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Girls will shred too! ~Girls of the Sea~

~Girls of the Sea~ “Summer days” When you drive around all morning checking every nook and cranny up and down the coast just to be sure you’re surfing a good bank. You’ve finished the search and now it’s time to make a decision! All in all most of the banks were the same, you sit in the car with your mates and everyone’s watching the waves through the windscreen contemplating whether or not to go out... “ it’s too small” “it’s not doing much” “it’s almost doing it” -be the one to keep the stoke alive! Get out into the elements and leave them itching to get out after seeing you tame that one fun one!! Being the optimistic one generally leads to some of the most memory collected waves you’ll get- I think it’s the whole adventure of not knowing, The whole process and surprise of what you might slide into! This Girl was tearing the bag, she remains unknown unfortunately! Summer swells are still super fun in there own unique ways, tap into the corner of the mountain and wait in peace for those semi clean Shralpers or head down the beach a little for some punchy sections! Be kind and next time you go for a wave remember to say hello to someone or atleast crack a smile, we’re all here on our own journey and surfing for that same feeling. *don’t forget to help the environment out in whatever way you can on your travels* Yeew Patt

  • Published: 10 Jan 2018
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