Taj Burrow Inspires New Generation Of Surf Prodigies

18 Jan 2016 1

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A sponsored story by Billabong

It's one of the highlight events for the Western Australian groms, the opportunity to spend 3 days surfing with and being inspired by their hometown hero, Taj Burrow.

Days 1 and 2 delivered pumping surf and sunshine before a change on Sunday with onshore winds and choppy conditions for the finals but the conditions didn't bother the kids where were ripping for the entire 3-day event. 

The surfers were treated to Burrow and local of the moment and Pipe Master's surfer Jack Robinson commentating as they charged 2-3 foot Honeycombs Beach in Yallingup, as well as watching the guys in action in the water for a free surf. 

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Finals day was full of excitement, anticipation and serious competition as Western Australia's top groms battled it out in tough conditions. “It’s a serious southerly buster out there today,” said Burrow. “The conditions are pretty rough and rugged, but the kids have all been ripping all event and I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out this year for the event.”

Not only were there divisional wins up-for-grabs but also the Future Legends trip to the Mentawaiis thanks to Mentawaii Surf Charters, won by Ben Spence as well as A spot on the Surfing World trip, won by Josh Cattlin. 

Billabong has always been huge supporters of grassroots surfing and has said the Bloodlines series was established to "Provide a competitive and fun development pathway with the best juniors in the country. It's also a chance for us to connect with the local communities that these events take place in. Having our iconic team riders Taj, Occy and Parko associated with these events have been paramount to their success and they all take huge pride in giving back to the groms continue to inspire the next generation of surfers."

In 2016 Billabong is presenting a 3 event series across Australia, bringing legends of surf face-to-face with the kids of surf, the world champions of tomorrow. Taj's Small Fries will join Parko's Grom Stomp (Caloundra, QLD), The Oz Grom Cup (Coffs Harbour, NSW) and Occy’s Grom Comp (Gold Coast, QLD) to form the ‘Billabong Bloodlines Series’. Taj, Joel and Occy will choose one lucky grom from each event to partake in a ‘money can’t buy’ experience, a Surfing World photo-shoot adding kudos amongst competitors competing in these events.  


1ST – Willow Hardy (Margaret River, WA) – 16.00pts
2ND – Ruby Berry (Margaret River, WA) – 9.30pts
3RD – Zali Hewson (Margaret River, WA) – 8.50pts
4TH – Lilli Cox (Margaret River, WA) – 5.55pts

1ST – Koda Killorn (Maroubra, NSW) - 12.75pts
2ND – Daniel Bennedetti (Margaret River, WA) - 12.40pts
3RD – George Simpson (Gracetown, WA) - 9.60pts
4TH – Alistair Williams (Gracetown, WA) - 7.90pts

1ST – Jed Gradisen (Gracetown, WA) – 16.05pts
2ND – Seth Van Haeften (Margaret River, WA) – 14.10pts
3RD – Finn Cox (Margaret River, WA) – 14.05pts
4TH – Kian Martin (Bali, IND) – 13.90pts

1ST – Coral Durant (Red Bluff, WA) – 13.50pts
2ND – Emma Cattlin (Yallingup, WA) – 13.25pts
3RD – Pemba Spargo (Albany, WA) – 13.00pts
4TH – Arabelle Gibson (Margaret River, WA) – 9.55pts

1ST – April McPherson (Mandurah, WA) – 15.50pts
2ND – Taina Izqueirdo (Bali, IND) – 10.01pts
3RD – Chinta Hansel (Bali, IND) – 8.55pts
4TH – Arabelle Gibson (Margaret River, WA) – 7.35pts

1ST – Josh Cattlin (Yallingup, WA) – 16.40pts
2ND – Ben Spence (Margaret River, WA) – 14.50pts
3RD – Cyrus Cox (Margaret River, WA) – 12.85pts
4TH – Jolan Bonelli (Margaret River, WA) – 11.80pts

Taj Burrow slings his fins for the kids, Photo by Duncan McFarlane

Taj Burrow slings his fins for the kids, Photo by Duncan McFarlane

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