Fiji fires up

At the start of last week it became increasingly apparent that the Fijian islands were going to be the target of a significant South-South West swell in the coming days.

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Stu Gibson
Wilkes Passage, looking the goods.
Cloudbreak churnign through.
Stu Gibson
The lifeguard
Tavarua lifeguard, Gade.
Stu Gibson
On the inside
Gade, locking in on the inside.
Stu Gibson
Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools looking inviting.
Stu Gibson
Off the bottom
Sean Woolnough, off the bottom at Cloudbreak.
Stu Gibson
Cloudbreak, thundering.
Stu Gibson
Birds eye
Reef Macintosh.
Stu Gibson
Namotu from the sky.
Stu Gibson
Wilkes Passage
Wilkes Passage, looking the goods.
Stu Gibson
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