Matt Meola Is Bonkers, Reef Heazlewood Ups The Ante, & it's Hawaiian Triple Crown Time!

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Mike Jennings

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Matt Meola stomps this with the grace of a ballet dancer. He is outlandishly good.

Matt Meola stomps this with the grace of a ballet dancer. He is outlandishly good.


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was November 16, 2018

1. Matt Meola Is Yikes

Oh man. This clip is so so good. Matt Meola, the Maui freakshow aerialist stringbean, is on fire right now and so good to watch every time he launches his spindly frame into the wind like a child throwing an action figure off a patio. "Huuuuuuuuck, yaaaaaa!" The hip hop for the first half of the clip isn’t out of place either, and notice the light touch of wave sound effects used just right to add some atmosphere to the clip... we’re in professional hands with this edit. Hey, question? Do you think that sometimes Matt Meola looks kind of like Tom Hanks in the movie Forest Gump when he's running across the country in a red trucker hat? I do.

I tell you what would make this clip better, though. If they cut out all that Albee Layer mountain biking stuff. Or maybe just cut out Albee Layer completely. That’d really make this Matt Meola clip all time. I'm kidding, I'm kidding! That air Albee does is actually unbelievable! Which one? The one, you know, the spinny one. One of those ones. Epic!

2. Reef Heazlewood Ups The Ante!

Last week, young Sunny Coast shred-head Reef Heazlewood blew up Instagram with a couple of huge stomped airs at Rocky Rights. This week, he takes it up a notch with a near five minute super edit of well-rounded gold, including more big hacks and some serious tubes. The goofy-footer has been on the radar in Aus for a while now, but with this flurry of recent hype, he’s making sure his name’ll be known in the middle of the Pacific and across it. On top of that, he’s 18th on the QS right now. A solid performance at either or both of Haleiwa and Sunset and he might just catapult himself straight onto the CT for 2019. Talk about rising fast. Go Reef!

One critique of the video though: Have more faith that your audience will see the best clips. Showing the highlight moments a second time only lessens their impact. 

3. Meet The Shredding 2019 Rookie, Brisa Hennessy

This week there was a QS6000 run at Port Stephens. It was won by Nikki Van Dijk and finaled by Macy Callaghan. Also in the wash up of the results was the confirmation that 19-year-old Brisa Hennessy (that's one S, double N, double S) has qualified for the 2019 CT, making her the first Costa Rican to do so. Five years ago or so, Surfing World magazine got some ripping photos of super-young Brisa that they wanted to run, so I ended up interviewing her over the phone and it was a delightful interview. She was as rad a kid as rad kids come, so I am stoked that we're all going to see more of her. I was planning on dropping an excerpt from said interview right here, so you too could see how stoked out a grom she was, but I can't find it for the life of me, so let's just watch this instead I guess. Sorry.

4. What Youth Go To Waco

You ever watch clips and think, "Stuff this crap, why don’t they put Talking Heads on the soundtrack? In fact, I can’t think of a single piece of surf footage, in the entire history of surfing and cameras, that wouldn’t be improved by putting Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” over the top”? That’s what I think pretty much every time I watch a surf clip. It's been a nightmare, so many clips, so little Talking Heads. But today my dream was finally fulfilled when the good hip folk of What Youth dropped this super edit of Chippa Wilson, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn and some other guys going to that Texas Wavepool, you know, the wave pool that looks like a child tried to paint a picture of a wave and almost got the colours right, but just didn’t quite nail it. Or like an amateur photographer got all fast and loose with the saturation while photo-editing. Let’s watch cause it’s great. Thank you What Youth, thank you Ozzie Wright. 

5. There Is A Nathan Fletcher Documentary On The Way

Nathan Fletcher is iconic. He just is. Have a look at him, the things he's done in surfing, the way he's approached big wave surfing and big air surfing, and jumping off rocks surfing and everything else surfing, he rules! Now Michael Oblowitz has made a documentary for Red Bull, and it looks pretty good. Will be interesting to see Oblowit's approach – considering his history with the infamous and unreleased documentary Sea of Darkness, oft called the best surf doco ever made – to that epic Code Red Teahupo'o swell that put Fletcher on surf mag covers all over the world. The film premieres in Hawaii in December (I think), and will be released more widely in 2019 (I think).

6. Rusty Bierke Is On The Big Wave World Tour and Nazare Is A Go For Tonight!

Remember last week when Bierkey copped the wipeout of a lifetime? Oooof, that was solid. Well, tonight he gets to try it all again, this time in a heat jersey as the Big Wave World Tour has turned the green light on for the Nazare Challenge. Below is a clip where Bierkey talks his approach and stoke on being a part of the BWWT. Isn't it going to be fun barracking for him against the world's best and bravest at the likes of Nazare and Jaws?

The Nazare event should kick off around 6.30pm tonight, which is primetime Friday night viewing. Unfortunately I can't watch the comp tonight, though, which I'm super gutted about. I can't watch tonight cause I'll be busy doing literally anything else. Anything at all.

But go Rusty!

7. The Triple Crown Has Started

The Triple Crown is one of the greatest and most iconic things we have in surfing. Beginning at Haleiwa for a QS10,000, picking up again at Sunset for another QS10,000, and wrapping up with the almighty greatest event of all time in the Pipe Masters, the Triple Crown is the sickest. And it also doubles as the fury and fire and final boss level for those QS grinders trying to launch themselves on to the CT. Not too much has gone down so far, but one worth watching might be Aussie Ethan Ewing, who currently sits above the cusp at 9th on the QS, and today got through the fourth round at Haleiwa. Let's go Ethan!

8. Tom Jennings Shows The Raw Power of Southwest WA In All Its Glory

Kerby Brown and the rest of the crew towing these things out west are unbelievable. It's beautiful really. Chaotic and awesome and beautiful. The way this clip from Tom Jennings builds and builds and builds makes me feel so euphoric as these powerful mountains of ocean fold and explode, that by the edit's end I feel like I'm right there with them. Then the clip stops and I look around and realise that next to my laptop screen is a cup of this morning's coffee, the cold dregs still in the cup's bottom. It's gross, but I take a sip anyway. Me and Kerby and the boys, we're out here really doing it!

9. Nice Surfing At Ulus

Hey, here's a dude I've never heard of but will never forget, because he has the best name ever (Kahana Kalama), but also because he's surfing great at fun sized Uluwatus and now I want to go surfing, and also I want more cold leftover coffee. Kahana Kalama is riding a Bing Cypress here. It looks pretty nice.

10. Jack Frenchstone in the Frenchiest of French Beach Breaks

If you woke me up this morning and told me that this afternoon I’d be watching a solid clip from Jack Freestone ripping apart French beach breaks and getting above the lip like this is Cluster all over again, all for a trendy Californian towel brand called Slowtide, well, I’d be pretty alarmed. First of all, how did you get in my house? Second, why are you waking me up with this information? Surely it could have waited till breakfast? Weird call on your part, man. Really weird. But I dig it. You've got moxie, I like that.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. I am sorry for all the dumb jokes.

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