New South Wales Surf Forecasts

The Coastalwatch Surf Forecast Team provides daily analysis of upcoming surfing conditions for all popular surfing regions around Australia. We do the hard work for you, so you can get on with ripping the waves.

Forecasters Blog

Forecaster Blog: Here comes Tropical Cyclone 13P

Some call it a tropical low, others a tropical cyclone. Regardless of how you classify it, the swell is sure to follow.

Forecaster Blog: Hello Tropical Cyclone Hola

Well hello-allo, another cyclone swell is brewing.

Forecaster Blog Updated: Tropical Cyclone Gita is Heading Our Way

Hold onto your hats, severe TC Gita is headed our way.

Forecaster Blog: Tropical Cyclone Fehi’s E swell Potential

Tropical Cyclone Fehi has officially come and gone, but it's E swell potential is only just beginning.

Forecaster Blog: Major E swell Brewing for Late January

The waves are set to pick up in a big way along the Eastern Seaboard.

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