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Caught Speeding- NSW

Notsure who this rider is or how many coffee’s were punished that day but you’ve gotta take your hats off to this bloke and all the other waterman who went and tackled these viscous lines of energy. This is a photograph going back to the East Coast Low, i figured these shots shouldn’t be left collecting dust but rather exposed to the world to show how crazy this day actually was! For those of you who have surfed Southy on a good day you know about how heavy And straight it can get, the fact that these waves were holding up at the size they were was nothing short of amazing and absolutely mind blowing!

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2-4 ft - ENE winds @ 15 knots Partly cloudy. 24.6°C, water 20°C


2-4 ft - ENE winds @ 15 knots Partly cloudy. 24.6°C, water 20°C

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