Bonkers Cloudbreak, Laurie Towner's Paddle Bomb, and Did This Air End John John's Title Campaign?

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was June 1, 2018

Hey everybody, Mike here, the fool who's been curating this list of ten things that happened in surfing each week since the ancient times of Internet, before Instagram, before wave pools even. How was your week? Good? That's good. I have the flu right now and so this will probably be the worst This Week In Surfing column of all weeks in surfing, which is a very low bar to begin with. And for that I apologise. Anyway, on with the ten things:

1. Cloudbreak Was Nearly Generation Defining Good

Cloudbreak was so good, so freakingly epic, that even Kelly Slater skipped a very good WSL CT at Keramas to go and be a part of it. Broken feet allow you to do that, I guess. A who's who of the world's big wave chargers were there and made history at the famous Fijian lefthander. Amongst them was Koa Rothman, who stars in this clip from his excellent This Is Living series.

2. More Cloudbreak

And here's a couple clips Cenny Coast filmmaker Owen Milne posted on Instagram, if the above wasn't enough. It features Chilean Ramon Navarro with what will likely go down as the wave of the session, perhaps the decade, after all this washes up, as well as Dane Gudauskas being the first to ditch the skis and paddle on the day.

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Huge respect to this man @danedamus for being the first guy to paddle a wave during the XXL Cloudbreak swell under 48 hours ago ! The channel was silent and the wind and rain was blasting while the south west pacific was throwing everything it had over the shallow coral ledge of Cloudbreak. A selected few guys towed some rogue bombs until @danedamus paddled into the lineup and charged this monster. The channel went from silent to over 40 boats hooting in disbelief !! Follow the link in my bio to watch the full edit of the best big wave surfers tackle bombs, you don’t wanna miss this ! I can’t thanks @mysurftv enough for putting me in a position to do what I love doing! Hands down one of the best trips I have done in my whole life. I can’t wait to see what the man himself @onepalmmedia captured this swell !! Vinaka Fiji 💙

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3. And finally, Laurie Towner

Everyone's favourite hard working, over talented under represented Australian charger, Mr. Laurie Towner paddled into this beast during the Cloudbreak sesssion, too. Bloody good onya, Loz!

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4. Oh, and Keramas Has Been On

Attention was divided while Cloudbreak was pumping, the Corona Bali Protected got going at the same time at Keramas. And at the time of writing they've surfed up to the quarter-finals in both the men's and the women's events. 

There's been a lot of highlgihts, but this clip of Sally Fitzgibbons getting shacked below has been my personal favourite.

A post shared by World Surf League (@wsl) on

It's easier to talk about who's been knocked rather than who's been surfing well (Mikey Wright has been surfing well, though), and on the men's side it's the heavy hitters of Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, and John John Florence sent packing early. While on the ladie's side of the event Carissa Moore continues her shocking year (by Carissa Moore standards) with her worst finish of 2018, a 13th. She is still yet to get past the quarter-finals while Steph Gilmore looks ready to dominate 2018 like it's 2007 again.

And if you want to see the air that may have killed a third consecutive John John Florence World Title, go to the 6 minute mark on this clip. The back to back World Champ's best result in 2018 is a 9th. I mean, he could do it, he could smoke the back half of the year and take the crown, he is John John, but he's a long long loooong way back from making it happen now. 

5. Surf Cassette 2 Is Online Finally

The underground surf classic from the brain of Josh Simpson and the stoke glands of Creed McTaggart, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, Noa Deane, Billy Bain and co is finally online and ready to be viewed in the comfort of your own homes. Yes.

6. Roping, Pumping Gold Coast With Noa Deane, Ethan Ewing, Soli Bailey

From Back In March, Cyclone Linda made waves in Queensland. Now, one hundred months later, we get treated to this excellent clip featuring three young world beating natural footed talents, going right and getting tubed off their heads. Very good.

7. SuperBrand Does The Waco Wave Pool

It's not really a week in surfing unless there's some sorta wave pool content, now is it? And with the might of Cloudbreak and the pure surf sport entertainment of Keramas, we went close to having no artificial waves this week. But here we are, the Waco wave pool brings the novelty once again thanks to SuperBrand.

8. The Dirty Old Wedge Does Dirty Old Wedge Things

There's an argument to be made that, litre for litre, the Newport Wedge is the most entertaning wave in the world. Yep, an argument to be made, only I'm not going to make it. 

9. Callum Robson, Welcome To The Jungle

I honestly don’t know a single thing about this Callum Robson other than the fact he rides for the Mad Hueys. Which means he’s probably Australian, probably doesn’t mind drinking, and probably a very talented surfer. The clip is good though. Tubes, cutbacks, airs, hip hop... scootering and shooting fireworks around Bali? Everything you need. And some serious kegs to round it out.

10. Ryan Burch Is Always The Best Forever

Ryan Burch talks boards while surfing through Europe. Gee, he’s a wonderful surfer, and the sorta interesting character we’re lucky to have in surfing. He also has a great head of hair, which is something I notice now because I discovered my bald spot this week, and its a proper, real bald spot. Life’s not fair.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go Ben Brown.

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