Welcome to Reelers, the inaugural Surfing World Short Film Competition hosted by our good pals at Coastalwatch. We are so totally stoked to be running an event that’ll showcase new works from the most unique, visionary and rising talents in surf filmmaking today as well as throwing a total of $20,000 in cash to the winners of our three categories. It’s gonna be the best times of all of our lives! So, if you own a camera, have a vision and can art, then you must totally enter. Here’s what you need to know…
WHEN DOES REELERS START AND FINISH? Reelers is on. Right now you can literally run outside and film your sister boogie boarding in the pool, splice it all together and BLAMMO! Your film is in the bag by this arvo. Once you have your movie finished you can upload it into the category of your choosing. Submissions are open from December 10, 2015 until February 15, 2016.

The Uplifting

The Uplifting follows Gold Coast videographer Dru Adler and his wife Angie back to her homeland Kaikoura New Zealand for a glimpse of the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake through the eyes of the locals. Song: Is This How Your Story Goes? - Electrik Lemonade

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Category Prizes
Category Winners as voted by the category judges will receive $2,000 cash at the awards night - how good is that? Really good we reckon! Get filming…

Vote & Win
Everyone can be a winner winner chicken dinner. Just submit a Vote for any entry, follow the prompts and you will be in the running for our awesome monthly prizes from our sponsors. There will be 5 packs up for grabs, so plenty of time to win. All public votes will be tabulated to determine the Audience Award - which is a special $2,000 prize for the most popular entry across all categories.

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