Asher Pacey Is Smooth Surfing Personified, Noa and Ozzie Go Wild in NZ, and Novelty River Waves!

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was January 18, 2019

1. Asher Pacey Rules – This Time Yesterday

Filmmaker Matt Kleiner has taken all the bits and bobs leftover from filming and travelling with one of Australia's smoothest surfers, Asher Pacey, and pieced together a wonderful nine and half minute clip titled This Time Yesterday. The whole thing is an exercise in fluid surfing, but the highlight comes at the end with that perfect, slight lay-back forehand tube style making the most of some long and little tubes. If you could steal a surfer's ability, Space Jam style, would Asher Pacey be on your list? He'd be on mine.

2. RVCA Released Their Hawaii Clip

RVCA were a little more quiet on the clip front this Hawaiian season, which is a shame, because they usually produce some really good stuff showcasing their eclectic team in surf that matters. This is just one clip, but it's a nice one, featuring Jay Davies (the power!), Ford Archbold, Al Knost, Davey Cathels, Ricardo Christie and heaps more. Strong vibes!

3. Craig Anderson Shows Us His House

Our friends at Monster Children have a new series called Flats, where they get people to show us their flat. First up is Craig Anderson and his place in Merewether. You might recognise one of his housemates as Lewie Dunn, Instagram funny dude, and another as Teale Vanner, a very bloody good surfer. And also Craig Anderson. He's Craig Anderson.

4. Meet Young Aron Cox, South Coast Charger

Aron Cox from Kiama NSW had a hell of a 2018 by the looks of things. The relatively unknown 18-year-old this week dropped off this edit of his best clips of last year – including that Nias swell, pumping Lombok, decent Teahupo'o and of course some South Coast oomph. There's a few non-makes in here, but it still gives us a lot to look forward to with the tube chasing grom.

5. Mason Ho At Waimea

"It's as big as it gets," says Mase, upon checking the line-up at the iconic Hawaiian big wave spot, Waimea Bay. It's pretty cool how Mason can make surfing 1 foot novelty waves look as fun as ever, and then with the same Golden Lab enthusiasm take on Waimea. He'll even finish waves by switching stance. What a maniac-legend guy.

6. Weird Waves Episode 2: River Surfing

It's 2019's best new surf-web series, hosted by the personable Dylan Graves. Man, this is good. Vans Weird Waves Season 1 delivers once again with another not normal bit of surfable water, this time taking on standing river waves. I surfed a river wave once, the strangest part is looking up from your feet, feeling like you're moving, but noticing on the river bank that you are staying exactly where you are. The trees just standing there like big dumb idiots, the same angle the whole time.Trippy.

7. Volcom Team Take New Zealand

If I was a pro freesurfer, I'd want so much to be on the Volcom team. I'd be rattled if I wasn't. Imagine how fun a time it would be travelling and surfing with Noa Deane, Ryan Burch, Mitch Coleborn and Ozzie Wright (and Luke Cederman too, I don't know much about that guy, but we'll assume he's cool). It would be the best. And not being with them would be the worst. Luckily for me I am not a professional freesurfer, nor will ever be one, so I don't have to worry about it. Crisis, averted! This clip is the business, though. Hit play.

8. Jordy Smith and Pipeline

O'Neill wrap up their Hawaiian season with their final team edit and oh boy does it have some Pipeline in it, Jordy Smith surfing Pipeline no less. I've always been willing to die on the hill that Jordy has never been a true title threat because of the backhalf of the year – specifically Pipe, Teahupo'o and Cloudbreak – has always been such an achilles heal for the guy. But Jordy finished 3rd at Pipe this year. That's a big keeper result. And Cloudbreak is gone now. So maybe, just maybe, Jordy is finally ready to truly challenge for the world crown. Now where was I? Oh yeah, O'Neill in Hawaii. It's good. And Soli Bailey is good. And so are Eli Olson, Ian Crane and Brett Barley. Good.

9. Bethany Hamilton, Do Rad Stuff

Rip Curl have a campaign at the moment called Do Rad Stuff. This is Bethany Hamilton’s 40 second spot and there’s not much to it, but I thought I’d share it anyway for two reasons. 1. 'Cause I wanted to see that Indo tuberiding she does again. And 2. 'Cause she’s a freakin’ legend.

10. One Conner Coffin Turn

If you've ever wondered why it is people love the surfing of Conner Coffin, this is why. Shot at a seemingly perfect day at Rincon, Conner puts it on rail and holds it there.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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