This Week In Surfing: Does Surfing Need Jazz Cabbage Maps? Plus The Radical Return of Owen Wright, and Other Things!

24 Feb 2017 3

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was February 24, 2017

1. Owen Surfed His First Heat Since Injury

The first of two Australian QS6,000s started this week, the Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota Pro, and the biggest part of all that of course is that it was the soft launch back into full time competition for our much loved and heralded Owen Wright, who as you know has been on a long and arduous road to recovery since suffering a could have been fatal brain injury at Pipeline in December 2015. In a Round 2 heat with American Nate Yeomans and Brazillians Alan Donato and Luel Felipe, Wright came out first, but not only that, he looked a cut above the field in his fist surf in a rashie in 18 months. He didn't just gingerly feel out the contest jersey once again, no, he ripped. And gee it was nice to see.

When he came up the beach he controlled his emotions which were understandably rising to his throat, and thanked everyone behind him: "It’s been absolutely incredible all the people writing in, and just all the fans, to realise how much love is out there in this sport and how much was sent my way to push me through. I’m just so stoked to realise how much there is still and to be able to compete and be back doing what everyone loves seeing me do and what I love doing as well. I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who stuck by us and knew that I would be coming back and getting into it."

It was a really lovely moment that, for reasons unknown, can not be found online yet. No highlight videos, no heat analyser. I'm sure there will be a big highlight package put together by the time the big man paddles out at Snapper for event one of the Championship Tour on  March 14. Good onya, Owen.

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2. Jesse Adam Shreds Bali

Let’s give it up for one of the all time good guys, Merewether Beach’s Jesse Adams. Mr.#Sosurfithurts himself, ripping it up over in Bali in a Misfits tee, to a Fugazi song no less. Jesse made me a homemade chicken pie after a surf once. It was delicious.

3. Seabass!

Sebastien Zietz goes by the nickname Seabass for obvious reasons: His penchant for fishing in North America’s Great Lakes when he visits from his home on Kauai, and his favourite fish being the King George Whiting, as found in Port Phillip Bay. His other penchant is for surfing. He’s really good at it. Remember when he won the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro last year? That was fun.

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4. Asher Pacey In The Maldives For WeedMaps

It’s a confusing time, there’s so much division, confusion, and other stuff in the world, stuff like the fact we're all probably living in the matrix anyway, and nothing really matters, but I think if there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that if there is one thing surfing needs right now, right now at this end of days, it’s the support of a legal marijuana start-up called WeedMaps. Speaking of weed, what’s your favourite dumb nickname for it? Mine’s jazz cabbage. Anyway, here’s Asher Pacey surfing in the Maldives for WeedMaps. Or as I like to call them, Jazz Cabbage Maps.

5. Michael Dunphy

If this was the 90s, the handsome and talented young American surfer Michael Dunphy would be a regular in Taylor Steele’s high performance surf videos. He’d do a funny skit, or have some candid footage of him singing karaoke, crashing a go-kart or something, before his name would come up on screen: “Michael Dunphy”. And then a song by Unwritten Law or Sprung Monkey would play as we squinted passed the low res footage to psych on him doing floater to 360s on a 6’3”. But it’s not the 90s, so instead we get clips like this perfectly edited, beautifully shot number with credits that are a little much for a five minute clip (right?) that we’ll probably forget about in a week, despite being available to stream in 4K, leaving us to google Michael Dunphy and find out he finished 75th on the QS last year and lost in Round 1 at Surfest this week. The 90s would have been a much kinder time to the likes of Michael Dunphy. The 90s would have been a much kinder time to all of us. Also, how sick is that drop at 2.20?

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6. Bobby At Rincon

“I don’t want to be a part of this f***ing dumb wannabe tennis tour.” The immortal words of one Bobby Martinez, once the holder of the best backhand on the CT. Remember that, on the mic with Todd Kline after being knocked out at the Quiksilver Pro New York? Good times. Really wish he did want to be a part of the dumb tennis tour, though, ‘cause watching his backhand whip down the line at Rincon is really nice. Did anyone try to explain to him that tennis is actually the best? Federer and Nadal? Lleyton Hewitt and Mark Philippoussis? And Todd Woodbridge? Todd Woodbridge!!! Did anyone ever tell Bobby Martinez about Todd Woodbridge?! It's like we never even tried, you know. Sad.

7. Billy Keane Getting Barrelled On A Boat Trip

Billy Keane is super freaking good at barrel riding and also teaching people how to drive cars on the mid north coast. Sadly, this here is a highlight clip of the former. Which is great and all, but imagine a highlight clip of driving lessons cut to some hot new track! That’d really mix things up in here, which is always just so surf surf surf. Instead the underrated under-dog freesurfer is on a boat in the Mentawai Islands. Missed opportunity.

VIDEO: Ballina Drone Captures Shark vs Surfer Close Call

8. Beachbreaks In France Are Good At Being Beachbreaks

Marc Lacomare is from France and in France they often get incredible hollow beachbreaks or as they call them in France, "incredible hollow beachbeaks," if they were speaking in English in France, which I’m sure some people do sometimes. Ici est la vidéo de les vagues incroyables, bienvenue. Didn’t even Google how to write that. Suck it, English!

9. Kolohe Andino (And Nat)

Oooooh, I am so into the way this video opens with that black curtain opening transition thing, and then some perfect cold water conditions and a Glass Animals song as two great young Americans make America great again with their surfboarding; one of them ready to challenge for the 2017 World Title, the other ready to fight his way back on the QS. What a wonderful time… but what about the way there’s a shot of Kolohe from the water doing a turn at 1.55, his beard looking very nice, no Go-Pro in his mouth or anything like that, and then mid turn it cuts to an aerial shot of Kolohe doing the same turn, but in this shot he does have a Go-Pro in his mouth? What are we supposed to believe? We trusted you dear unknown surf filmmaker! Don’t play with out hearts like this. Does nothing mean anything any more? Sweet clip though.

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10. Griffin Colapinto

Griffin Colapinto had sometime WSL commentator Sal Masekela calling him a future World Champion during the Volcom Pipe Pro earlier this year. I laughed when he said that. What, with the Medinas, the Fioravantis, the Florences, and the Andinos of the world, but then I watched this clip and I thought, yeah, still nah, still not that great a call… yet. But he is very very very good. And certainly going to be a super exciting to surfer to watch over the coming years. He also has a name that brings a great joy to the ears whenever it is said out loud. You can say it fast: Griffin Colapinto. Or you can say it with emphasis and space and real oomph on the fun syllables that make up his last name: Griffin Co-la-pin-tooooo. Or you can shout it from a moving car on a youthful summer's day: Griffin COLAAAA-PIN-TOOOOOOOO! For those three reasons alone we should hope he qualifies for the Championship tour next year. Also, Seth Moniz is in this clip too.

Bonus... It's Weak Wrap With The Sup Shov-its!

Here is our old friend Danny Johnson doing another great episode of Weak Wrap and not designing logos for a fantastic new podcast he may or may not be working on. Haha, ahhh!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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