Will Steph Win the 2018 World Title? Plus Filipe's Ridiculous Air and Laura Enever's Poetry

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was May 18, 2018

1. Steph Won Brazil, Is She Gonna Win The Title?

Stephanie Gilmore is surfing and competing like Stephanie Gilmore again and everything is right with the world. Her Brazil win – over Lakey Peterson in the final - is her second first place finish out of three events this year (not including Margarets, which will finish at Uluwatu next month), which is about as dominant as you can hope for in Championship Tour surfing. Lakey peterson, who now has a win and a second place out of four events (she is already knocked out of the Margies/Uluwatu comp, so we'll count that) is also proving herself a part of that elite upper echelon on the women's CT, and has grabbed herself a commanding second place on the rankings. At this point, with three finals having been surfed for the season, these two are the only surfers to appear in two of them. And the only other surfers to have made a final are Keely Andrew and Tatiana Weston Webb. That last tidbit of information of course leads us to the rather disappointing results so far for Title contenders Tyler Wright and Carissa Moore, neither of whom have gotten past the quarter-finals in 2018. Which is a wildly bad start for the best surfers on the planet that they are. Worse for Tyler, she's fallen outside the top five. 

But back to the happier story of Steph Gilmore and the increasing belief she could equal Layne Beachley's record seven World Titles this year. What's different? Well, did you know that she has employed Jake Paterson as her coach? Here's an excerpt from Sean Doherty's excellent piece on the Steph win:

Jake “Snake” Paterson sports a large tiger tattoo, and Steph employing his coaching services has indeed resulted in her rediscovering the eye of le tigre. I talked with Snake on the Bells stairs while he was watching Steph surf her way to a win in the final. He says in many ways Steph is uncoachable in the same way, say, Mick or Joel would be uncoachable. They've been so good for so long there's not a lot even a guy like Snake can tell them about their surfing. But he can stop them from making mistakes, and he said that if he could clean up 10 percent of the mistakes she makes in a heat, she'd be unbeatable.

She hasn't lost since.

2. Filipe Toledo Did This...

Shut it all down, pack it all up and go home, Filipe Toledo has ended aerial surfing with this giant air into the flats during the Oi Rio Pro... oh my lord.

The other story out of Brazil at the moment, which is still going on on the men's side p.s., is that it's been a bloody ripper of an event to watch, especially in the wake of the wave pool teams event. Just read Nick Carroll's story about it, or Sean Doherty's. And if you don't do that, just look at the air below that Filipe Toledo landed.

3. Kael Walsh Is Our Next Star Maybe?

If you clicked in to This Week In Surfing last week and checked out Quiksilver’s latest clip, you would have seen some incredible surfing from Kael Walsh in the mix there, surfing beyond his years. The young West Australian backs it up this week with this edit of pure jockrock ripping around the west, as well as some highlights from his incredible Margaret River Pro performance. He’ll be at the Uluwatu part of that comp in Round 3 against World No.1 Mr. Julian Wilson. Bring it.

4. Italo Ferreira Is Good

The other World No.1, Italo Ferreira, got knocked relatively early at the Oi Rio Pro, giving Julian clear path to a true World No.1 ranking, as well as an opportunity for Gabriel Medina to make up the gap and join the World Title race. Is Italo the real deal as a World Title contender? Well, this clip of him surfing a wave they’re calling the Brazilian Pipeline says yes. Definitely yes.

5. Laura Enever Wrote A Poem

Laura Enever wrote and performed a poem for this latest short put out with Billabong this week, To Surf With Love. I think it’s lovely, and beautiful, and different, and the sort of sensitive alternative content we need in surfing. My mate Danny reckons it’s a direct rip-off of Kobe Bryant’s Oscar winning animation short that featured his poem. My answer to that is… you ever seen Kobe Bryant surf macking Shipsterns? Case closed! Wait, what case? Doesn't matter.

6. Brett Burcher In Blue

Cut together from leftover footage of 2017, Brett Burcher takes us to South Africa, Scotland, Western Australia and to his home on the east coast. A lot of cold water, a lot of burying the rail on big open faced walls, a lot of thick lipped tubes. A lot of what we come to expect from Brett Burcher, really,  – core-surf awesomeness. 

7. The Dooley Episode 58

Danny wrote the copy for our latest episode of our podcast this week, and I like it so much that i'm just going to paste it here and be done with it. He also edited this podcast, and totally made me sound like a jerk who interrupts and talks over him here. Which is probably the case anyway, I guess, but, uh, yeah:

It's another episode of The Dooley pals! They come out every week, normally a day or two late, but then there it is, just sitting there in your podcast feed. Should you press play and do some listening? "What have you got to lose?" you say out loud, instantly feeling a bit like a mental for talking to yourself. Let me tell you this, time is the only resource in your life that has any actual value. You'll be on your death bed before know it, and there's nothing in this 41.29 minutes that'll be of any use to you. Ever. It's a waste of your time that could be spent with friends family or doing other meaningful stuff. Now you have a decision to make. Do you listen? Or do you take advice from a podcast blurb and do something more meaningful? You'd have to be a complete loser to start taking advice from podcast blurbs though don't you reckon? 

8. Caroline Marks and Carissa Moore

Isn’t it nice when an over the hill three time World Champ like Carissa Moore (25, so old) can impart some wisdom on a future three time World Champion in Caroline Marks, who is currently World No. 5 while still just 16. The two drink some Red Bull and surf and talk about each other in this clip called Welcome To The Show. It's pretty sweet.

9. Shaun White Does The Kelly Pool

Shaun White, the greatest snowboarder of all time (no idea if that's true, but it might be, so why not?), has never been barrelled. This week he, Tony Hawk and Eddie Vedder went to the Surf Ranch and rectified that. Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Shaun White and Eddie Vedder... it's a funny group, isn't it? Like some kind of Avengers cross-over thing... I really should see that film to make sure that reference makes any sense.

10. Koa Rothman and Co. Go To Fiji

Koa Rothman and an entourage of young Hawaiian stars that aren’t John John Florence (Nathan Florence, Ivan Florence, Billy Kemper, and Koa Smith) went to Fiji recently, not even to surf though, just a boys’ trip. Just a classic boys trip with banter and hijinks and adventures, so classic! Except they did also surf a bunch of super fun looking Cloudbreak too. In fact, I think that's mostly what they did. The best part of the clip is the teaser for the next episode, right at the end. Which I'm not sure how to feel about.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go Ben Brown.

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