Noa Deane's Movie Looks Insane, and Is Skeleton Bay The Best Wave In The World?

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was June 29, 2018

1. Noa Deane's New Movie Looks Mind-Blowing

Noa Deane has a new movie? A clip? I’m not sure. But Noa Deane has a new something coming out and the trailer for it is here, and it looks absolutely bonkers. Put together by Mikey Mallalieu, it’ll be live online at August 2 after touring a bunch of premieres on the east and west coasts of the US.


2. Koa Smith and Maybe The Best Wave Ever

As sometimes happens, within maybe three hours of publishing all the surf bits and pieces in last week’s This Week In Surfing, Koa Smith dropped two clips that might feature the greatest wave ever surfed. At that famed never-ending left they call Skeleton Bay, in Namibia on Africa’s west coast, Koa Smith scores eight barrels, though who’s counting, on a wave that almost clocks two minutes. Is Skeleton Bay the best wave in the world?

3. Aritz Also At Skeleton Bay

An interesting facet of all this Skeleton Bay footage dropping is how it illustrates the importance of being first. Because this Aritz Aranburu Go-Pro footage of a one minute tube is absolutely mindblowing, too, but it barely peeked its head out of the shadow of the Koa Smith clips this week. Let’s watch it now.

4. The Last Skeleton Bay Clip I'll Never Watch

This clip is 28 minutes long and I’m a little Skeleton Bayed out to be honest with you. But I’m hearing it’s really good. And the clips I’ve scrolled through and watched have been unreal. At 8.15 there’s a clip of what Oliver Kurts is calling the best wave of his life. If you watch nothing else from this clip, watch that.

5. Surfing Made Mainstream News! Yay! For Bad Reasons! Oh no!

Hey guys, honest chat time: I wrote 2000 words on this that I was going to put here, but I need to edit it into something more succinct before publishing it, which I've run out of time to do today. So it'll be going up on Monday afternoon. Sorry to leave you hanging. It's not good enough. And now we've got this big gap right here with no words on the what's maybe the story of the week.

So in case you missed it. The below photo of the Ballito Junior comp went viral this week for pretty obvious reasons: prizemoney discrepancy between genders.

And it made news all over the world with high profile media organisations like the BBC, ABC, the Guardian, SMH, The Australian and many more. Stay tuned for spicy hot takes, explanation, and analysis that will no doubt descend into the same shitty arguments everyone will be having in comments till we get true pay equality in surfing. Fun!

6. The Dooley Is Back

After not putting out an episode for a month and ten days, The Dooley: A Surf Podcast is back and more regular than an All-Bran ad. This week Danny and I talk Koa Smith’s tube, Willian Cardoso making a good best friend, the Keramas and Uluwatu comps, as well as when is a good time to retire? Oh, and the whole stupid 540s vs full rotation air reverses thing. Ugh. 

7. Surfing Bodies Are Training In Wave Pools For The Olympics

There had been some confusion as to why Surfing Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport had taken a bevy of Australian surfing talent to a training camp in Kelly’s wave pool at the WSL Surf Ranch. But as Nick Carroll reported, it all makes a lot of sense. Essentially it comes down to one word. Repetition. The ability to train in a controlled surf environment has never been available in the way it is with pool surfing, even if the Olympic Games and other competitions end up taking place in the randomness of the ocean, the improvements made here have the potential to be accelerated. You should really give Nick Carroll’s piece a read, but in any case, here’s an interesting paragraph from it:

“Exactly how this plays out in the real world is still a near-unknown. The coaches will be watching their surfers closely in and out of competition to try to document its effects. Bede points out something that slipped by most eyes earlier this year: ‘Steph reckons she spent a lot of the Founders’ Cup quietly working on her backhand, then right away went down and won the Brazil CT going left, which hasn’t been considered one of her strong points.’”

Following that this week, to back up the mindset coursing through comeptitive surfing bodies at the moment, it was also announced that the Waco Texas wave pool will be official training facility for the US Olympic team, as well as their 2018 World Junior Championship Surf Team. Considering the frequency of waves that pool produces, it might be even better.

8. Geiselman Brothers Mini-Doco

Floridian pro surfer brothers Evan and Eric Geiselman were the subject of this great little mini documentary that took in their home town and their hometown waves, shaper, skatepark and family. It’s good wholesome, brotherly viewing. Florida huh? Has any surfer of any note ever come out of Florida? Can’t think of any. Not one.

9. Aaron Lieber Does Conner Coffin Doing The Kelly Pool

Noted filmmaker Aaron Lieber went to the Surf Ranch with the ever loveable Conner Coffin recently. It makes for perhaps one of the better wave pool clips to come out, doesn't it? Maybe. Love Conner Coffin’s approach to the machine, though.

10. Meet the 2022 World Champ

It's Caroline Marks you guys!

We should probably take every opportunity we can find to get to know the 2018 rookie, whom qualified for this year’s CT while still just 15. She’ll probably be here for a while.


I forgot to mention J-Bay starts on Tuesday! The men's event window runs from July 2 to July 13 while the women's side runs from July 6 to July 16. I'm not sure why there is that overlap, but, okay. It should be exciting nonetheless. And the best part of J-Bay? The timezone for us here in Aus. It's right on beer or flavoured milk o'clock. Prime time surf viewing for the win!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. 

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