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Making the Sydney coast safer with what3words

It’s great to see what3words addresses appearing on emergency signs along popular stretches of coastline outside of Sydney ???? Beaches are typically difficult to address, and with each sign displaying its what3words address, members of the public can now easily quote exactly where they are with three words Perfect for finding friends or calling the emergency services. Download the free app now.

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North Bondi

5 - 6 ft+ - SSE winds @ 27 knots Showers. Windy. 16.8°C, water 18°C


4 - 6 ft - SSE winds @ 27 knots Showers. Windy. 16.8°C, water 18°C

Manly - Fairy Bower

3 - 4 ft+ - SSE winds @ 26 knots Showers. Windy. °C, water 18°C

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