Highlights From a Ridiculous Shipsterns Competition, the Surfing World Descends on Keramas, and the Dirty Ol' Wedge

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Mike Jennings

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Jack Freestone took out the Red Bull Airborne event at Keramas this week. Photo: WSL/Dunbar

Jack Freestone took out the Red Bull Airborne event at Keramas this week. Photo: WSL/Dunbar


Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was May 17, 2019

1. Red Bull Ran A Surf CompAt Shipstern Bluff

Oh yes they did, Red Bull Cape Fear was run and won for the third time in its history, this time at the new and wild location of Shippies down in Tasmania. Nathan Florence won, James Hollmer-Cross scored a 10, and Mick Fanning mixed it up with the cold island core legends of the country's most infamous slab.

I suggest you read Sean Doherty's excellent piece The Cape of Mild Trepidation, for brilliant paragraphs like this one:

"...but Tassie guys making up half the field was enough trade-off to get them over the line. And they’re good lads. Not puritanically protective, and if you’re there with good intentions and to have a good time they’re with you. From the moment you touch down in Tassie and Marti Moose rents you a car at the airport to the minute you paddle out at Shippies and get called into a six-foot closeout (with a 12-footer behind it) they wanna make sure you have an adventure. They’re mad, but with hearts of gold. At the height of the surf industry you could get by being a Shipstern specialist – Shipstern was a boom industry there for a while – but the post-apocalypse surf industry hasn’t done much for them, so it was good they got a day in the sun today."

And give the raw headlights below a gander too.

2. Corona Protected Bali Has Begun

In kinda unfortunate circumstances for the WSL, day 1 of the very good CT stop that is Keramas, Bali co-incided with the more urgent event of Red Bull Cape Fear. And since that lukewarm opening day the event has felt a little on and off – so far the men's side of the event has seen Round 2 eliminate Jacob Willcox, Zeke Lau, Soli Bailey and Sebastien Ziets get tossed out. The women's side has seen more signifiant action and a couple big upsets coming early, with Caroline Marks, Malia Manuel, Lakey Peterson, and Tatiana Weston Webb all failing to make the quarter-finals. That's huge news for Courtney, Carissa and Steph to firm up a solid year tilting for a Title.

Word on the ground is that they'll be running non-stop with overlapping heats for Men's Round 3, over this whole coming weekend. Sounds rad!

Anyway, Conner Coffin's YouTube series takes us to to Centre Court, let's give it a watch, shall we?

3. Corona Pro Bali Air Comp Happened Again

While the event has been a little stop and start, one of the things they have managed to wrap up is the Red Bull Airborne event, which is starting to find it's place healthily in the WSL CT ecosystem. Jack Freestone won the thing, which, you know, good for him. That guy could do with a reminder that he's one of the most exciting surfers in the world who on a good day beat any opponent he comes up against.

4. Speaking of Jack, Here He Is With Alana in Bali

Yes! Yes for content! The YouTube Vlog era is rolllllllllllling! Here's Jack and Alana, in Bali. I think I too might jump on this train and start a YouTube Vlog too. It'll mostly feature me watching YouTube Vlogs of surfers and posting them on the Internet from my home office. Sometimes I'll drink from a glass of water, sometimes I'll look out the window and let out a long sigh... content!

5. Leo Fioravanti's Year off the CT

This is a nice little movie that features the Italian star surfer's 2018 off the CT, and a lot of the surfing he did outside the confines of the Qualifying Series. He goes to the Phillipines, Morocco, Indonesia and Ireland.

Leo won his elimination heat at Keramas, which is good hopefully he can really get going and find some momentum in Round 3 when he faces *checks notes* ...eek... World Champion Gabriel Medina. I'm sorry Leo.

6. Joel Tudor and his Son Slide Hawaii

Bit of single fin and mid-length love in this slower clip out of Oahu starring Joel Tudor, his son Tosh, and Saxon Wilson . Shouts to the Mark Cunningham body-surf cameo, that guy is a lord!

7. The Rip Curl GromSearch Final Has Started

It's in Costa Rica this year, and looks a fun time for groms. Molly Picklum Finn Cox are repping Australia, but the most intriguing name on the sheet to keep an eye on might be that of 14/15-year-old Sophia Medina. She has a kinda successful, kinda famous, kinda big deal older brother... kinda.

8. Nathan Florence's Half Hour Vlog

Yeah I dunno, this one might have benefitted from a slight edit. Just a little bit. Maybe cut it down to 28 minutes rather than 29. Other than that, I have nothing but pride and admiration for my son* Nathan Florence. (Not really my son.)

9. Trailer To A Cool Looking Movie

Despite the Internet ruining everything and Surf Vlogs now the dominant medium for surfing, people are still really out there making surf movies. And there will few more exciting to look at with your eyes while simultaneously listening with your ears than Self Discovery For Social Survival. It pairs Steph Gilmore, Creed McTaggart, Ryan Burch and Ellis Ericson in an experiment with musicans the Alla Lahs, Connan Mockasin, and Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT). Cool!

10. The Wedge Goes Off

Ah, yes, the Dirty Ol' Wedge. The greatest novelty wave in the world the Wedge went off this week and it's been brought to us by that guy who films Californian waves with awesome/ridiculous reaction soundbites from behind the camera. Don't get me wrong, I like music, but this guy's hilarious commentary is better than any music pairing ever. Better than Air's "All I Need" to Joel Tudor at the Pass in Shelter. Better than Australian Crawl's "Reckless" to Jack Freestone in Cluster. Better than Rancid's "Tattoo" to Kalani Robb in The Show. (Actually, no way, but I do like the guy's commentary: "Smokified!")

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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