The Masters Is Sick, Rippy Girls Hit Perfect Bali Lefts, and Flashback To Kelly's 7th Title

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Mike Jennings

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Curren! Photo: WSL/Masurel

Curren! Photo: WSL/Masurel


Eight Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was September 21, 2018

1. The Masters Is Sick

Have you been watching The Masters (full name: The Azores Airlines World Masters Championship)? Stuck in the middle of a magazine deadline, I missed the early rounds and wasn't sure what was going on, but last night I finally turned it on for a few heats and coudn't believe how stoked it made me.

Matt Hoy vs Kong. Jake Paterson vs Damien Hardman. Luke Egan vs Dave Macaulay. Tom Curren vs the very bizarre but amazing looking skimboard he's surfing.

It was the sickest. I happened to watch those heats with old school Tracks editor Kirk Wilcox, commentatiting every heat from the couch beside me. After working late nights on the 400th issue of Suring World, staring at stories and photos and magazines from decades of surfing past, I had to pinch myself that I hadn't fallen into some weird psychedelic timewarp.

This is the first time this event has been run in the "WSL" era, and geeze you'd have to hope it will be coming back every year.

As for the results:

The Men's Grand Masters has a final three left of Rob Bain, Cheyne Horan and Simon Anderson.

The Women's Masters is down to a final four of Layne Beachley, Pauline Menczer, Frieda Zamba and Rochelle Bollard.

The Men's Masters still has a huge field of quarter finals left with Jake Paterson, Dave Macaulay, Fabio Gouveia, Damien Hardman, Luke Egan, Matt Hoy, Shane Beschen and Sunny Garcia still in the hunt.

From the heats I saw, Jake Pato looks absolutely on fire.

2. Speaking Vintage Older Blokes Ripping

Jake Pato's new series of Snake Tales old school is taking us back in time once again. This time to Brazil in 2006 where Kelly Slater is waiting to claim his 7th World Title. The footage drops us in when Kelly is watching Andy Irons vs Nathan Hedge. If Hedgey wins the heat, the title is Kelly's.

3. Rippy Girls Hit Perfect Balii Lefts

My Bikini Bali Episode 2 sees the young Rip Curl girls team take to Keramas, Temples and Padang Padang. Starring Kirra-Belle Ollsen, Kobie Enright, Molly Picklum, Leah Thompson, Alyssa Spencer, Brisa Hennesy, Leilani McGonagle and Ella Williams... and then also Nikki Van Dijk, Alana Blanchard and Bethany Hamilton, it's a good time. The Internet loves to talk about how shit everything is all the time, how much better everything was in the 90s etc, but how wonderful is it that we're living in an age where the girls get surf trip content like this too, and it's no big thing. I'm stoked.

4. Shaun Manners and Kai Hing Out West

Oh here we go. Young West Aus freesurf pro with wonderful hair and even better style, Shaun Manners, invites Kai Hing to his side of the coast and they score sick waves. The great thing about clips out of the west is that they always have a bit of oomph to them. Serious tubes starring amongst the airs and carves. Love a bit of ooomph.

5. Letty Mortensen Hits NZ

Poor Lettty Mortensen had a busted ankle for the first half of 2018. But now he’s back. Back! He’s back and he’s surfing in hoods and gloves and places that look cold, but he’s ripping!  The places that look cold is the coast around Dunedin, New Zealand. Good to see you back up and riding Letty. Now get back on the QS grind!

6. Nate Tyler Bending Water

Cali pro in the Dion Agius, Kai Neville mould Nate Tyler has a new edit for HaydenShapes and it's probably the best one of the week. The most fun though is the description that came with the clip:

"Raised by groovy, bohemian toymakers among the towering redwoods and crisp, clean Central Californian air, Nate Tyler was always a different breed of surfer from his citified cohorts to the south."

Groovy, bohemian toymakers! I was already jealous of you Nate, for the way you surf, for your talent as an artist, for your handsome facial structure and nice hair. So jealous. But now I'm jealous of your toy-laden upbringing. What a dream.

7. Matt Meola In The Ments

There’s this sweet new discovery I heard about. It’s called the Mentawai Islands. A long chain of islands in Indonesia full of incredible perfect waves all over the place. Yeah a mate told me about it. I think it’s going to be a big thing. One day there will be a whole surf tourism industry based around it, I reckon. And one day there’ll be a thing called the internet and you’ll be able to watch footage of the place on phones we’ll keep in our pockets. And they’ll get crazy tubes and do giant spinning jumps. The future is going to be too much.

8. These Guys Are Still The Best

These are the guys who have that WSL clips show that’s either buried on Facebook, or been discontinued. Not sure, just never seem to see it anywhere anymore. They got ripped apart, but that’s such a bummer because they’re actually the funniest dudes getting around. Here they are appearing on Fox News campaigning for awareness around coral bleaching. “And we just wanna say, what up coral, we stand with you dog.”

“Ah, Jessee, duuuude, that was a savage burn dude, and on TV dog.” 


Layne is ripping. Here's just another short clip from the Masters going down at the moment. This is seven time World Champ Layne Beachley's first heat in ten years. Hasn't missed a beat.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Love you.

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