All the Behind the Scenes Quik Pro Clips, Luke Hynd's Cold North Atlantic Video Rules, and Who's Winning Bells?

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was April 12, 2019

1. Italo and Caroline Won the Duranbah Pro

You're damn right they did! Caroline Marks, who in 2019 could become become the youngest ever World Champion, took down the woman who currently holds the record for youngest ever World Champ, Carissa Moore in the final. Caroline Marks was 16 years old just two months ago, which is just so crazy to me considering how good she is at Championship Tour surfing already, and how long ago I was 16 while I'm still soooooo far from being good at surfng. It doesn't compute.

Italo Ferreira dominated the men's side of the event, and apart from maybe sorta the last wave score in the final against Kolohe Andino (personally, I think he got the score), he never ever looked like losing. 

I wrote far too many stupid words about this event yesterday in The Winners and Loser of the Quiksilver and Boost Mobile Pros Gold Coast, you can give it a read here. Fear not, Nick Carroll and Sean Doherty should be providing far better analysis for Bells.

Anyway, here's the behind the scenes Tour Notes clip from the final.

2. Another Tour Notes From the Goldy

That last Tour Notes left us a little flat didn’t it, we need more. We need five minutes of Duranbah action. This one takes in a bit of the Red Bull Airborne event, which was a pretty bonkers addition to the Gold Coast Pro this year. How great was Reef Heazlewood in this thing? So good that he went from having no sponsor to slapping a Hurley sticker on his nose just a couple days later. Good on him.

3. Conner Coffin's View of the Quik Pro

This is one of the better episodes of Conner Coffin’s YouTube series so far. Getting that genuine competitor perspective of an event we just watched, and how he works with coach Glenn Micro Hall, however briefly, in breaking down the line-up before heats as he arrives at dawn and breaking down the result after the heat as he comes up the beach. Could definitely cut out the WSL post-heat interviews though. The straight to the camera stuff walking around is so much better and we’ve already laboured through that stuff the first time.

4. A New Billabong Clip, Always Good

A new chapter in the Billabong series Life’s Better in Boardshorts dropped this week and kept up the high standard they’ve been delivering all along. This one features Griffin Colapinto, Seth Moniz, Kai Hing and Eithan Osborne scoring sick warm water point breaks in Central America, where they picked up a surfer named Bryan Perez along the way and threw him a sponsorship on the spot. A band of touring pros see a kid ripping and ask him to join their crew as they continue on? That’s 90s B-Grade kid movie dreams right there. Someone go write this movie right now!

5. The Best Event of the Year Starts This Week

Just a reminder that the corest of core surf events, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach starts Wednesday and it’s time to get absolutely pumped! Couple things to keep in mind – Italo Ferreira is both World No.1 and the defending Bells champ, so that could really get him off to a flying start for 2019. Jordy Smith has had his best start to the year in half a decade and is the big doggy when it comes to surfing Bells. And Julian Wilson, my pick for the best surfer to have never won Bells, has been dropping Insta clips of himself going loony at Winkipop this week, and will be fired up after a poor showing on the Gold Coast. So Julian is my pick to ring it this year.

On the ladies’ side it’s worth keeping up with Carissa Moore, who hasn’t had a decent CT year in yonks either, and after making the final at Duranbah looks to be fighting fit. Coupled with a winning history at Bells, she’ll be tough to beat. Caroline Marks and Tatiana Weston Webb, who finished 3rd and 2nd respectively their last year could do some damage, and Sally Fitzgibbons has won Bells about a million times and appears to have found a new gear in 2019 under the coaching banner of the Micro Surf Academy. However, it’s always hard to tip against Steph Gilmore at Bells. But stuff it, let’s live a little – Sally Fitz it is!

6. Speaking of Rippy, They're Launching a Book

It's a book on the history of the Search and the company that birthed it and I'm just putting this here because the guy who wrote it, Tim Baker, is a legend and fantastic writer and so we should all get to reading this thing as soon as we can!

7. Colapinto Clips are the Best Clips

Here’s the most exciting surfer on the CT not named Mikey Wright surfing over the winter at home in California (I think). It also features his brother Crosby Colapinto, who does a toe-side double grab at 2.30, kind of. What’s that called?

8. Asher Pacey for Zion is Strange and Great

The team at Zion are so wonderfully weird. And clips like this of their smooth team rider Asher Pacey enjoying weird wedges and the fruits of cyclone Oma are as important to Australian surf culture as a Mick Fanning Word Title. It’s a beautiful broad spectrum, our world of surf. Embrace it all!

9. Luke Hynd In Ireland and Scotland In a Great New Series

Luke Hynd and filmmaker Darcy Ward have a new project called Imagination Roulette. This here is episode 1, titled Parallels, and it takes on some winter surfing in the North Atlantic and boy does it look good/cold. This looks a great series – you’ve got interesting waves (including a crazy-perfect long right-hander?!), very good surfing, beautiful cinematography and a superb edit tying it all together with some voice-over in the mix too. Can you ask for any more than that? Looking forward to ep 2.

10. Nate Florence x Kathleen Hannah x North Shore = Yes

Any song by Kathleen Hannah on an edit is gonna get me going. But this Le Tigre song, on this North Shore Nate Florence winter highlights clip… I could just about jump through a closed window I’m so fired up and happy. Nate Florence is ruling the upload-lots-of-clips-to-YouTube game right now. Daylight is second.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Go... sigh... North Melbourne.

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