Griffin Colapinto Is Better Than Youtube, Tell That Oil Drill to Get Stuffed, & Mick 'n' Parko Are Winning TC Oma so Far

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was February 22, 2019

1. 13 Minutes With Griffin Colapinto In Hawaii

I don’t know how he did it, but he did. Griffin Colapinto won over all the surfing parts of my heart last year and he continues to occupy significant real estate there as he heads into his second season on the Championship Tour. It really surprised me. The first time I saw this guy, I thought, "Yeah, whatever, some Cali kid that surfs okay... sure. What's my boy Jaddy Andre up to?" But now I'm cutting out pictures of him in magazines and sticking them up in my school locker. The guy absolutely rips, put in an incredible rookie year in 2018, and now he continues to drop unreal clips like this one. Volume 3 takes us to Griffin’s stint on the North Shore at the end of last year and behind the scenes of the comp days of Sunset and Pipe. The style of these kinds of, I dunno what you call them, day-in-the-life sorta surf clips are so much personable and entertaining than the Vlog-style YouTube series currently winning pro surfer media at the moment (Jamie O, Kai Rothman, Coffin bros etc. etc.), I'd take this over those every single time.

2. Ryan Callinan Signed With Ocean & Earth

Honestly, an apparel or deck grip or legrope or whatever sponsor isn't really news that piques my interest. I couldn't tell you what boardbags half the CT surfers are carrying through airports – buuuuuuut, when someone signs with a fresh one, like R-Cal did this week with O&E, and that someone is someone we love to watch surfing, as R-Cal is, well you better believe I'm checking out that welcome to the team clip. And this is a belter: 30 seconds, four waves, three BONKERS airs, one wild turn, and out!

3. Tell Em We Don't Want It

This week a Norwegian state-owned company called Equinor, formally Statoil, released all the plans and documentation around their intentions to drill for oil off the wild coastline of the Great Australian Bight. Nick Carroll wrote a great piece about this yesterday that you should check out. Buried in the appendices of Equinor's gigantic document were the details of what would happen in the worst case scenario if something went terribly wrong, and it's ugly. Really ugly. Surfers, who understand just how wild that part of Australian coast and ocean is, are understandably worried just how likely that would be, and how destructive and environment ruining its affects would be. So, it's time to get angry. The good news is that Equinor has stated they won't go ahead with the project if the Australian community kick up enough of a stink about it – we have 30 days to hit this link below and let them know directly how much we don't want this company drilling oil just off our coast. Let's go for it:

To let NOPSEMA know what you think of this, go to

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Okay, it’s on. These Norwegian scumbags @equinor have officially announced their intentions to drill in the Great Australian Bight later this year. They’ll be 300km off the coast and drilling 5km down and it’s sketchy beyond belief. This is a map of their own spill modeling. Pretty much the whole surfable Australian coast would be covered in oil. It would be Australia’s own Deepwater Horizon. We’ve got 30 days to stop this and if you surf you need to lend your voice. We need to bury these kooks in protest. There’s a formal submission before NOPSEMA who are making the call on it... public comment link in bio, takes five minutes, let em know how you feel. Equinor are two-thirds state owned by the Norwegian government, so you need to get your Norwegian friends to make some noise at home. Equinor are particularly sensitive to criticism at home as they paint themselves as a clean energy company in Norway, but hide their dirty work half a world away in Australia. If you want some short term gratification send @equinor a message. They’re getting lit up over there at the moment. I apologize in advance for the next 28 days but I’ll be going hard to stop this. #fightforthebight

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4. Did You Hear About TC Oma?

Oma Goodness! We'll be posting all sorts of stuff from this swell over the next few days, and for sure all the best edits will be out mid to late next week and will dominate next week's This Week In Surfing, but for the posterity of this stupid weekly column I do every single week of my life, I better put a clip in here. If a better one than the shared Mick and Parko tube comes out the next seven days, well then it'll be a bloody good week. 

Watch the full edit from Kira yesterday

5. How Good Is This Barrel? How Good Is This Claim?

People who hate claims can go kick rocks. I love this. I love this so damn much! This is Samuel Igo at the Brazillian QS6000 the Oi Hang Loose Pro. (Also, notice the score he already has locked away as he paddles into this one. I'm no mathemitician, but with this wave being a ten, and the other a nine, that's gotta be... a good heat score, doesn't it?)

6. Ozzie Wright For the Fun Boys

Harry Triglone’s Fun Boys series features the funnest boys having fun on the very fun Australian East Coast. This episode features Ozzie Wright and you better believe it’s a fun time. How fun is the song?! Super fun.

7. Carpool Kelly-oke!

"Hey Davo! Yeah mate how ya going? Yeah good mate, real good yeah... Hey look, I know this phonecall is out of the blue, but you've got an Apple TV, right? Sick, mate, sick. Hey so there's this show, Carpool Karaoke, y'seen it? Yeah yeah with the British bloke, with the songs and stuff. Haha, yeah, it's a classic. Yeah, anyway, there's a new episode with Kelly Slater on it I really want to watch, but the trouble is, you can only get it on an Apple TV and Johnno was saying you had one... yeah... yeah... so I was thinking I'd come round, maybe be bring some beers, and we could watch it. Whaddaya reckon? It'd be a total crack up! Ah... right... yeah fair enough. Nah, yeah,  no worries, catch up soon anyway, hey. Hope ya feel better mate. Cheers." – Me, the world's biggest Kelly Slater fan, trying to watch this episode of carpool Karaoke that features Kelly Slater.

8. Italo Ferreira Is Ripping, As Usual

I believe this is in South Africa? Whatever. "Go, Go, Go... Italooooo!" That's a song I just made up. 

9. Meet Connor Lee

Connor Lee out of Newcastle (actually, he’s from Redhead, but that’s kinda Newcastle, right?) is someone we haven’t heard of too much yet but that'll change soon. Zac Heath’s clip sees the guy ripping fun beach breaks with a desolate background landscape and a The Cure track – a very moody/cool clip. Nice work all.

10. More of Yago Dora Lighting Up Waco

Remember the other week when …Lost released a clip that featured Yago Dora absolutely setting fire to the Waco wave pool, setting so much fire to it that everyone who surfs it from now on will look like a straight up kook in comparison? Well, here’s another edit I think from the same bunch of sessions. The stuff Yago is landing here, with relative ease, makes the imagination run wild with ideas on what surfers will be doing a decade from now. Consider the fact that accessible wave pools have only been around for a bit over a year, and they’re not even really that accessible yet. Shit is going to be so wild, my knees have started hurting just thinking about it.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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