This Week In Surfing: Noa Deane Joins Volcom, Job Opening At The WSL, Aussies Win Juniors, & Some Magic From Mase

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 13, 2016

1. Aussies Sweep THe World Juniors!

We got em! Two World Titles, of the junior variety. Event favourites Ethan Ewing and Macy Callaghan held true to form and remained undefeated in the World Juniors at Kiama, NSW this week. For Ewing, the18-year-old from Stradbroke Island who overcame high flying Californian and label mate Griiffin Colapinto in a final marred by deteriorating conditions, it's a nice way to start what will be a huge year in 2017, his rookie season on the WSL Championship Tour. While Avoca Beach’s Macy Callaghan, who at 16 has only just finished year ten, took down reigning World Junior Champ in Hawaii’s Mahina Maeda.

The big question is though, was Macy's dab in the final the first dab seen in WSL competition?

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2. Noa Deane Joins Volcom

Some things just make sense, don’t they? Noa Deane signing with Volcom as his major sponsor is one of those things. “When I signed with Volcom, a childhood dream had come to life, also it feels like a privilege for me to be in with such a bad ass family / team of people who include my friends and people I look up to,” says Noa in the announcement on the Volcom site, where it also lists Noa’s surfing stance as natural but his skating stance as goofy. What in the? Noa joins the Volcom team led by Bruce Irons, Dean Morrison, Alex Grey, sorry sorry sorry... I mean, Ozzie Wright, Ryan Burch, and Yago Dora. I cannot wait to see him in surf movies with those guys.

3. Nias Pee-Umps!

Hey, do you like perfect rifling barrels that get the heart racing? Diego Santos does. That’s why he surfs Nias. Holy holy holy, what a clip. No messing around here. Barrels, and lots of them, with some appropriate no frills guitar rock.

VIDEOThat Trip Away When The Waves Turn On

4. Parkes, McNicol, and More Jump Around Byron

Harry Triglone on the lens and edit for this super Byron clip of the Afends team featuring Garret Parkes, Duncan McNicol, Josh Sleep and Luke Stickley. Garret Parkes really is a gun of a surfer we don’t see enough of. You know what else we don’t see enough of? Our mums and dads. Go have a cup of tea with your mum this weekend. She’ll appreciate it.

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5. Mason Ho Plus Radness

Mason Ho + rocks. Mason Ho + backwash wedges. Mason Ho + psychedelic guitar freakouts. Mason Ho + peace sign barrels. Mason Ho + beach break aerials. Mason Ho + giant look back Pipe barrels. Mason Ho + The (probable) Wave of The Winter. Plus, Coco and Mike Ho gets some sweet pits in this one too. And there’s a dog on a surfboard! What more could you want in a clip?

6. Chippa's New Wetty

Chippa Wilson went and gone did found himself a new wetsuit sponsor. Adelio. So here he is surfing in Tasmania, where it is cold. Much colder than Cabarita, where Chippa normally does his unique and sick skatelike approach to surfboarding. You know where else Tasmania is colder than? The heart of the earth’s sun. Tasmania is certainly colder than there.

VIDEO: One of the Best Waves Ever Ridden Here

7. Tom Carroll On The Occ-Cast!

Two goofy-foot Australian World Champions talking story, which, after Hollywood B-lister Kevin Dillon last week, is a nice return to form for Occ and his killer podcast. Could they have maybe framed the shot just a little tighter to make TC look not so teeny-tiny, or nah?

8. Job Opening: Be The Boss of The WSL

Yes, that’s right, the CEO of the WSL Paul Speaker has announced in an open letter on the WSL website to the “WSL community” that he will be stepping down as WSL boss hog at the end of January. Speaker was at the helm of the most drastic changes to competitive surfing seen in decades, most significantly the change of the name from Association of Surfing Professionals to World Surf League, and unifying the broadcast and website of all WSL comp surfing. His stepping away will light the Internet up with theories around the economic health of the WSL, however Speaker states in his message that he’ll stay on as co-owner of the league, so read into all that what you will. The biggest whiff of where the WSL’s thoughts are about its health and future are in his multiple mentions of the acquisition of the Kelly Slater Wave Pool Company, pointing it out as a “remarkable inflection point in the League’s history…”

He goes on to add later, “I am incredibly excited for our future. The Kelly Slater Wave Company offers a tremendous and unprecedented opportunity for the League to dramatically shift the landscape of high-performance surfing around the world with guaranteed conditions, total fairness for the competitors, greatly enhanced live viewing, and major television coverage at a scheduled time.” 

Which to me, sounds like… X-Games!!! Remember the BMX and skateboarding in the stadiums and street parks and tuning into that live? Haha, oooooh dear. Get ready guys. Sounds like there’s going to be some very significant announcements about competitive surfing and wave pools in 2017

Anyway, whose CVs are ready?

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9. Hula x Billabong

A neat spot on Hawaiian street artist Sean “Hula” Yoro and his recent collaboration with Billabong to make an Andy Irons mural in the water just by Pipe. Shout-out to the loosest shaka I’ve ever seen, thrown by Hula in the last frame.

10. Weak Wrap Is Back

Yesssss.... the best surfing web series is back for 2017! Every morning at 6am, since the last Weak Wrap, back on December 22, I've been waking up and mournfully lighting a candle at my bedside table, which has a framed picture of Danny Johnson at the Weak Wrap desk, and saying a silent prayer for the return of Weak Wrap. And as of today I don't need to anymore, and thank god you know, because that was 23 candles, and I'm not made of money, or candles, or matches. And there's freaking candle wax everywhere. And I burnt down my curtains. It's been a real ordeal, but totally worth it because now Weak Wrap is back and we can all get back on with our lives.

Bonus... Vintage Stoke!

Surfer Magazine dug up this legendary clip this week, which shows a 14 year old tube-suit wearing Kelly Slater trying to articulate the feeling of stoke, and absolutely ripping, as well as Tom Curren, Cheyne Horan, Shaun Tomson, and George Greenough. The original clip comes from the 1990 film, Surfers: The Movie, made by Bill Delaney, who brought us Free Ride.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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