This Week In Surfing: Julian's Banger, Reelers Winners, & Is Rookie Browne The Best Finless Surfer Ever?

3 Mar 2017 3

Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 3, 2017

Bitesize News

1. Julian Wilson Dropped A Banger!

Alright Jules, settle down mate, we get it, you’re amazing at surfing. How many ten point airs can you fit into a single clip? Big spins! Grab rail alley oops! Ahh... other… aerials! For a guy who isn’t a freesurfer and doesn’t find a lot of time to make freesurfing edits, Julian Wilson is pretty freaking good at nailing clips. Can you imagine if he took a year off to make another profile film? The thing thing would be bonkers. This here Jayward is a fantastic clip, at 12 minutes it might seem a bit of a push for the ol' the attention span, but don’t worry 'cause it’ll fly by after you hit play. It also features Craig Anderson on a trip with Jules to Fiji in the best waves he got last year. Did you know Julian and Craig were buddies? I didn’t. That’s nice, hey. Makes you wonder who else in the world of surfing are secret friends. Munga Barry and Dion Agius? George Greenough and Noa Deane? That’d be cool.

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2. Craig Anderson The Golden Pheasant

Oh look, it’s our friend Craig Anderson once again, this time in a launch clip for his new brand with Dane Reynolds and skater Austyn Gillete, Former. The clip is a real tube-riding slab fest, a skill that Ando is excellent at and receives little credit for. Have a look at that lanky backhand tube stance? Majestic like a golden pheasant, which is apparently the world’s number one most beautiful bird, if you Google those sorts of things, which I do, and just did.

3. Is This The Best Wave Pool Vid Yet?

Imagine if in the early 90s you jumped on a train to the city and went to a shaman and gave them your pocket money to look into a crystal ball, and through the misty clouds, slowly, a moving image came into focus of this clip: Kelly Slater filming himself in perfect resolution with a handheld camera, in the most perfect barrel you’ve ever seen, which was manmade by the 1992 World Champion himself… Can you imagine, can you fathom, just how inconceivable and mindblowing it would be to see that Kelly Slater was bald? We really do live in the future, ladies and gentlemen.

VIDEO: Snapper Lit Up Yesterday

4. Ari Browne Smokes Ciggies, Drinks Bintangs, Goes Surfing

Check the length of time on this one, have a chuckle, then hit play and be transported to a magical world. A world where Byron Bay’s finless magician Ari Browne is doing the most interesting and original surfing of this millenium, and also being some kind of Bintang Bogan Bali tour guide. Magical.

5. Reelers Winner – Youth

Reelers! Reelers finished! And the three winners were announced at a star studded affair in Manly last night that may or may not have been attended by the full cast of both Home and Away and Neighbours. Here is the youth winner, the hilarious Be Like Me, out of Vicco! That's right, the film that took out the Youth section was made by a 12-year-old girl out of Victoria! Talk about awesome things.

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6. Reelers Winner – Action

And now let’s check out the second winner, for the Action category presented by Volcom Nate Foster took home the chocolates with this fast paced slab special. He’s celebrating by going to Fiji and getting some pits, apparently. Some people think this film won for the excellent action superbly shot, colour graded perfectly, and tightly edited to a sweet three minute package, but don’t discount the idea that this may have won because it has really good dogs in it. Really good dogs.

7. Reelers Winner – Story

Last but also least, (nah, just joshing ya) is the winner of the Story category, Cryptic Ditch starring a wind swept mystery left in far southern New Zealand and put together by James Kates. This is such a wonderful three minute surf film, a real original bit of surf culture you hope for when a competition like Reelers goes live. Good onya to everyone involved!

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8. Meet My Friend Nanda Ormond

Nanda Ormond has been the guy responsible for all the fantastic art you’ve seen in the pages of Surfing World Magazine the last half decade, as well as all sorts of other places in surf culture too. Recently he hooked up with Gorilla Grip which is why we’ve got this neat mini documentary on the lovable Kiwi living in some sweet set-up along the Coromandel. What a legend. You know who else is a legend? Bruce Brown. I spoke to him on Skype a couple of minutes ago. What a thrill.

9. Wade Goodall In Mexico

Prediction: 2017 will be the year of the Goodall, the Wade Goodall. The charismatic freesurfer is in a good place. Ripping along for Vans with his young family and finally fully recovered from his three consecutive broken legs, Goodall is apparently working on a secret film project. Can’t wait to see and hear more about that, but until then, enjoy this clip of the raddest of the rad south of the wall in Mexico with Dylan Graves and Mikala Jones.

VIDEO: Ballina Drone Footage Captures Shark and Surfer Close Encounter

10. The Dooley: A New Surf Podcast!

Pssst! Here's a secret, Danny Johnson—who is that guy in the suit who hosts Weak Wrap—and me, the guy who makes this dumb column every single damn week of the year, have made a new surf podcast for you. It's called The Dooley, and is a weekly quiz of all things surf, released every Tuesday morning. Below is question 8 from the last episode. First person to answer correctly in the comments gets... ahh... I'm not sure... Enticing! Head to or search "The Dooley: A Surf Podcast" on iTunes to subscribe and hear the whole episode.

Bonus... It's Weak Wrap

Best Kelly Slater joke of 2017, hands down, will be this one about Kelly Slater being needy as he looks back at the camera to you. The best Jerry, the best!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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