Lennox Drone Video - Easter Friday 2017 - DJI Inspire 2

Went down to Belle General, Ballina for lunch and stopped at Lennox to check out the surf on the way home to Byron. The Surf was pumping and the team there were on fire. Taking off and landing my DJI Inspire 2 was challenging on the rocks but fortunately did it without losing a propellor. I hope the surfers enjoy seeing themselves. Thanks to my son, Josiah - I felt his song fitted the video really well. I always wanted to play the guitar like him. Watch him sing his song on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=1xKzFahfCzMusg=AFQjCNGXEFC2c1svErJfYm7fMfVHpqpHBw&sig2=cQowjA6rMLYy3NivhQ9XyQ

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