This Week In Surfing: Is This The Best Edit of Aerials In Surfing History? Plus Hilarious Donald Trump Surfing Trestles Impression, & Foil Boogie Boarding Is The Future

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeeeeeee...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... eeeeeeeeeeee...


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was April 27, 2017 

Bitesize News

– Kelly Slater's apparel brand, Outerknown, will be the title sponsor of the Fiji Pro for the next three years
– Peter Townend has been named the coach of the Chinese Olympic Surfing team (Peter Drouyn must be spewing) 
– Doug Lees got barrelled during a board test shoot, apparently

1. This Billabong Bloodlines Hawaii Video Is The Sickness 

The transition of Taj Burrow competition guy, to Taj Burrow master of froth and king of the kids, is a perfect one, as seen in this edit from 30 days on the North Shore in the Bilabong house. There really is no stoke like grom stoke, and that’s captured in this delightful editfeaturing some rad-as-hell animations by resident Surfing World artist, Nanda Ormond. The introduction of the groms to Jaws/Peahi by Shane Dorian is cool too. Australia’s Caleb Tancred is going to be a real fun one for Aussie surf fans to watch develop over the next few years. Dakoda Walters as well!

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2. Matt Meola Does Airs Again

That spindly Maui phenom has lit up the Internet once again, freaking the world out with an edit chock-full of the world’s best airs. We're talking double spins, flips, things that are impossible to describe, and those crazy flicked out turns Clay Marzo used to dominate. Everyone’s minds have been blown by all that, but I’m more excited by that rock jump he does at the very beginning of the edit! Like, sure, everything else might be the best compilation of aerials we’ve seen in a single edit, but that rock jump *whistles*, my oh my.

3. Keramas, The Best Worst Comp In The World

So following that one year the WSL/ASP had a Championship Tour comp at Keramas, Komune (a hotel associated with Luke Egan) and the Mad Hueys (a high brow surf brand out of Australia's Gold Coast) snapped it up as a lowly QS1,000. QS1,000s usually receive very little attention, nor interest from the world's elite surfers, but this one does. This one does because the waves are so good, and the vibe around the comp seems a giant feast of a good time love in. In one heat we had Jack Robinson and Mikey Wright knocking out Taj Burrow, which has to go down as the greatest heat in a QS1,000 or one star in the old speak, in ASP/WSL history. Brent Dorrington ended up winning the event, and he celebrated having a quiet night-in, reading Camus and thinking about the existential meaningless of his and everyone else's existences.

VIDEO: Wilko's Final Word On Bells

4. Kai Hing and Lee Wilson Shredding

Filmer Matt Tromberg and the Metal Neck crew are at it again, filming the third Metal Neck film and gifting us these little bonus sections in the process. This one featuring Sunshine Coast shredder Kai Hing and Balinese Australian Lee Wilson. Tubes, airs, hacks, and cock rock guitar solos.

5. Carissa Moore In Israel and Morocco

Carissa Moore is a three time World Champion, and the youngest World Champion in the history of surfing. That's not news, but it's worth remembering because her results lately haven't reminded us of that at all (three straight fifth placings). Another way to remember that the (still very) young Hawaiian is one of the greatest of all time is to watch this new clip of her going HAM in Israel and Morocco.

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6. The Dooley Episode 12

Our weekly surf quiz podcast this week asks whether we love or detest Jordy Smith for his mega-Bells claim, who is actually the best coach on the WSL, and what’s up with that priority rule? Plus heaps of other surf related garbage around Bells aerials and why Adriano De Souza would make the best Mad Huey.

7. Funny: Dude Impersonates Trump As A Surfer

After Alec Baldwin impersonating Trump every single freaking week on SNL, I thought I was happy to never see a Tump impression again, but then this one came along, and this one is gold. A fella by the name of Tyler Allen out of California has Trump describing his surf at Trestles. “Nobody draws out their bottom turns like I do!”

PODCAST: What Do Zeke Lau, Leo Fioravanti, and Connor O'Leary Have In Common

A post shared by Tyler Allen (@tylerallenvo) on

8. Church of The Open Sky Trailer

Nathan Oldfield is one of the great unsung heroes of Australian surf culture. Or perhaps he is sung, but sung quietly, humbly. His films are beautiful near meditative pieces of surf that reflect a much wider, perhaps even more inclusive view of our world than we get everyday. So it’s very exciting to see the trailer for his latest film, Church of The Open Sky, which will premiere in Byron Bay in May this year, and feature Dave Rastovich, Tom Wegener, Belinda Baggs, Al Knost, Neal Purchase Junior and many more.

9. Kai Lenny, The Future Is Here

Multi-disciplined champion Waterman Kai Lenny, who’s been hydrofoiling between Hawaiian islands lately, broke his ankle while windsurfing the other day. Instead of doing nothing, Lenny decided to make himself a hyrdofoiling bodyboard. Have you guys ever seen that Portlandia sketch “Put A Bird On It”? Has hydrofoiling become the surfing equivalent of that? Put a hydrofoil on it! I’ve seen pictures somewhere of someone who has rigged a handplane with a hydrofoil, so what’s next? What’s left? Could someone make a westuit with a hydrofil, so you can hydrofoil while bodysurfing? It’s certainly safe to say that there are not enough things with hydrofoils on them. P.S. Do you think it kind of looks like a doodle hanging off the boogie board when it gets going? I do.

10. Mercedes Benz Surfing Ad

Fancy schmanzy automobile company Mercedes-Benz have jumped on the big wave surf bandwagon and produced a slick and dramatic ad that features a whole lot of Nazare and a big wave surfer named Sebastien Steudtner (who?) training in Hamburg before tackling the Portuguese big wave spot. It’s a little reminiscent of the Jonathan Glazer Guinness big wave ad from 99, but nowhere near as good, but then few ads are as good as that one.

Bonus... Weak Wrap

Remember when the bonus bit here would have something completely random and irrelevant to the past week's surfing, and then Weak Wrap came along and now it's just Weak Wrap every single week? Were they better or worse times back then? Probably worse because "I put some bread in a guitar!"is the best joke I’ve heard in sooooo long.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Demar Derozan!

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