Why Every Surfer Should Go To The Maldives At Least Once

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Ahhh The Maldives... Name us a more picturesque surf destination, and we'll call you a total fruitbat because there simply isn't one. Known for ruler edge perfection that provides some of the most playful waves imaginable, this tiny island cluster also boasts a high concentration of lux options for the upmarket holidaymaker. Among them is Soneva Fushi which will play host to two very lucky holders of the goldenpassport presented by World Surfaris. Here the winner (and friend) will ride pristine coral reefs and be treated like royalty. It's easy to enter, but first we asked Tess at Soneva Fushi what to expect…

CW: You win the #goldenpassport and touch down at Soneva Fushi. What’s the first thing you do that day? 
T: Get on your bike and head straight over to the Over-water restaurant and hit the slide! Straight from the second story into the ocean. Check in to your insane beachfront villa with a few cocktails by your personal pool, then head out surfing for the afternoon to our secret Baa Atoll breaks (only if you like being the only crew accessing perfect glassy waves for miles). After a surf it’s straight to the all you can eat ice-cream room. 28 flavours thanks very much.

Describe the vibe at Soneva Fushi in one sentence… 
Luxury meets sustainable chic with a twist of jungle adventure.

What leaves people speechless on first impression?
Take your pick!!!! The insanely beautiful villas (treehouse anyone?), the staff, the arrival, the gourmet buffet breakfast, the all you can eat chocolate, ice-cream and cheese rooms, the eco-centre.

What are the 5 ‘absolute musts' that every guest should experience at Soneva Fushi?
Absolutely doing a tour of the Eco Centre where Gordon will show you how the Resort operates as the leading sustainable Resort in the world. From re-using all the wine bottles from our island and neighbouring islands to blow into glass sculptures for charity, to making surfboards out of any polystyrene that is unavoidable at the Resort.

1. Again, sliding down from the restaurant into the ocean

2. Dining at Fresh in the Garden, our Treetops restaurant serving all produce straight from the gardens which surround it

3. A day sailing out on Soneva in Aqua our 20m 2 cabin yacht with a glass bottom bath. The perfect way to spot dolphins

4. Snorkelling and or paddle boarding right off the front of the Resort.

 Name Soneva Jani best kept secret?
Now that you’ve sailed your way over to Soneva Jani, you will see our best kept secret which is North Beach. The most stunning beach you will have ever seen in your life with the cutest beach bars that throw-back to Maldivian rustic beach vibe. Also just around the island, OVER-WATER CINEMA surrounded by a restaurant that serves the most off the charts Peruvian food.

What continues to surprise you about this destination?
It’s like an actual over water world. No ubers in the Maldives, just seaplanes and boats. Soneva is a destination in itself, with both Resorts existing as living breathing eco-systems encapsulating experiences that leave you changed for good.

What quiver would you recommend for the waves in this region?
Depending on what your vibe is and which season you travel in, I actually found some good Mal waves. So I took a longboard and a twin fin out when I was there. Bring your standard shortboard and something with a little more volume for smaller days. We have a variety of reef breaks that breaks left and right with the occasional sand bottom break for beginners. Most of our breaks are more suitable for shortboards, few are good for long boarding. Side note: we want to encourage our guests to leave their equipment behind and use our eco-friendly equipment and products instead. This would save them the hassle of bring their equipment on flights and transfers as well.

Talk us through a perfect day of surfing here... 
Wake up to the shining sun and warm tropical waters of the Maldives. After breakfast, you have a quick chat with the surf dream, we talk about the conditions on that day and which wave you want to surf (left, right, fast, mellow). Jump on the speedboat and we head off to one of our many surf breaks in the Atoll. On the way, we see dolphins and we slow down to take a closer look as they play off the bow. After 15 minutes, we arrive to your very own secret spot, an empty line up just for you and your mates. You surf until you're surfed out. On the way back, enjoy some fresh fruits and coffee to refuel for the rest of the day at Soneva Fushi. The adventure awaits. 

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