Medina Might Win The Title This Weekend?! Plus A Tassie Core-Lord Clip, and Leroy Grannis' Epic Archives

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Mike Jennings

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Photo: WSL/Poullenot

Photo: WSL/Poullenot


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was October 19, 2018

1. Medina Might Win The World Title This Weekend

Well didn't this sneak up like the sneakiest of sneaky sneakers, Gabriel Medina has the possiblity of winning the World Title this weekend? He wasn't even World No.1 till like a couple days ago right? 

He's good though, that Medina, and after a solid showing at France, and with World no.2 Filipe Toledo bowing out early, the maths work for the Brazilian World Champ. All he has to do is win the comp (very possible), and hope Julian Wilson, who just won the Quik Pro France, doesn't make it to the semi-finals (which is also possible, but on recent form not likely). I'd say it's most likely going to go to the final event at the Banzai Pipeline in December, but the 2018 king getting crowned this weekend wouldn't be a wild surprise at all.

So it's all very real, but does this World Title feel strange to you? No Mick in the comp. No Kelly either. John John is a million miles away too, and even Adriano De Souza is injured now. The only other World Champion in the water is Joel Parkonson, and he's on his John Farnham retirement farewell tour. This Title feels like the first real taste of a post-Mick, post-Kelly era of pro surfing.

On the plus side, if Medina gets it, it puts him on two World Titles, equalling John John and setting up quite a good generational battle to bring us into the next era. That's if John doesn't decide to give it all away and go sailing off into the sunset for a year. And if Julian gets it, well all of a sudden this down period in Australian men's pro surfing ceases to exist and all is right with the surfing world again. It's a win, win. And if Toledo gets it... okay!

Here's Medina getting Ryan Callinan back for the QS win a few weeks back. Also, Mick on the commentary! Mick!

2. Julian Won the Quik Pro France

Speaking of the European leg... How wild is it that between the French and Portuguese comps there's about enough time to go to the bathroom, maybe make a coffee, and then you're back right in the middle of it. So quick. So while we're into the quarter finals of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal already, it was only a couple of days ago that Julian Wilson won the Quiksilver Pro France, throwing himself deep into the Title race with Medina and Toledo. Ryan Callinan was the man who met him in the final, in a fairytale story all of it's own. Hooray for both wonderful, smiley happy great surfers. Hooray.

3. Speaking of France, Here's the Quik Team Ripping There

Speaking of Quiksilver and France... Pretty sure this time last year I was so deep into studying French that I wrote a full one of these descriptions in word perfect French. A year on and I can't put two words together, so I won't be doing that again. Instead, I'll keep it simple: "Here is the Quikky team of Jesse Mendes, Jeremy Flores, Wiggolly Dantas, Ramzi Boukhiam, Mikey February, Connor O’Leary, Marc Lacomare, Aritz Aranburu, Kanoa Igarashi, Zeke Lau, Joel Paxton, Kael Walsh and Mikey Wright surfing in france. It is good."

4. Tassie Lads Doing It Core Best

Speaking of good... Why does watching this make me feel like it's after school and I'm at a mate's place and we're watching his older brother's surf video we don't know the name of, cause the label is scratched off and he lost the case, and we've never been more stoked.

Here is a list of everyone who features in this great clip:

Mikey Brennan, Matt Kennedy, Hamish Renwick, Marti Paradisis, Jy Johannesen, Kyle Cooper, James McKean, Tyler Hx, Charles Ward, Danny Griffith, Russel Bierke, Andrew Mooney, Kelly Slater, Ben Richardson, Mick Fanning and Laurie Towner. 

Also, how good is that small, fast shoreline-running right? Really good... is the answer.... to that question.

5. Pama Davies On A Twin Fin

Speaking of questions... Bondi shred-head Pama Davies recently went to Indo and roadtested a new Rusty twin-fin in some very good waves. The board is apparently based off a 70s and 80s template Rusty Preisendorfer worked on with Shaun Tomson and has now updated. Is it kinda ironic that this Shaun Tomson style twinny was roadtestes in Indo, considering Mr Tomson wasn't allowed to surf there in that time, right? Was that a thing? I'm pretty sure that was a thing? Was it a thing? I think it was a thing? Google is giving me nothing, but it might have been a thing. Probably best not to think about it and just watch the surfing, I guess. Pama is ripping and the board looks sick.

6. Torren Martyn In Sense of Self

Speaking of very good twin fin surfing... here is a 15 minute documentary on the picturesque, north coast life of style-lord Torren Martyn. It's made by the very talented Ishka Folkwell. Oh, and it'd be remiss to not mention some bloody good WA stuff in this clip. Bloody very good.

7. Koa Rothman and the Keiki Shorebreak

Speaking of clips that are kinda long... it's a Koa Rothman vlog, This Is Livin! "I didn't make on wave that whole session." Yes, Koa Rothman with the relateable quote, commenting on his surf that opens this session at Ehukai. I might get those words tattooed on my forearm. Then bake a cake. Then eat the cake. Then go to bed. But before that I'll watch Koa Rothman surf Keiki shorebreak because it is very gnarly and very interesting. I've never seen footage of that wave surfed, and I am nothing if I am not someone who enjoys looking at new and interesting waves being surfed.

8. A Doco Series On Leroy Grannis' Archives

Speaking of interesting things I haven't seen before... Out of nowhere comes the best little clip series (for surf nerds) that over three parts dives deep into the legendary archives of the great Leroy Grannis, thanks to his son John. The photos date back to the 30s and are absolutely wonderful. This is vol 1. But make sure you dive in and watch the other two.

9. Toledo Hits The Cove

Speaking of people who won't win the World Title this year... Filipe Toledo recently went to the Basque country and hit the Wave Garden Cove pool with friends Miguel Pupo and Ian Gouveia. Doesn't it look fun? I rate this thing. I can't wait till the giant version of it opens behind Essendon Bombers' training ground. Rohan, if you read this, please give me some free tickets, thank you. Love you.

10. Quickfire Questions With Medina, Wilko and Owen

Speaking of places I want to go, here's three A-Grade Rip Curl surfers answering questions about Portugal, including some about Portuguese tarts. It's funny how this is the most straight forward simple content you can do around an event, but it's also the easiest to watch. I could watch it all day. More surfers. More questions. More Portuguese tarts!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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