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North Bondi

2-3 ft - NNW winds @ 7 knots Hot. Windy. 21.7°C, water 21°C


2-3 ft - NNW winds @ 5 knots Hot. Windy. 21.3°C, water 21°C

Manly - Fairy Bower

2-3 ft - NW winds @ 3 knots Hot. Windy. °C, water 21°C

Forecasters Blog

Forecaster Blog: Here comes Tropical Cyclone 13P

Some call it a tropical low, others a tropical cyclone. Regardless of how you classify it, the swell is sure to follow.

Forecaster Blog: Hello Tropical Cyclone Hola

Well hello-allo, another cyclone swell is brewing.

Forecaster Blog Updated: Tropical Cyclone Gita is Heading Our Way

Hold onto your hats, severe TC Gita is headed our way.

Forecaster Blog: Tropical Cyclone Fehi’s E swell Potential

Tropical Cyclone Fehi has officially come and gone, but it's E swell potential is only just beginning.

Forecaster Blog: Major E swell Brewing for Late January

The waves are set to pick up in a big way along the Eastern Seaboard.

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