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17 Feb 2016 0 34 VIEWS

Australian Open of Surfing Forecast

Surf Forecast issued 6.40pm Saturday, 4 March 2017. By Ben Macartney.

Short Forecast

Sunday 5 March
Mix of short range ESE and SSE windswells, underpinned by small S groundswell. Around 2 – 4ft early, with E swell fading as SSE windswell rises during the afternoon. WIND: Early SW 15 to 25 knots, tending S during the afternoon. WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Medium (60%) chance of showers.

Forecast Overview
The evolution of a weak low off the Central Coast on Friday night through a curve ball into the forecast on Saturday morning; whipping up a strong spike in short-period ESE swell to a solid 3 to 4ft. The low was initially positioned about 60 nautical miles east of Newcastle early on Saturday before it moved south to be centred off Wollongong this afternoon. As the low moved slowly south throughout the day it maintained strong, 20 to 30 knot plus easterly quarter winds within point blank range of Sydney; enduring long enough to push wave-heights up to a stormy 4 to 5ft plus into the afternoon.

The low is now moving south of Sydney and by Sunday morning it’s forecast to be much further south, just off the far South Coast. With the low’s southward movement, we see clearing weather substantially less rain that what we’ve seen over the last 245 hours. We also see the low’s primary wind-fetch realigning to the SSE across its western flank. This will flow through to a transition in primary swell direction; initially starting out as a mix of broad-spectrum E and SSE windswell on Sunday morning. While the localised nature of the strongest fetch area should flow through to a steep drop-off in energy by first light Sunday, there should still be a jumbled mix of windswells in the 2 to 4ft range, ranging from NE to SSE in direction – at least until the latter swell-train begins to dominate into the afternoon.

Although Manly Beach’s straight east facing aspect will inhibit wrapping of the short-period SSE windswell into the contest area, there should still be plenty of ENE sets ranging from 2 to 3ft into the afternoon – in all likelihood making for a full day of good contestable conditions.