Craig Anderson's Incredible New Surf Film, Is 2019 John John's To Lose, and Nathan Fletcher's Poo Story

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Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was June 7, 2019

1. Craig Anderson Stars in a new 20 minute Kai Neville Film

This could be the best surf movie of 2019 so far. Since Craig Anderson dropped off Quiksilver in 2015 – to eventually work with his and Dane Reynolds' surf/skate brand Former – we haven't seen nearly as much from the stylish goofy-foot out of Newcastle. That sort of thing seems to happen when you're no longer being pushed by a giant brand with a traditional marketing budget that want to get their return on investment (Kai Neville not having released a major surf moviein a while has played a factor also). But just 'cause we haven't seen Craig as much doesn't mean he still isn't one of the most stylish freesurfers of this or any other generation. The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear is certainly proof of that. Is it the best surf movie of 2019? That probably depends on your palate for Kai Neville's penchant for never settling for the norm. Either way, it's certainly beautiful. Craig Anderson forever!

2. John and Lakey Won Margies, And John Is Jogging Away With 2019

Surprising absolutely no-one, John John Florence was unbeatable at Margaret River once again, taking down Kolohe Andino in the final just as he did in 2017, the last time he won the World Title. On the ladies' side it was Lakey Peterson taking the win and getting back to where she belongs after a disappointing start to 2019, taking down Tatiana Weston Webb in their final.

For the best writing and analysis on the event, you need to read Sean Doherty's report from finals, I will add three quick observations though.

1. Kolohe Andino hasn't won an event yet but has firmed himself into a solid second postion by making two finals out of four events and failing to make the quarters only once. He and John are the only surfers to have made two finals so far in 2019, and that kind of consistency is the sort of form that puts you in World Title conversations. If he can break through and actually win an event, he'll be right there with John come December. Either way, we're certainly on track for Kolohe's best year ever.

2. There are only two surfers on the Men's Championship Tour to have made it past the round of 32 in every one of the first four events. That's Kanoa Igarashi (who is ranked fourth) and Conner Coffin (who is ranked 9th). It's hard to know what that means at this stage, but it has to mean something, right? Surfing has a history of rewarding consistency, even without a lot of wins. 

3. When the men's and women's events were down to the semis, there was some neat international symmetry appearing in the nationalities of the surfers that remained. Both the men's and women's events each had a single surfer representing Brazil, Hawaii, mainland USA, and Australia. I'm not going to comb through the available data, but I'd bet my 1998 Toyota Corolla that that's never happened before.

3. Conner's (Dolphin) View of Margies

Alright, they're winning me over, slowly surely, they've beaten me into submission and broken down my hatred for the YouTube surfer vlog... I mean, how can you not enjoy Conner and Parker accidentally giving us nearly the exact same travel tips? Plus, dolphins! Like TourNotes used to be, the Parker brothers youtube channel is now a regular part of every comp debrief for the surf fan.

4. Koa Rothman's View of Red Bull Cape Fear

Another great YouTube surfer vlog, what's happening? This episode of Koa Rothman's This Is Livin' series follows his journey down to Shipstern Bluff for the Red Bull Cape Fear event, and it's a really good behind the scenes look at an extremely unique event.

The best thing about it is seeing Koa Rothman and Nate Florence watch the athlete's briefing of the notorious wave and look equally nervous and psyched. Watching this clip makes me want to be a part of the big wave community, they’re having such a good and supportive time together. Can you be a part of the big wave community without ever surfing waves bigger than 2 feet? Asking for a friend.

5. Ryan Callinan On A Twin-Fin

Let's give it up for Ryan Callinan. Back on tour and now 7th in the world, dude is a legend. Here he is surfing on a twin fin. Fun.

6. Asher Pacey Is On RVCA Now

It was announced this week that the smoothest tube slider in the world, Mr. Asher Pacey, has signed on with RVCA, so here is the customary welcome to the team clip. No surprises here that it features a lot of beautiful righthand point surfing, and no surprises that it's great viewing.

7. Nathan Fletcher Tells A Story About Pooing In His Wetsuit

Hey, did you know that there is a new Nathan Fletcher movie called Heavy Water? Yeah, and it looks really good and is going to be shown on the big screen all over the country. Also Nathan Fletcher and the director will be doing QnA screenings up and down the east coast this coming week. Unrelated to all of that is this poo story. Everyone loves a poo story.

8. WSL Joins the Climate Movement

The WSL's enviro arm WSL PURE (standing for Progressive Understanding and Respect for the Environment) has launched a big new campaign called Stop Trashing Waves, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and combat the escalating climate and ocean pollution crisis.

“The WSL is incredibly proud to break new ground in sports in the urgent battle against climate change and ocean pollution,” WSL CEO Sophie Goldschmidt said in a statement. “We believe it’s our responsibility to be ‘all in’ in the efforts to protect the ocean and beaches amid the devastating climate crisis we all face. We invite everyone who cares about our ocean to join us.”

And it's not just hashtags and empty gestures neither, the WSL have made a series of pledges, and want all us surfers to make our own too.

Their pledges include becoming carbon neutral, cutting out all single use plastics and working to restore our coastlines. Given how much the WSL travels around the world, and how many events they put on which, like any sporting event, use a heap of food packaging... these are no small commitments.

Paddle Outs in conjunction with #StopTrashingWaves are planned for both World Ocean's Day on June 8 and International Surfing Day on June 15.

You can find more info about it all and how you can make your own pledge at ... or just jump on Instagram and check out the #stoptrashingwaves hashtag.

9. This WSL QS Is Insane

So while the Margaret River Pro was on, a lowly QS 3000 was also running in Chile and it was paaaa-uuuumping. Is the QS better than the CT ya think? (*Quickly looks at the schedule of Snapper, Keramas, Teahupoo, Bells and Pipeline* ahhh hmmm, ummm...)

10. Pumping NSW North Coast, maybe...

So. Many. Tubes. Torren Martyn, Mikey McDonagh, McKenzie Bowden and more scored this week on some crazy good beachies that are probably somewhere north of Lakes Entrance and south of Cairns. Can't be any more specific than that I'm afraid.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Let's go Raptors, let's go Matildas, let's go Ash Barty!

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