It's Pretty Likely a Surfer Will Win the Hottest 100, Kai Lenny's Wild Mavericks Session, and the OG Momentum Is on YouTube Now!

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Mike Jennings

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Nine Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 4, 2019

1. Mick Fanning and Jay Davies Surf Sick Looking Reef Shelf

The past seven days has included the back half of the weirdest week of the year, the one between Christmas and New Year's, which is generally the slimmest week of the year for surf videos. So what a surprise it was for Creatures of Leisure to drop this delightful edit. From Mick and Jay's deck grip sponno comes a great clip of sunshiney West Aus barrelly goodness, titled: Mick, Jay & A Summer's Day In WA. How good are those tube set-ups? And how good are Jay Davies' boooooosts!? Happy new year everyone.

2. Mason Ho Riding Tiny Little Fishes In Hawaii

Why does he do it? Why does he do such things? Why does he choose to ride a little fish, on a large wave, on his belly, only to get up at the final moment of the wave so he can pull into a certain close-out? Why oh why does he do it? The answer: He does it for us! He does it for our entertainment! Mason Ho, the most fun surfer on the planet, lives to entertain us mere surfing fans, and we should be eternally grateful. Thank you Mason Ho. Thank you so very much!

3. While We're In Hawaii, The Rippy Team

Let's check out Rip Curl's team clip from the past month on the North Shore, featuring Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Conner Coffin, Xavier Huxtable, Crosby Colapinto and more. Conner's wave at 1.40 is sick!

4. Yago Dora, Aloha From Hawaii

Yago Dora has a little bit to celebrate this silly season. The stylish Brazillian rookie just scraped through qualification for 2019, finishing 21st (one spot above the cut off) on the 2018 CT. And that’s news we’re all better for 'cause the goofy-footer is a nice surfer to watch the CT is richer for having, as evidenced here in this Hawaii highlights edit he dropped this week.

5. Taylor Steele Has A New "Momentum Files" YouTube Channel

And it's soooooo much the raddest thing to hit the surf internet in a while. Here's what Taylor says about the new channel:

"Cleaning out my storage I found hours of behind the scenes, secret videos and lost footage that needs to be seen before the tapes crumble away. Welcome to THE MOMENTUM FILES. After three decades of documenting progressive surfing, surf travel and everything that goes with it there's a lot to share. We'll be posting new vids every day, starting with Momentum era and moving all the way through Proximity."

Bring. It. On.

6. And First Up From Taylor, Momentum Is Finally Online

A while back I wrote a very long and very silly article for Surfing World Magazine where in one single day I sat down and watched every surf video released by both Jack McCoy and Taylor Steele in the decade of the 90s. Problem was, there was no way to find Taylor's groundbreaking Momentum anywhere online, in any digital format. Absolutely impossible. Finally, that blight in the cross-section of surf internet and important surf cultural history has been rectified. We give you, MOMEEEEEENTUUUUUUUUM!

7. Koa Rothman Meets AquaMan

The content machine that is Koa Rothman and his YouTube channel, This Is Livin', keeps pumping out the 13 minute videos... and we keep watching. This week, Koa and his crew meet Jason Momoa AKA Aquaman, AKA Khal Drogo. "I thought Drogo was gonna slam me on my head right there," says Koa. The best part of the clip though is when Koa surfs Backdoor at it's littlest and dreamiest. You never see Backdoor like this, and it's quite refreshing.

8. There Are So Many Aussie Surfers Primed For The Hottest 100 This Year,

And not just that, a bunch of them will easy go top 10, and one of them is the favourite to win. Let's list them:

Northern Beaches lads Ocean Alley are from the Northern Beaches and every single member of the band surfs. They recently slid past Childish Gambino as the favourites to take out the prestigious Triple J music poll. Surf filmmaker Tyler Bell made the clip for their hit "Confidence", which is urrently sitting just below 2 million views on YouTube. Wild.

Next up in the odds to win, (at third) is Fisher, with the song "Losing It". Paul Fisher is an ex pro surfer/surf blogger who's more recently found big success as a DJ. I really don't understand the world we live in.

Fourth in the odds to win the Hottest 100 is Ruby Fields, who may not be a surfer but who is closely linked with the Cronulla surf art scene (Space 44) and just a year and a half ago was playing impromptu sets at the Surfing World Camp.

Also likely to go high in the countdown are Ziggy Alberts (absolutely shreds), Skegss (the band of noted surf filmmaker Toby Cregan), Hockey Dad (mad shred heads from the south Coast of NSW) Jack River (the partner of famed core-lord charger Brett Burcher), and Parcels (I have no idea if they surf, but the Byron Bay band feature a heap of notable loggers surfing the Pass in the clip for their massive hit song "Tieduprightnow" – with 2.1m views, it means Lauren L Hill has been one of the most watched surfers on the planet this past year).

Has a surfer ever won the Hottest 100? This looks like it might be the year. (Update: I just Googled Hottest 100 winners, Angus Stone surfs, and he won it with his sister Julia back in 2010 with "Big Jet Plane".)

9. Kai Lenny and Giant Mavericks

Not really much more to be said than what's in the title. Kai Lenny, the millenial Laird, on a large and dark day at the iconic Californian big wave spot. Lenny's ability to stay centred over his board on outrageous flying drops is perhaps the best we've ever seen.


Here is a man probably killing a shark with his foil board.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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