Is Steph Gilmore the GOAT? Caroline Marks's Backhand Is Deadly, and the Coffin Brothers Take On Kirra

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was March 8, 2019

1. Steph is the real GOAT

Hey, happy International Women’s Day. Steph Gilmore dropped this clip this week, filmed off a laptop with a Michel Gondry like DIY craft aesthetic in the foreground, and the great one threading sick tubes at some tropical reef somewhere in the background. And she truly is the great one, don't ya reckon? Have there been other 7-time World Champions out there who are also the best, most pleasing to watch free surfer on the planet, doing creative fun things with surfing, too? No way. She's the only surfer to completely encapsulate the dichotomy of surfing at the highest level – comp surfing and free surfing, professionalism and soul/creativity. She has dominated both sides. What a privilege it is to be living through this era, living in the same moment as the greatest surfer of all time, yes, indeed, it is... yes, I think, maybe... Stephanie Gilmore. Bow down before thee!

;) from StephanieGilmore on Vimeo.

2. Check Out Kai Hing In Mexico

It’s ya boy Kai Hing, hitting Mexico at the end of last year and boosting giant airs to a deep-cut Blink 182 track (Carousel!). Nothing much more to it than that. It’s Taylor Steele 90s style sickness with a 2019 performance from Hing. Love it.

3. Toby Mossop Is Good x Kirra

Oma gold is still popping up in edits here and there, this time it features in a highlight edit of rising gun Toby Mossop. Mossop, who was one of the youngest to hit that epic Nias swell last year, which is also featured here, is no stranger to a big throaty tube, so it’s no surprise he ripped the bag out of the Oma swell the other week.

4. Coffin Brothers Hit Kirra

And again, more Oma gold. The Coffin brothers YouTube channel is a pumping Kirra special. It also features some a-grade chafing. This is one of those clips where the surfing is good, sure, but it’s also really fun watching the boys get up at 5am, checking the line-up from their balcony and absolutely freaking out on it. This is the best Coffin brother edit yet. Shoutout to the Dom Wills cameo.

5. Billy Lee Pope's Showreel – Some Oma Goodness and More

Billy Lee Pope is a rising filmmaker with a great and memorable name, and this is his first showreel, I think. He’s a Kiwi who shoots Australasian Junior Champ Kehu Butler a whole lot, but has also in recent years relocated himself to the Gold Coast and so sees a lot of super bank/super pro action too. And how about the track. New Order? Yes! I’m seeing the Happy Mondays this weekend, which isn’t related, but is kinda related. Yes!

6. Something Pretty Cool from Billabong

This is a cool thing Billabong are doing. After releasing the Recycler Series Boardshorts way back in 2007, now all of Billabong’s new board shorts are made from materials recycled from P.E.T. bottles. P.E.T. means polyethylene terephthalate, btw, I Googled that. The other great thing about this is the animation done by Nanda Ormond. He's always so good, that guy!

7. New Episode of Ain't That Swell

Yes, shred heads, waxheads kooks and barneys, it’s a new episode of Ain’t That Swell. This episode features Danny Johnson and mysterious Instagram legend SurfCore2001 talking about surf stuff. As always, big language warning.

8. Caroline Marks is mini Occy and she's rad

My goodness, can you believe that 2018 CT rookie Caroline Marks is still only 9 years old (or something like that)?! She looks like Occy winding up those backhand bottom turns and exploding under the lip. If Marks doesn’t win a million World Titles before 2030, I will eat my legrope!

9. Meet Xavier Huxtable 

Xavier Huxtable is a 16 year old natural footer out of Jan Juc Victoria who's been making a dent in the pro juniors of late and winning footy premierships on the side for the Torquay Tigers. I'm not sure what's more impressive, his powerful approach in the water or that snap for goal in a grand final at 1.28. Either way, the kid's ripping and one to keep an eye on for the future.

10. Full Wetsuits In Indo

Far out, these guys (Natxo Gonzalez and Kepa Acero) are winning the explore-and-find-and-surf-wild-remote-waves game, if that's a game. Here they are surfing a perfect tropical left-hander with no-one around, but also in full wetsuits because the depth is low and the probability the razor sharp reef will mess you up is high. Can we take a moment to note how simple and nice the music is for this small clip? It’s perfect. 

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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