This Week In Surfing: Taylor Steele's New Movie Could Be His Best Yet, K-Robb and Jamie-O Foamie Shred Sydney Beachies, & Margarets Is Still Going

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was April 7, 2017 

1. Will This Be Taylor Steele's Best Movie Yet?

“Do you still get nervous?” asks John John

When people think “Taylor Steele”, you most often immediately think of Momentum and the movies that followed in an era Steele's generation defined: The Show, Good Times, Loose Change, etc, you might even think of the post 2000s movies too, like Sipping Jetstreams, The Drifter, and Castles In The Sky, but what we don’t bring up nearly enough is the 2012 film This Time Tomorrow, which is arguably actually Steele’s best and most complete movie. The buddy surf video paired up David Rastovich and Craig Anderson to chase a single, very special swell from Tahiti up to Mexico, California, and Alaska. The surfing is good, the cinematography and everything else that makes a good surf movie is top notch also, but it was the capturing of the camraderie and humanity of a surf trip shared by two mates that made it so understatedly brilliant. It was simultaneously relevant to its era, and timeless, which is a really hard thing to do. This week we finally got to see a full length trailer to Steele’s latest film that expands on the same ethos, and it looks like it could be just as brilliant. The movie pairs great surfers from different eras or dimensions: Craig Anderson with Rob Machado, Albee Layer with Shane Dorian, David Rastovich with Stephanie Gilmore, and most interestingly John John Florence with Kelly Slater. What looks so exciting about the film is it takes the candid and sharp audio of the surfers, akin to Kai Neville’s Lost Atlas.

“Do you still get nervous?” asks John John.

“In contests?” replies Kelly, “Sometimes.” 

The movie premieres May 4 in New York City and will be followed by an Australian tour from May 12 to May 26. Can't wait.

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2. The Drug Aware Margaret River... sigh... Pro

Ahhhh, now we remember! Now we remember how painful surf competitions can be... Lay Daaaaaaays!

Sure, there have been only four of them, but with four days back to back to start competition, and just one final day to go, and just eight men and four women left in their respective comps to face off in the ten remaining heats... it's been a little bit torturous. Nothing against Margaret River, which is sadly and unjustly enveloped in rumours of falling off the tour in 2018, this could happen at any comp, it's just after the offseason, then the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros at Snapper running bang bang bang in consecutive days, it's this part of being a pro surf fan that I forgot about.

The best thing about it all is if you're having a bad event in your Fantasy Surfing League and happen to be at the bottom, all your mates above you gloating like kids at the front of the school tuckshop line, well you can check the league five days later... AND NOTHING's FREAKING CHANGED! A full working week later and I'm still losing and the same smug jerks are still winning. Anyway... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. This event started three years ago on a slow but exciting day at North Point, peaked with a macking day at Main Break, and then has had to wait for a swell to kill the comp dead and crown two champions.

Highlights so far have no doubt been John John Florence's incredible drifting pocket layback on a big Main Break right, the continued incredible story of Owen Wright – who will face a revitalised Jack Freestone in Quarterfinal no.1 – while Kolohe, Adriano, Bourez, Smith, and Toledo are signalling their intentions to get involved in a World Title race in 2017. On the ladies' side of the event, Sally Fitzgibbons is back in fine form as she, Steph Gilmore, and Tyler Wright take three of the last semi-final spots for Australia, the final spot being held by a much improved and impressive Sage Erickson.

One day of surfing, and before we know it the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach will be starting this Wednesday with a more fleshed out top 10 on the rankings.

3. Dane Breaks His Butt At Pipe

Our lord and saviour Dane Reynolds went to Pipeline a week ago to serve us a reminder of just how severe Bede Durbidge's injury, and how impressive his comeback, was from a broken pelvis by getting smoked by a solid set himself. "Either you get blown out and you feel so rad and proud, or you get an elevator drop to the reef and bruise your tailbone and crack a vertebrae..." said Dane on Instagram, "Such a fine line that defines your future whe you take a wave at Pipe!" Far out, Pipe is a brutal, terrifying colosseum. Wishing Dane a speedy recovery.

VIDEO: The Best Fails of The March Swell

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4. Really, Really, Really Good Surfers: Conner Coffin

Rip Curl’s newest team member, Californian rail maestro Conner Coffin, gets his feature in the latest instalment of Rip Curl’s surfers who are quite good at surfing series, and it’s really nice. Backed by Conner’s own guitar strumming and full of West Aus tube threading and face carving, it kinda just makes you want take a breath, pick up a guitar, hit the road for a surf trip, and be one of the best surfers in the world. Life is so simple.

5. The Dooley Podcast

Episode 9: With rumours and speculation that the Margaret River Pro is going to get the flick, over 9 quiz questions Danny, the Weak Wrap guy, and I discuss which other WSL events should stay or go, Steph Gilmore’s first gold jersey, and our all time favourite surf movie quotes. Find all episodes at orsubscribe on iTunes or anywhere else you find your podcasts to get them every Tuesday morning.

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6. Ford Archbold's Back

Hang on, is this Ford Archbold or did Nick Allbrook grow three feet and get really good at surfing? Ford is surfing a board designed by Christian Fletcher in this high energy punk in the face of an edit from Metal Neck’s Matt Tromberg, and is ripping.

7. Hurley Grommies Doing The Shredding

So here are four surfers aged 12 to 15 surfing sunny happy waves all over the Gold Coast coast for Hurley. Eli Hanneman, Winter Vincent (are his first name and last name mixed around?), Bronson Meidy and Dean Vanderwalle are here to make you feel old and realise how close you are to death. So close. So much closer than these kids anyway. We live as we die and we die as we live, watching people surf better than us on the Internet!

VIDEO: North NSW Pumping

8. The Surfing World Camp

The Surfing World Camp went down in awful rainy conditions recently, just terrible, but that didn’t dampen spirits of the campers, especially the dude at the 1 minute mark surfing Duke style in pink speedos. Seriously, click play just to see that guy. There’s heaps of other ripping going down by Otis Carey, Letty Mortensen and the like, but the speedo guy is the highlight, a real deadset legend!

9. Yago Dora In Hawaii

If Craig Anderson was Brazilian and good at surfing in comps, you’d have Yago Dora, the high flying and stylish QS World No.2. This is a five minute jaw dropping clip of the guy in Hawaii, interspersed with some skate-modelling for his carver skateboard sponsor, but how are some of the airs in this clip? The style in his rotation on 1.44! This dude should be a superstar.

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10. The Catch Surf Team In Australia

Kalani Robb, Jamie O’Brien and the rest of the Catch Surf foamie riding team toured the east coast of Australia recently and made beachbreak crud look like a more fun time than… something that’s really fun. Luna Park? They made east coast beachies look more fun than Luna Park. That La Femme song in the middle is a killer.

Bonus... Check Out Surfing World's Wetsuit Series

What? No Weak Wrap? There’ll be riots in the streets! What’s going on? Is it becase the Weak Wrap guy has been making a Surfing World Wetsuit guide thingo with incredible videos like this one? Probably! How good is it? Really good… is the answer to that question. “People in pools.” Brilliant.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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