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Ten Things Surfing Gave The Internet This Week
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Oh my, what a week. Is Cloudbreak the best spectator wave in the world? Better than Pipe (on a webcast that is)? Is the Volcom Fiji Pro the best webast event ever? Just some questions to think about while we count back from no.1, the ten best things surfing gave the internet in the last seven days… LET'S DO THIS!

1. The Wedge

This isn't the biggest thing of the week. Not by a long shot. But isn't it refreshing to lead with something that isn't Fiji. Anyway, other than the highlights of the best comp to run since the last comp at Cloudbreak, this is our favourite video of the week. The dirty ol' Wedge (Newport, California). Black Rebel on the soundtrack is a bonus excellent touch.

{ WEDGE } from Brecht Vanthof on Vimeo.

2. Fiji, Kelly. Kelly Fiji.

The Volcom Fiji Pro had three stars. The waves. Kelly Slater. And everyone else. Because take away Kelly Slater's performance and we're still seeing some of the best surfing that's ever been done in some of the best waves to grace a surfing competition. And then we saw the performance that locked Kelly Slater in as unequivocally the man at Cloudbreak. In a couple of decades we'll look back at highlights packages like this and marvel how lucky we were to live through the era of Kelly Slater. This is Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Keith Greig type stuff we're bearing witness to.

3. A Body Womp Comp

Bodysurfing is awesome. The good people at Deus know that. That's why they ran the Womp Comp. So good!

4. Vortex Bandits

Rad trailer. Rad trailer. Rad trailer. Can not wait to watch this movie from the team at Afends.

5. The New IOS Will Be Named after Mavericks

Apple has named their next operating system after the Californian big wave spot, Mavericks. What does this mean for the relevance of surfing in mainstream pop culture? Who knows? But it feels like kind of a big deal...

6. Laura's New Show

Laura Enever has a new web series produced by the legends at Good Cheer. Well shot and put together with a solid understanding of good storytelling, this kind of thing will be seriously huge for tween surfer girls to watch, dig on to and aspire to in surfing. Nice! (Watch it over here)

7. Seabass Is The Shiz

Oh hey, how about a free 30 minute movie starring everyone's new favourite surfer (because he is pretty much the most fun to watch surf!)? Sebastien Ziets in Oakley Dispatch. Fine work, fine work indeed!.

8. Youthless

The trailer for a new Billabong film starring their grom team. Keep an eye on Kalani Ball. South Coast kid is going places.

9. Curren and J-Bay

Oh, now this is a good web series. A retrospective look at Tom Curren hitting J-Bay for the first time. Most excellent.

10. The Snowy

There was a big ol' longboarding comp in Manly this weekend. The Snowy Mcallister Winter Surfing Festival. And in keeping with the way a lot of the higher profile longboard and log comps in Australia have been going of late, Harrison Roach took home the trophy (and lost it during celebrations, which is awesome!). Looks kinda like one of the body surfers in that Deus comp doesn't he. COINCIDENCE?!

And that was this week in surfing. CW Out.

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