This Week In Surfing: Jordy's Huge New 20 Minute Edit, & The Wrights Are The Best Story In Surfing Right Now

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 24, 2017 

1. The Wrights Are The Best Story In Surfing Right Now

The problem with this weekly Friday wrap of everything in surfing is that a lot of the events tend to end on the weekend, meaning that by the time it comes to cook up the major stories of the week, they have well and truly been digested. So, obviously, you heard about the story of Owen Wright’s incredible comeback to top level professional surfing. You heard about how he defied all odds after suffering a wipe-out at Pipeine at the end of 2015 and couldn’t stand up on a surfboard less than a year ago. You heard about how he moved through the event, taking down World Champions Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina, as well as an on fire (and soooo loveable, seriously, get on this guy as your new favourite dude on tour) rookie Connor O’Leary, to meet his best mate Matt Wilkinson in a final. You heard about how Owen Wright won the final of the Quiksilver Pro, his third ever event win, in what will go down in history as one of not just surfing’s, but sport’s greatest and most inspirational comebacks. Geeze, it was good. And it's got no less satisfying to think about five days later, either. Good onya, Owen!

Understandably lost in all this was the significance of the win on the women’s side of the tour. The wonderful Stephanie Gilmore. Did you know that this is the first time Gilmore has won an event since October 2014 in Portugal. OCTOBER 2014! It’s such a shame you can’t put numerals in caps, because that fact deserves to be better emphasised. Stephanie Gilmore hasn’t been World No.1 for two years. This is a surfer with six World Titles and still only 29, and due to an injury and a lacklustre 2016, hasn’t felt the sweet triumph of a victory since she was 27, back when Australia, Canada, the US, England, and probably heaps of other countries, had different leaders. Back when How I Met Your Mother was still on TV! Anyway, you get the point, Steph winning is a big deal. And now she’s no.1, and if she’s there again at the top at the end of the year. she will have equalled Layne Beacheley’s record of seven World Titles. Wild stuff.

Back on the Wright’s being the best story in surfing at the moment, Tyler Wright is still the reigning World Champion, and achieving that through such a tumultuous 2016 for her tightknit family was really something, and will be the subject of the excellent ABC series, Australian Story this week. Check out the trailer below, the mini-doc is set to feature Tyler and Owen, their brother Tim, Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Layne Beachley, and Rip Curl behind the scenes champion Brooke Farris, and gee it looks good. Get the tissues out and get ready. Can’t wait, bloody love the Wrights.

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2. Jordy's New Movie Is Amazing and Awful At The Same Time

I don't mean to get all snarky, but can you love and hate something simultaneously? Jordy Smith's new 20 minute clip, Just Now, proves that, yeah, maybe that is possible. This is without a doubt the biggest surf video of the week. It has amazing cinematography, incredible surfing, cool sound design, and then adds a soundtrack of nothing but the greatest hits of the bands that make up the entire black t-shirt rack out the front of a record shop in a suburban Westfield – the same rack where jocks and models who've just discovered that rock and roll is cool, find their newest wardrobe. A fact made more evident when it's revealed in the credits that Nirvana was behind the song “Nothing Else Matters”. Holy crow he can surf though. Jordy owns one of the best styles, and freakish abilities on a surfboard in the world right now, and if Margarets goes to North Point, don't be surprised if he gets a good result in West Aus followed shortly by the place he rips most, Bells, and comes away from the Australian leg with a World No.1 position. He's amazing, but this video more than anything just goes to show how freaking good Julian Wilson's Wayward was two week's back, and how a great surf clip is so much more nuanced and difficult to make than brilliant surfing and nice cinematography. It's not like Jules is a culture cutting Dane or Dion type either, guy's a golf and cricket dork, but he nailed it. Disagree with vitriol and hatred in the comments! Please!

3. Parker Coffin, Twenty Waves

Gee it’s tough to be a pro surfer in 2017. Well, not actually tough, not like waking up at 5am to get a 5.30am bus to a minimum wage job so you can afford school shoes for your kid kind of tough, but everything is relative, and relative to a decade ago, far out is it tough to be a pro surfer today. Take, for example, Parker Coffin. Parker, the younger, goofy-footed, and possibly more dynamic surfer brother of the WSL’s Conner Coffin, lost his major sponsor of Volcom recently, presumably in the shuffling of budget that enabled the stone to land superstar freesurfer Noa Deane at the beginning of the year. And look how well Parker surfs in this Vacation Club edit called 20 Waves. Imagine being this good in 2010? On the same line of thinking, imagine being this good in 1960?! He'd be the biggest star in the world! THE WORLD! And yet, sadly, he's lost his major sponsor. Parker and Coffin's parents apparently own a second house on Hawaii's North Shore, so I'm not gonna weep for the young pro just yet. He rips though. Vacation Club, which is the baby of young-ish Cali filmmaker Victor Pakpour, is fast becoming one of the best surf clip makers out there. 

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4. Mick In Norway, From Red Bull

Last year during Mick Fanning’s part time WSL season, Mick went with Red Bull to Norway to attempt surfing under the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. In this episode of Red Bull's Chasing The Shot series we get a lot cold water shredding in the cold ocean of cold Norway. Did I mention it looks cold?

5. Kolohe Andino Is Rad Now?

You have to love when an elite athlete, or surfer, speaks honestly and shows vulnerabity and detemination. Kolohe Andino does that in this clip. “Okay, I feel like I’m pretty good when the waves are small, but, like,  I know Toledo is better than me, so I’m going to have to go out there to like try and get better. In all conditions there’s always someone that’s better than you,” says Andino. Coupled with top of the line film production, this short, weird little Hurley clip that has no music and all slow motion action, is damn near perfect. Two minutes, and all of a sudden Kolohe is one of my favourite surfers? That’s good marketing. I’m three quick clicks away from buying board shorts I don’t need. Curse you, Hurley.

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6. Billabong's Autumn Ad

Summer is over! Autumn is here! And Billabong have a sweet spot that has got me pumped for colder mornings, better waves, fires on the beach, dogs running around in dewy grass, and surf trip roadies with mates. If I had mates…. if I had mates I’d be mad pumped to do stuff like that! Anyone want to be mates? No? That’s cool.

7. The Dream of The 90s Is Alive In Byron, Thanks To Fun Boys

Remember back in the 90s when there were independent DIY releases of underground cult classic movies? Pulse, Mystery Bag, etc... do you wish those times were still around? Well they are! Introducing Fun Boys... a movie I know nothing about, but looks like a hell time starring Wade Goodall, Creed McTaggart, Ozzie Wright, Shaun Manners, Garret Parkes, Ari Browne and more.

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8. Matt Meola Is Good

Spindly aerial freak Matt Meola talks us through his surf routine at home on Maui, and how he likes surf everyone else hates, and then he goes ahead and rips the crap out of everything, proving himself as one of the world’s most innovative surfers for the jillionth time. He also charges. He also seems like a pretty chill and down to earth dude. What can't he do?

9. Podcast: The Dooley Episode 7

That dapper funny guy from Weak Wrap and I have a weekly surf quiz podcast and this here is our seventh episode where over eight quiz questions we dissect the Quiksilver Roxy Pros, Justin Bieber-loving World Champion, and Australian longboarders vs the cast of Home & Away. Check right here on Coastalwatch's podcast section (featuring Lipped and Ain't That Swell) or subsribe on iTunes to get the fresh episodes every Tuesday morning.

VIDEO: Burleigh Point At It's Bets Last Weekend Part II

10. Funny Dude On American News

Making viral news this week was this fella, who walked into a live news cross covering a blizzard at New York's Long Beach, and then told them it was his first surf ever and asked for a ride in their van back to his car. Legendary. Turns out it wasn't his first surf, he's been surfing since he was 13, and he rolled down there because he knew the news trucks would be around and thought he might do something funny, which he did! Not sure if that makes him more or less of a champ. Either way, it's gold.

And... of course... Weak Wrap

Surely there is no better way to cruise into the weekend than laughing at that hilarious nodding dolphin, right? Everything is going to be alright! Thanks dolphy!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go Kangas!

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