us whether we noticed that or not, and will be really missed. Also, Donald Trump was inaugurated this week... coincidence? Yes. Yes, it is.

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2. Dane Reynolds' Rejects

One man’s B-footage is another man’s treasure, so they say, and this week Dane Reynolds released a 19 minute gift of typically brilliant Marine Layer Productions gold made up of clips from the Chapter 11 cutting room floor. While Chapter 11, released late last year, weaved A-grade surf footy with the complicated narrative of Dane and Quiksilver, Rejects is nothing but surf. Featuring Taj, Dill Perillo, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Ozzie Wright, Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, and of course Dane, the surfing is so good that it makes you wonder just how hard it must have been to edit Chapter 11 into a concise 40 minutes. And would you have a look at that fibreglass bodyboard looking thing Dane is riding and ripping on? That guy is so good at surfing, isn’t he? You heard it here first.

3. Zeke Lau, Goin' To Da League

Eleven minutes? What is this, the week of the long clip? Sheesh… If I had other interests and/or something to do with my life, there’s no way they’d be getting away with this. You win this time Zeke Lau! Anyway, Zeke Lau dropped this banger of Hawaiian power and progression this week and it’s so well rounded and on beat with its hip hop opening track you’re going to be certain Lau will be the 2017 Rookie of The Year after you watch it. But he won’t. Leo Fioravanti or Ethan Ewing will. That said, this is a really well made clip with some classic childhood footage, voice over, and some nice thoughts on the importance of Hawaii to surfing and surfing to Hawaii.

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4. John John and Ian Ian Surf Amazing Right

Holy mother of Laird how is the very first wave of this clip?! Is that the best barrel you’ve seen this year? Is it the best barrel ever? And are the world’s cats secretly planning to take over the planet? For Ian Walsh’s film, Distance Between Dreams comes this sensational edit from some little known but incredible righthander breaking like a reverse Cloudbreak at it’s best. Have you seen a more perfect overhead tubing right? Have you seen a cat look sneaky and evil?

5. Pipe Has Been Pumping

Speaking of pumping Pacific ocean tubes and John John Florence, Banzai Pipeline has been on fire lately, and this here Brown Bear’s Bangers is the best of it. With all this sick Pipe going down in January year after year, it makes you wonder if the Pipe Masters and the finale of the WSL season should be pushed a month. I’m no Ben Macartney, (god, I wish) but compare the last five years of the Pipe Masters to the last five years of the Volcom Pipe Pro (which starts this weekend) and see who comes up trumps. Wouldn’t you rather to see the Pipe Masters in pits like this?

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6. Like, Really Pumping

As you know from last week, the Da Hui shootout went down a week ago and Koa Rothman took it out in classic Pipe conditions, but this week we get an edit shot from the drone angle to gain another perspective of just how good a comp that was. Drone footage is collecting fatigue by the day but the colours, the spray, the refracted light with every folded lip makes this is a joy to watch really.

7. RVCAloha's Latest

And now for a different vibe on the North Shore Winter comes another episode of the always fun RVCAloha series featuring Ellis Ericson, Alex Knost, Jay Davies, Davey Cathels and more. What more? More as in Bruce Irons, Danny Fuller and more. Speaking of more, isn’t it nice to see some more of Jay Davies. Sometimes I forget how good that guy is, and then he pops up as if to say, "Hey everyone, just reminding you that I’m awesome.” And then we give him a high five and say, “Yes you are Jay. Get back out there!”

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8. Bruce Irons On The Occ-Cast!

Another episode from surfing’s most consistent and high profile podcast which this week has the whopping headline name of Bruce Irons sporting that fresh blonde wig of his, and it’s the best episode yet. The two of them speak in depth about the Andy Irons documentary in the works as well as their kids, old heats and the tale of the OP Boat Challenge where the competitors split the money so they could enjoy the trip, while Occy who won the thing outright got taxed the for the whole damn lot, ending up making a loss on the victory. It's a good'un.

9. Yago Dora Rules (In Portugal)

Brazil’s no.1 progressive freesurfer continues his upward trajectory in 2017 with this Portuguese beach break number. He’s got to be one of the most stylish aerialists in the world, like someone spliced the DNA of Craig Anderson and Filipe Toledo together. Seems like a waste of revolutionary medical science though. Another fun fact is that Dora very quietly rose to 43rd on the QS last year which puts him in good stead for a half decent QS campaign this year. Could we be seeing this dude on the CT in 2018 or 2019? That’d be exciting.

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10. Shick Shorebreak Shtubes 

Do you want to see people get lipped in the head? Do you want to see Jordy Smith, Yadin Nicol, Kolohe Andino, and Kanoa Igarashi knife sweet tepee shorebreaks? Do you want to see some more people get lipped in the head? Then watch this sand stuck in your ears of clip. It’s got all those things.

Bonus... Weak Wrap

No way, an episode of Weak Wrap with Danny Johnson in a suit and some astute surfing dog analysis! Where do I sign up? Nowhere, that doesn't make sense, just hit play.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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