Taj Burrow Is the Frontrunner for Best Surf Clip of the Year! Plus, Kai Otton Rules, and Machado's on the Occ-Cast

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was June 15, 2018

1. Taj Burrow Is Now Leading the Clip of the Year Race

In a continuation of Globe’s Cult of Freedom surf film/web series comes what they’re calling The Taj Part. It is essentially seven minutes Taj Burrow scoring rippable then macking Mentawai gold. Like the name gives reference to, it’s a little bit like watching your favourite section on a classic surf video. The tubes he gets at HTs with those big old roll ins is the best compilation of tube-riding seen in recent memory. Right here is the frontrunner for surfing clip of the year. Long live the great Taj Burrow!

2. The Dusty Payne Documentary Is Must-See Viewing

The good people at Surfer Magazine have taken the inspiring and trying story of Dusty Payne – who came very close to meeting his end at Backdoor Pipeline in early January this year – and turned it into this wonderful 20 minute documentary. “I don’t remember the start of the year, to be honest,” says Dusty Payne at the beginning of this, in his first interview post recovery. And from there goes into one of the best mini docs you’ll see in 2018. Interesting that as the digital age in surfing matures, it’s looking like documentaries morethan traditional surf videos will be where surfing flourishes. 

3. Kai Otton Is A Lord

Speaking of lords and legend dudes, Kai Otton dropped this all killer no filler web clip this week. Surfing around home on the south coast of NSW, it’s got big tubes, big carves and… above the lip hi-fi surfing? What? It’s sick to see one of Australian surfing’s most loved characters getting it done in the free surf zone, and considering he’s been hitting road with another high profile CT-retiree in Mick Fanning, we’ll be seeing more of him pretty soon, hopefully. Can’t wait.

4. Machado on the Occ-Cast

If I had to invite three people to a dinner party, my first two picks would be Rob Machado and Mark Occhilupo, and for the third pick I'd keep the other seat spare in case one of them wanted to put their feet up. This Occ-Cast is the digital realization of that wonderful hypothetical. Machadoooooooo!

5. Willian Cardoso and Johanne Defay Took Uluwatu

As this result played out before me, I wasn't into it. Call it bias, but watching Willian Cardoso, a 30-year-old rookie, take down World Title hunting Julian Wilson in the final with his giant backhand hacks, it didn't sit right. That was until I saw Cardoso's reaction. The emotion pouring out of his face as he realised he'd won the event was a reminder of how uplifting and wonderful sport is, and how surfing as a sport gives us such beautiful moments of the human spirit. Bloody good onya, Panda Cardoso!

The other results around Uluwatu CT shuffled Julian Wilson back into World No.1 position, followed closely by Filipe Toledo and Italo Ferreira, then Medina and Cardoso rounding out the top five, giving a huge Brazillian flavour to surfing’s top echelon. Significantly, Mikey Wright’s semi-final finish pushed him five places north and into the top 10, leaping over his big brother and floating the possibility that he might qualify for next year’s CT through wildcard performances alone, should the WSL choose to keep rewarding him them. He’ll likely grab the Quiksilver Pro France wildcard later this year anyway, and a solid result there could qualify him for 2019 alone. Interesting times.

On the ladies’ side of events, Johanne Defay took down Tatiana Weston Webb in the final, marking it the first time this year that neither Steph Gilmore nor Lakey Peterson won the event at hand. Steph’s slightly better finish in the semis closed the gap to Lakey at World no.1, with now just 55 points between them. Lakey Peterson having 35,630 points to Steph’s 35,575. That title race is packed, set up, match struck with the fuse waiting to be lit. It's going to be a great backhalf of the year there.

6. Kelly's Pool Got An Air Section

Remember how a day or so after the WSL Founders Cup competition, we got treated to the imagery of Seth Moniz doing a giant backflip in a rival pool, elsewhere in mainland America? Well, seems the KS Wave Company got a’tinkering following that, using the help of Josh Kerr and Albee Layer, the pool now has some form of an end section that’ll serve as a ramp for the world’s best when they hold the CT there in September this year. And have a look at the way Josh Kerr is hitting it in his Instagram post below. That is a very solid aerial right there.

“Good times working on air sections @kswaveco a few days ago with @live.fast.die.old and @kellyslater,” wrote Josh Kerr on Instagram. “Safe to say the boys dialed in a mental one!”

7. The RVCA Team Do Bali

RVCA edits are always a treat, and this one out of Bali recently is no exception. With Ellis Ericson, Jay Davies, Davey Cathels and more chasing a swell that hit the east coast of the island over a week. It’s straight up Bali wave park, Indo surf porn of the highest regard.

Bali Strike Mission || RVCA Surf from RVCA on Vimeo.

8. The Meditative Experience of Rasta Bodysurfing

The soulful master of award winning surf films, Nathan Oldfield, has released his latest Church of the Open Sky on iTunes this week. To celebrate he’s given us all a taste of said film with his section of David Rastovich bodysurfing like the wonderful freak of nature he is. I completely thought he was on a rubber mat for one of these waves until he head dipped under and porpoised out of the face as he does. Very impressive.

9. Stay A While, Starring Jed Fasso

Jed Fasso is an underground shred head that surfs really well and plays in a punk band called Dog Fight. Do we need to know more? Maybe, but that is all the info I have at the moment. Oh, he is a goofy, too. There you go.

10. Drenched In Black, Starring Coby Perkovich

Coby Perkovich is a Kiwi to Gold Coast transplant whom we all probably should have heard about by now, particularly for those loop-dee-doo airs he’s doing, gee they’re sick. There’s a lot of innovative aerial surfing in fun onshore beach breaks here, and set to 80s Smiths sounding band The Cry. Very nice.

We’ll throw it over to filmmaker Dan Scott for more info on this Coby Perkovich character: "I've only been shooting with Coby for a year and he's gotten way better in that time. Coby is pushing himself more, surfing with Chippa Wilson and Dion Agius and doing trips really elevated his level of surfing. He's probably the most motivated guy I shoot with.”


It's International Surfing Day this Saturday. Make sure you go out and share some waves with as many people as you can, like these guys.

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And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Let's go Aaron Mooy!

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