The Parko Party Has Started! The Best Nazare Tube Ever, & Steph x J-Bay Is a Dream

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Photo: WSL/Heff

Photo: WSL/Heff


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was November 23, 2018

1. Parko Won Haleiwa, Might Win Triple Crown, Definitely Won Our Hearts

It’s always a tough call for This Week In Surfing when the biggest news of the week happened five/six days ago. Five or six days might as well be a year in Internet time, but This Week In Surfing is a round up of the best and biggest things from the week, and this week Joel Parkinson begun his retirement party by taking out the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa and taking a big old lead in the Hawaiian Triple Crown. I don’t need to tell you that the Hawaiian Triple Crown is one of surfing’s most prestigious events and Parko won it three years in a row back in 2008/09/10. Him winning it again in his last swing at it would be pretty bloody good stuff.

Other notable results out of the noted QS10000 was Hawaiian Seth Moniz making the final and securing enough points to lock him a spot on next years Championship Tour. Kiwi Ricardo Christie’s making of the final also launched himself up to 7th on the QS, a very handy spot to be as we enter the final QS of the year (the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset) this Monday. Brazillians Deivid Silva and Peterson Crisanto are also looking like they've qualified.

But the best part of all this Haleiwa wash-up was this TourNotes clip from the event the WSL loaded to YouTube – which is definitely not the right file. Definitely not. Let's watch it anyway!

2. Tyler Wright Opens Up About This Horrible Illness

This week it became official that Tyler Wright, the back to back World Champ, would not be taking her spot at the last event of the year, the Beachwaver Maui Pro at Honolua Bay. That makes for five straight events left uncontested (50 per cent of the year) after picking up Influenza A while prepping for the Corona J-Bay Open in South Africa. Poor old Tyler. She opened up about it all on Instagram a couple days ago, we'll let her take it from here, but not before we say we wish her all the best with her recovery, and can't wait to see her back to her most fighting fit, whenever that may be. Go Tyler!

"The @wsl today announced that I've withdrawn from the final event of the year in Maui. Its been 5 months since Influenza A prevented me from competing at J'Bay. Since then, I haven't been able to regain full health and have been diagnosed with Post Viral Syndrome. This means I'm tired (a lot), my body aches and my brain hurts - I'm really not much fun to be around! It took me awhile to understand what was going on. Other times when I've been sick, I've been able to recover, or to push through it to compete. 
I've had great doctors and amazing support from Alex, my family, @wsl@surfingaustralia and my sponsors. There's no clear timeline for recovery but I'm doing what I can to get back to full physical and mental health. 
Until then, I'll be reading Harry Potter/my 🐝 book and living that sass queen life. All the best to the girls in Maui. Thanks everyone for your understanding and support."

3. The Nazare Challenge Ran Last Weekend, and Oh Boy This Tube

Last weekend the Big Wave World Tour kicked off at Portugal's giant wave spot of Nazare. Grant Twiggy Baker won the final, however it was Natxgo Gonzales from the Basque Country who provided the most highlightable highlight. Have a look at this barrel. Did you even know that you could get barrelled at Nazare? I didn't. It was, of course, awarded a perfect 10, the first ever at Nazare. Shout out to Russell Bierke who made the final in his first event as a full time BWWT competitor.

4. Steph Gilmore x Morgan Maassen x South Africa

In the world of surf photography and filmmaking, Morgan Maassen is elite. Nothing he releases goes unnoticed. Stephanie Gilmore – who by the way may have a seventh World Title by Monday morning – is time and time again the subject of the best and most aesthetically pleasing surf clips we get every year. Her style and grace puts her in the elite category there too, and the idea that she is perhaps the most stylish surfer on the planet, while also being the most competitive we have in action at the moment, is nothing short of astounding. Here Maassen and Gilmore connect on her time in South Africa in July, and it’s a bloody ripper of a clip.

4. Oscar Langburne For HaydenShapes

Super grom with the super style Oscar Langburne of the Central Coast went to Indo with his board sponsor Hayden Shapes the other day. He took his eclectic and sick looking quiver with him. This clip shows the quiver, which features artwork paying tribute to the iconic faces of Joy Division, Mazzy Star, Patti Smith, Bowie, the Birthday Party, the Cure and Blondie. It’s pretty cool that such a young grommet has such discerning taste in post punk, new wave, art-rock and the like.

6. Eli Hanneman Is Here To Blow Our Minds

Speaking of awesome 15-year-old super groms, here goes Eli Hanneman in Hawaii, Indo and the Texas wave pool. The little Hawaiian has actually recently turned 16 and will no doubt be something of a star in the next year or two. Let’s not be surprised if he makes it on to the CT before he’s 20 years old. As you can see from the highlight reel, the kid is a freak show.

7. 21 Questions With Soli Bailey

Byron Bay’s Soli Bailey is here, guys. He’s threading big tubes and surfing out of his mind and being awesome and knocking on the door of the CT (he’s currently 16th on the QS; a spot in the final at Sunset would likely push him over the hump).

Hey, not to be too nitpicky or nothing, but this clip is called 21 Questions. TWENTY ONE questions.  Let’s go through the questions they asked Soli.

First up, “What do you do other than surfing?” Cool. Good question. Next, “Describe yourself in three words.” That's not a question, we’ve hit a bump in the road and we’re only just out the driveway, but let’s push on. Third, “What would you say to your QS competitors?” Not bad, not bad, I’m interested. Fourth – “What scares you the most?” A classic question for 21 questions. Very into it, it could be super insightful. And what do we have next? What… wait… that’s it? We're done? That’s three, maybe four questions, guys. We're 17 short. I want 17 more Soli Bailey questions right now! Please email them to ASAP. Thank you.

8. O'Neill In Hawaii: Bit More Soli, Lot More Jordy, 

Now that we're into late November, we're going to start getting team clips from the Hawaiian winter and seeing who's ripping where it matters most. First up we've got the O'Neill team of Jordy Smith, Ian Crane, Soli Bailey, Brett Barley, Eli Olson, Sam Coffey ripping for Episode 1 of what they're calling #HawaiiLive. That last turn of Jordy's is very enjoyable. I suggest watching twice.

9. Sage Erickson On A Fish

Sage Erickson, who needs to have a bonkers good event at Honolulu Bay next week in order to stay on the CT, will perhaps be okay as a freesurfer anyway. Ya think? Cause here she is riding a fish for Channel Islands, and the surf is pretty well garbage, but she gets the board tosing. If we were to see more from Sage, on a board like this, in waves that are a million times better, I’d definitely hit play. Wouldn’t you?

10. Parko For Ralph Lauren

It’s Parko’s time. The next five  weeks are all about Parko, and nothing else (other than Steph and Medina’s World Titles, obviously)… Aaaaaall about Parko, and if Ralph Lauren are going to get Joel Parkinson to be the face of a cologne, you better believe I’m going to put that ad in This Week In Surfing. In fact, you better believe I’m buying that cologne for my brother for Christmas, and then enjoying the fact that he’ll likely never open it, and it will sit on a shelf in his house, unopened, in perpetuity. It'll be a monument to the wondrous career of Joel Parkinson forever in my brother’s house somewhere. Perfect.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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