This Week In Surfing: Ry Craike Had A Better Year Than Everyone, The Cold Island Of Tasmania & Do You Remember Mundaka?

6 Jan 2017 2

Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 6, 2016

1.Craikey's 2016 Super Barrel Fest

Would you have a look at this guy? The top fella that is Ry Craike, was one of the early casualties of surfing’s big bust, but look how much he was loving life the last 12 months. He lives and surfs in country he loves. Drives a car with the number plate “Go Ry”. He divides his time equally between getting super freaking barrelled, fishing, and being a rad dad and husband to his young family. And he puts incredible self-shot edits of himself having a sick 2016 to classic Smashing Pumpkins tracks. Craikey’s killing it.

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2. The Shine, The Best Surf Clip In Aaaaaaages

With last week being a run down of 2016 in full, I missed this fantastically brilliant clip. Runamuk Visuals (Jake Donlen), just before Chrissie releasede one of the best short surf films to be seen in yonks, grabbing the footage from a bunch of local filmmakers to document one of the greatest days in Sunshine Coast surf history, when Sunshine Beach turned it on, and I mean absolutely turned it on, as told to us by Harry Bryant and Dean Brady around a couple of beers… A good surf story, expertly told, this is a real corker of a surf film marrying the classic local swell yarn with the medium of web clip perfectly. And the giant playing field of the straight line-up, and the big walls catching the sunlight as they’re about to break, allows for some of the best drone angle shots ever.

Bloody good onya to all involved, especially Runamuk. And especially to the "Tell Him He’s Dreaming" cap on the top of Bryant’s head. I want/need that thing.

3. The World Juniors Have Started

No matter how far we keep running into 2017, 2016 keeps hanging around, unwanted like a a weird guy at your party whose friends have left but who thinks he's a chance with one of your lady friends. So there he is still. Just hovering in the kitchen. Like the WSL World Junior Championship here, the 2016 WSL World Junior Championship. Come on guys, I’m done with 2016. Stop looking in the past. Go forward. Move ahead. Try to detect it... It's not too late. To Whip it... whip it good... Sorry.

Anyway, the champs started this week back in Australia again. The South Coast NSW town of Kiama to be exact. They’ve run two days, and the most high profile young surfers are the WSL qualifying comp machine, Ethan Ewing, American super grom Jake Marshall, and that funny American kid who did that unbelievable heat winning close-out turn at Haleiwa last month, Griffin Colapinto. All of those guys won their Round 1 heats and leapfrogged straight into round 3. Other groms to look out for are Central Coaster Sandon Whittaker, who will face Weslley Dantas (Wigolly’s little, but very large brother) in Round 3, and Aussies Reef Heazlewood, Quinn Bruce, Lucas Wrice, Harley Ross Webster, as well as Pipe Trials winner, Hawaiian Finn McGill. 

On the girls' side, they've run Round 1 and sent no-one home yet, but Australasian champ Macy Callaghan has looked strong, alongside Kobie Enright, and Hawaiian star in waiting, Brisa Hennessy.

If you're reading this on Friday morning, it's on right now. Get watching!

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4. Salsa's Doing The Surfing

Jason Salisbury surfs smooth, he’s just so in tune with his board, and these waves. Everything in its right place every time he stands up on a moving bit of water. What a daydream of a clip, put together by Jimmy James Kinnaird for newish boardshort brand, Banks.

5. HaydenShapes' Best of 2016

Creed, Craig, Marti Paradisis, Dylan Graves, and Nate Tyler do some shredding in black and white, and in colour to wrap up 2016 for Hayden Shapes surfboards. Is black and white played out? Certainly grateful for the colour clips in this one, especially that follow footage of Craig on a bomb left. Gee that was sick. And that tight shot of Craig doing a floater on the board with the pretty pink rails. Basically just Craig in colour. Gimme a clip of nothing but Craig in colour, please. Thanks. The music is a tad demanding for a short surf clip (“Rocket USA” by Suicide), but stick with this one, cause a lot of the imagery in the second two minutes is world class.

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6. Best of The Smiling Bag

It took me so long to get around to seeing Dion Agius's 2016 film, The Smiling Bag, you know, Christmas and all that… but two weeks after getting the download link in my email, I sat down and watched the thing and was blown away. What a freaking good film. Talk about a sleeper hit. I’ll be writing a full blown out review interview analysis thingy in the next Surfing World, but here’s the short version of that right now: “It’s sick.” Anyway, Surfing Magazine strung together some of their favourite clips from the film and set it to one of the songs from its soundtrack, The Drones’ "Boredom". Rad.

7. Soli Bailey and Conor O'Leary Surf A Cold Island

Underdog 2017 WSL CT qualifier Connor O’Leary and 2018 CT qualifier (come on Soli!) Soli Bailey did a cold trip to a cheese loving island somewhere between Tasmania and Noosa… but probably closer to Tasmania, and scored some really really good barrels. This place, while always beautiful, can be pretty hard to catch on the right conditions, so it was sweet to see them nail it. And props to Darcy Ward on the edit for Red Bull.

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8. Ryan Burch, Yago Dora, Ozzie Wright Star For The Volcom Team In The Mentawais

How ridiculous is the longevity and eternal relevance of Ozzie Wright? What was it, like 55 years ago that he blew everyone’s minds with combos at Macaronis in Seven Days Seven Slaves? And he here is, back in the Ments being awesome still. Plus, the rising star of Yago Dora continues to rise, and Ryan Burch remains surfing’s most criminally underrated surfer. What a clip, and what a team Volcom have got going… man, when they finally announce their next big signing, if rumours are to be believed, they’re going to have the (equal) best damn freesurf team on the planet (Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds with yet to be launched Reynolds’ new brand, Former is equal, yeah?) Anyway… anyone want to put me on a boat trip? I'm broke.

9. Ellis and Al In Hawaii

Ellis Ericson and Alex Knost shape their own single fins and then surf them all Hawaiian season at fun Velzyland. Who knew Hawaii could be so fun? A lot of people, probably, a lot of people knew Hawaii could be so fun. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that wild body jiving of Alex Knost. Plus there’s a neat cameo of Duncan Campbell, the Bonzer guy. I interviewed him once. Or was it his brother Malcolm? I can’t remember. Whoever it was, he was lovely. Anyway, this clip really embraces a pure love for surfboards and surfing. Another good edit from Jimmy Kinnaird this week. What a great week of surf clips. You feeling it? I'm feeling it.

WATCH: One Perfect Christmas Day Barrel

10. Remember Mundaka?

I haven’t thought about Mundaka in so long. So so so long. I used to think about it all the time. I used to watch surfers who won the comp get thrown off the jetty thing. I used to listen to Barton Lynch commentating waves on the ASP, mid-wave, between turns saying things like, “And have a look at the church in the background, niiiice.” Then it stopped being good, somehow, and they took the dream tour away from it, and we stopped seeing and hearing about it. But have a look at it here, rifling away. Have a look at the section on the wave Aritz gets at 1.50! Watching this is like seeing an ex-girlfriend you foolishly broke up with, looking amazing, bringing back all the good memories... but you have to remember the bad ones too. Don't punsh yourself. Make sure to remember the Adriano DeSouza and Chris Davidson final, battling out the Mundaka comp in a 1 foot onshore beachbreak. You can't fool me, Mundaka. You cant!

Bonus... Drama and Occy, why? Why not?

2016 is not done with us yet, oh no, in December Occy for his podcast at the BIllabong house interviewed Kevin Dillon most famously Johnny Drama in the HBO bro comedy Entourage. Apart from being completely bizarre, it’s actually a really neat interview. Especially chatting about Platoon. Man, that was a good movie. I’m going to watch it this weekend. Willem Dafoe! How good is Willem Dafoe? I normally put Weak Wrap here. Do you miss Weak Wrap? I do.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. And a fantastic 2017.

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