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Morning Mocha

All of the surfing in this is from a 3 hour morning session at the river mouth in Santa Cruz, CA. For this wave to break the San Lorenzo River needs to flood and break into the ocean. The river then pushes a sandbar that hardly turns out to be as perfect as it has been this winter. The river is responsible for the brown water and it is as disgusting as it looks. The surfers are Ryan Augustine, Nat Young, Austin Smith Ford, and Shane Borland. The music is " I go to sleep- Anika" Filmed on a Nikon D5500 and I am 17 years old.

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Jack McCoy
The big daddy legend of classic surf films has at one time or another touched us all. From his earliest offerings McCoy encouraged us to travel to far flung nations in search of perfection. The dream was surfing and we could all be a part of it. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s his tongue in cheek Billabong efforts could be quoted by groms and legends alike and his portfolio of documentary style profile films such as Sabotaj, The Occumentary and Blue horizon are definitive classics of surf film. His latest film, A Deeper Shade of Blue is his opus, a gift to surfing for aloha.

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