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It started as a crazy idea between two best friends named Ligno and Freddy (Barakaik picture) who have the same  interest and hobby of filming documentaries. The filming began for a non-profit project called "Surfing a Private Island." In the beginning, the goal of this project was only to create a short movie for a film festival, but over time this idea grew and developed into a film which supports tourism, local economies, as well as the sport of surfing. It's now meant to help find sponsors for local surfers in Mentawai who are skilled enough to become professional surfers. We started in May 2016, funded only by us, but unfortunately this project isn't able to be completed because of our limited finances. However, with a portion of the film already completed, and now we try to take part in this comp. Our hope is to win the cash prize so that we can use the extra money to continue this project. We really appreciate to ur support guys!!!!! Cheers ??????

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