The Andy Movie Is Finally Coming To Australia, Ryan Callinan Is The Best, and Griff Colapinto's Tour Diary Is Must Watch Surf Content

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was June 22, 2018

1. Go Ryan Callinan, He's The Best

Ryan Callinan is my best friend. He isn’t actually, but I’m going to start saying it all the time because I want it to be true. Anyway, here goes my best friend Ryan, I call him Ryan,  shredding the hell out of Fiji recently. We’re so used to seeing Fiji at XXL size that we often forget what a rad canvas it is for beautiful surfing by the likes of my best friend Ryan here, Ryan Callinan. Similarily, we so often see my best friend Ryan grinding on the QS, that it’s wonderful to be reminded how unbelievably talented he is as a free surfer. Props to the filming by Jack Taylor and the edit Kai Neville, who are also my best friends, for the best clip of the week.

FIJI. from Ryan Callinan on Vimeo.

2. The Andy Movie Is Coming

Figh. Nah. Lee! The Andy Irons documentary we’ve been waiting for has got some Australian premiere dates. At this point it’s just four special screenings, but I’m sure it’ll come to more venues at some point in the future. Here are the dates and cinemas:

Cremorne Orpheum, Sydney
Wednesday, 25th July

Twin Towns, Gold Coast
Thursday 2nd August

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, Avoca
Friday, 3rd August

Astor Theatre, Melbourne
Tuesday 7th August

You can get your tickets on the Surfing World website. See you at the Astor! I can walk there. What a win for me.

3. It's Ya Boy Chippa Wilson

What’s that? A new Chippa clip? In a fun-looking beach break? And Chippa is still in his career defining, bolts every damn time aerial form? And he goes finless at one point? Who do I pay to see this? It’s free? What kind of beautiful world are we living in?

4. Speaking of Going Finless

Avalon’s second favourite son (after Groovy Avalon himself, the super injured Kelly Slater) Beau Cram picked up a neat little sponsorship with foamie brand Catch Surf recently, which is a great pairing for a favourite son with a wizard-like talent. He sure is having fun, and damn can he climb a tree. Possibly the best tree-climbing to finless surfing ratio in the game. Holla!

5. Luke Davies In Panama

If it wasn’t for Ryan Callinan’s clip this week, and also Ryan Callinan being my best friend, then I’d be all about this Luke Davies clip scoring milky green bombs in Panama to “Mr. Sandman” and a Pink Floyd track being the clip of the week. It’s very good, very fun, and looks like a place I want to go to, which is all you can hope for in a surf clip. But is Luke Davies my best friend? No. Ryan Callinan is my best friend. My best friend forever. Wish there was a way to shorten that.

6. Red Bull Put Out Their Cloudbreak Edit

You remember that big swell? The big big one? The one that Laurie Towner made the decision to paddle, wrangling a monster that lended him on the cover of Surfing World? Yes, that one. Here’s Red Bull’s clip from said session. Which, as I said before, was big.

7. Vans Put Out A Full Surf Movie Called Blue Intensity

So, Vans, whom I love as a surf brand and a thing you put on your feet, released a clip this week that runs for 14 minutes. Which they’re calling a full surf movie. I’m not sure how I feel about 14 minute surf movies. Do I like them? Maybe. Do I love them? Maybe. Do I hate them? I have no idea. All I know is that 14 minutes isn’t quite a full surf movie. But it’s also much more than a regular clip. And what it usually ends up being is something I don’t really end up watching – that is unless it’s a once a year banger from a single surfer, say Dane Reynolds or Noa Deane — instead, it’s something I go, “Oh cool, a 14 minute surf movie, well I won’t watch that now, but later this afternoon when I have some free time, we’re on, can't wait,” and then never see it again. I’m not sure why, I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if it's everyone, but I am sure this clip is really good, and a reminder of why we all love Dane Gudasukas, but, ahhh, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m gonna watch it later this afternoon when I have some free time.

8. Asher Pacey and a Rumour About Death

I’ve heard this rumour I can’t confirm that when you die, your body releases a chemical to relax your mind to help you cross over to the other side, and that that chemical magically makes you see visions of Asher Pacey surfing twin fins with the sort of grace and rhythm that all surfers should aspire to. Just like this clip here of Asher from two sessions testing out his Shapers Fins at Snapper. It’s only a rumour, but death is terrifying and coming from us all, so I hope this rumour to be true.

9. Meet Logger Luke Flanders

Twenty minutes of log sliding? Sure. The letter Y following consonants, twice over? You betcha. A surfer we’ve never heard of who is apparently 6’7” and named Luke Flanders? Well alright! Luke Flanders recently escaped Newcastle with his Jye Byrnes log (that's the y thing I was talking about) and found solace in some Indonesian perfection. Trying with all my might not to do a Simpsons quote here. Aye Carumba.

10. Griffin Colapinto Is So Good

It's a complete mistake that this is last on the list this week. I meant to put it higher, then I lost the link and got distracted. But here it is. Can you believe this is the third clip over 12 minutes this week? But with an enigmatic star rookie like Griffin Colapinto taking full billing, I’m here for every gosh darn second of it. This is something of a tour diary with better production value and care around editing than the Snake Tales or Tournotes series, which are both very good in their own right. If Griffin Colapinto isn’t in your top ten favourite surfers by now, do you even like surfing? Probably. Actually that’s fine, like what you want. But you should also consider Colapinto as one of your top ten favourite surfers anyway. He’s really freaking good.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. I love you Tom Rogic.

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