Jack Jack Wins Pipe! Dion 'n' Chippa Do France, and Bong Boys Light Up Sick African Point

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Mike Jennings

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Photo: Billabong

Photo: Billabong


Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was February 8, 2019

1. Jack Robinson Won The Volcom Pipe Pro

Hell yeah! “I’m elated, I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true to win a contest at Pipeline. It’s just the start…”

That’s Jack Robinson seconds after winning the QS3000 Volcom Pipe Pro – an event which despite being worth just 3000 QS points is unofficially the best event on the qualifier's calendar.

Jack Robinson faced off against fellow young Aussie Reef Heazlewood, noted American Pipe gun Balaram Stack, and highly favoured local Baron Mamiya in the final, but Jack continued his event-long hot form (which included a near-perfect 19.57 heat in round 5) to take out the big Pipe win. 

The young West Australian now joins the elite company of the GOAT Kelly Slater, former Pipe Master and one of the wave’s greatest Jamie O’Brien, two time World Champ John John Florence, 2019 CT rookie Soli Bailey, and rising star Josh Moniz on the all killer no filler list of past Volcom Pipe Pro champions. 

Beyond the points and accolades itself, this is a big and notable win for Jack. Touted by many to be the next John John Florence since his early teens, Jack Robbo has not been able to transfer his prodigious video performances into meaningful competition results in his first couple of years on the Qualifying Series. Notably, he finished with progressively worse results year on year between 2015 and 2018, finishing 65th, then 83rd and then alarmingly outside the top 100 at 113th. However, in 2018 he turned that around and improved all the way to 39th on the Qualifying Series. With a major win, and the small builiding block of 3000 points giving him a QS lead to start off his 2019 CT qualifying campaign, this year could very well be the year that Jack Robbo performs to his potential, and gets where to exactly where he should be: competing for World Titles with the world’s best surfers on the Championship Tour!

It's a long year, but this exactly how you'd wanna start it, let's go Jack!

2. Speaking of Young'ns Doing Pipe Well, Kobi Clements

Hell yeah, little Kobi Clements is growing up! Still kinda little, like a now 14-year-old little, but he's hitting the stage of his career where can head to Hawaii and paddle into some Pipe bombs, pack a couple tubes and rattle off some carves . Excited to see further development of a young Aussie surf talent we’ve been watching since he’s been the height of a fire hydrant. Let’s go!

3. Mick Is With Rippy For The Long Haul

Hell yeah, imagine, in today's climate, working for the same company for 30 years? Mick won't have to. After 20 years (and three World Titles) with career sponsor Rip Curl, Mick has put pen to paper and signed with Rippy for a whole nother decade. A lifetime deal, they're calling it.

And it makes sense, considering how hard it would be to picture Mick with anything other than a Rip Curl sticker on the nose of his surfboard. Though, the same could have been said for Kelly Slater and his relationship with Quiksilver. It seems Rip Curl were in no way going to risk the same sort of situation, and neither was Mick – both parties know what they have in their symbiotic relationship.

Here's Rip Curl big dog ("Group Marketing Chairman") Neil Ridgeway on the deal:

"Mick isn’t just a World Champion surfer, he is the most important surfer in the history of our company."

And here's Mick, feeling mutual:

“Being a part of Rip Curl has been more than just a sponsorship, having the relationship I have had with the company and the people within it, including the Founders Claw Warbrick and Brian Singer, has been a huge part of my career and the last 20 years of my life. Signing this 10 year deal is another cornerstone in that relationship, and I can’t wait to get out there and get on The Search!”

Mick's job with Rip Curl in the next phase of his career will be to spend the next 10 years that Rip Curl's flagship campaign, The Search, chasing perfect and remote waves. He'll also continue his other enterprises (MF Softboards, Balter etc.). Let's go!

4. Weird Waves, Munich

Hell yeah, it’s the finale of what will definitely be 2019’s best surf web series (and it’s only the beginning of Feb). What a delight this series, and the hosting by the personable Dylan Graves has been. Sure, weird waves is a trope pushed often, to the point of being almost boring, but it’s never been captured with such totality and adventurous spirit as so here. Props to all! This week they go to that Munich standing river wave. Tanner Gudauskas joins him. It’s fun. Let’s go!

5. Asher Pacey Smooth In Sandy Tubes

Hell yeah, here is some footage from a couple week's back of the always smooth and stylish Asher Pacey riding a twin fin. In one single session Asher gets nine sandy tubes, which is nine more than I've gotten this summer. Let's go!

6. Dion and Chippa Do France!

Hell yeah, a postcard from a week in south west France. Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius are joined by Jay Davies in this post-Modern (Collective) clip. For a clip featuring two of the most prominent aerialists of the last decade, there are a lot of sick barrels in this one. And of course, heaps of heaps-good airs. Let’s go!

7. The Billabong Team Do Africa

Hell yeah! “I’m so happy right now I just wanna puke,” 2019 CT rookie Seth Moniz on this classic road trip through Africa with Ryan Callinan, Ethan Ewing, and Jack Freestone. That’s next gen Billabong talent doing old school surf content. Love it. How good does Ryan Callinan’s backhand look on epic right points? Can not wait for him to hit the CT this year on full steam. Let’s go!

8. Two Bits of Wave Pool News You Should Know

Hell yeah, there's been a bit of wave pool news this week that will affect you if you are one of the many readers of this here column from South Korea or Melbourne. First up, that Melbourne wave pool made by UrbnSurf, with the supersized Wavegarden wedgey design has broken ground and is underway near Tullamarine airport. Their press release says they're on track to be pumping perfect waves by this Easter, which seems like very soon for our post apocalyptic future to be arriving. They'll be testing the wave over winter and will likely have it open to paying customers and everyday surfers from Pascoe Vale and the like by spring of this year. The pool is said to be able to generate a range of wave types, such as knee-high learner wavesand bigger steep barrelling waves. It is all finally happening.

The other news, coming out on the same day this week, came from WaveGarden, who announced that they will be building the world's largest surfing lagoon in South Korea. Here's a video for that announcement.

South Korea though? Are there even people keen to use a wave pool in South Korea?

Oh wait, here is some footage of another wave pool in South Korea from 2016. I think they'll be okay in finding customers. Let's go!

9. Channel Islands Crew At Rincon

Hell yeah, the stacked team of surfers who ride Channel Islands surfboards got good waves at the shaper's local break, Rincon, this January. Conner Coffin, Pat Gudauskas, Dane Reynolds, Lakey Peterson, Bobby Martinez, Dane Gudauskas, Sage Erickson, Tanner Gudauskas, and more do some board testing in the cold. Let's go!

10. Kalani Robb's Section From The Show

Hell yeah, here's a reminder that Taylor Steele is still generously and continuously uploading absolute gold from his catalogue of era defining surf movies and never-before-seen archival footage. This here went up just yesterday – this was my favourite section from any video during my childhood. Kalani Robb forever! Floater to 360s forever! Doing somersaults on the beach forever! Let's go!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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