An Island Addiction - The Carribean

Getting a fix somewhere in the West Indies.

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© Chris Burkard
Heavy feet in the sand turn weightless upon seeing this wave peak.
Building a reputation
Flawless in both shape and color. It seems Ben Bourgeois is building a reputation for finding undiscovered waves.
© Chris Burkard
Close to shore
With waves breaking fast and close to shore Zander Morton gets as much speed as possible off that first bottom turn.
© Chris Burkard
The mastermind
Being the mastermind behind the whole trip I think it was fair to say Ben Bourgeois deserved to have priority on every wave that day.
© Chris Burkard
Caribbean skylight.
Some of the barrels that day began to resemble the sky above, Zander Morton speeds through a Caribbean skylight.
© Chris Burkard
From sunrise to sunset the waves kept perfect form. Not phased by tide, wind, or changing swell.
© Chris Burkard
Slowly fading
With light slowly fading no one wanted to paddle in and the waves sure weren't showing any sign of slowing down.
© Chris Burkard
Heavy feet
Heavy feet in the sand turn weightless upon seeing this wave peak.
© Chris Burkard
Ben within a sticks throw of the lineup.
© Chris Burkard
The Caribbean skys
The Caribbean skys were constantly changing, but this wave remained true throughout the entire trip.
© Chris Burkard
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