Who's Winning J-Bay This Weekend? Craikey's Mental VR Tubefest, and Pumping J-Bay Freesurf Sessions

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was July 12, 2019

1. The Corona J-Bay Open Is Still Going

Honestly, I'm tired. I'm tired of every day of the last 12 weeks booting up the ol' computer and instant messaging everyone I know, asking, "Is J-Bay on tonight?!" It's been exhausting. Nevermind that the comp has only been running for ten days, ten days is pretty much 12 weeks in 2019-time. But now, finally, we're at the tail-end of the comp, with the women up to the semi-finals, the men at the quarters and this weekend to get it done.

The big news stories so far are that both of our dominant Aussies in Sally Fitzgibbons (world no.1) and Steph Gimore (world no.3) were knocked out before finals day, and that on the men's side Owen Wright sent Jordy Smith packing far too early for a dude making a World Title run who's at their home event, which they've won twice before. Medina, isn't great at J-Bay historically (it's the only event of the ones left that he's never won), but is looking good to perhaps make his first final here. Kolohe Andino is still going and has officially moved past the injured John John Florence to be World no.1 (whether that stays the case by event's end, we'll see). Ultimately, with every heat run it looks increasingly unlikely that Filipe Toledo doesn't win his third successive J-Bay title. He's just too damn good (watch below).

Three in a row is a feat seldom seen not just in modern professional surfing, but in surfing history in general. And if Filipe does do it here at J-Bay in 2019, will he then have claims to being the greatest J-Bay competitor ever? The answer is: yes of course! Now if you excuse me, there's a horde of Tom Curren fans throwing rotten tomatoes at me that I need to run away from.

2. Ry Craike's Virtual Reality Super Tube Fest Extravaganza

I have no understanding how any of this modern technology "GoPro Fusion" camera stuff works and I refuse to Google it and learn. Nope, I'm just going to lean back in my broken office chair and marvel at Ry Craike here, who has clearly mastered the dark arts of telekinesis and rather than use it to fight evil, is choosing instead to film himself getting tubed off his freaking head. It's unreal!

3. Stab's Dock Sequel Is Very Good

Remember when Stab Magazine took one of those floating bridges they used at the Melbourne Grand Prix in the 90s and towed it out into a line-up for some absolute madness, breaking the internet in doing so? They did it again, this time in Mexico, and it's very good viewing. One of the reasons it's such good viewing can be attributed to Noa Deane, who is hilarious with everything he says at all times. Best dude ever.

4. Asher Wales, Darker Than Shade

Asher Wales once told me I look like Kramer from Seinfeld. He was right. I did. That has nothing to do with this though. A short and sharp edit (as they should all be!) for Misfit that's fun and includes some handplane surfing on a surfboard. Good stuff.

5. Pumping J-Bay Sessions

If you were tasked with listing the ten best waves in the world, J-Bay would be one of the first places you'd list. It's iconic. And this edit put together by Red Bull Surfing – who've been dominating with the South African surf content the past month – is a testament as to why that's the case.

6. Conner Coffin, the Pre-Comp Sessions

You'll never believe it, but this week's episode of the Coffin Bros YouTube channel – Your Weekly Tube – comes from Jeffreys Bay!!! I know, crazy right? It was pumping before the comp and the Californian point-fiend scored it before the comp started and he got bundled out before everyone's Fantasy Teams were ready for him to.

7. Irrelevant Politics!

Did you know that this week in the US, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning their president's remarks as racist. Like, officially official racist. Cool, hey! Have you ever wondered if any professional surfers publicly support those officially racist remarks? It's probably none.

8. Mason Ho at the Rip Curl Cup Padang

We just got word that the Rip Curl Cup, which has a massive one month waiting period, is now on "High Alert" for Monday! It's gonna be sick. Mason Ho has been there during the waiting period doing all the waiting for us, and this is how he spends that time – getting really good barrels.

9. Nathan Florence and Billy Kemper In Panama

Red Alert – rashvests are back! Your dad is going to be so stoked!

10. Steph Gilmore and Mikey Feb Ride Twinnies at J-Bay

For the WSL's expression session Corona Open J-Bay Highline heat (that's a mouthful) we got gifted this incredible surfing from Steph "the greatest to ever do it" Gilmore and Mikey "he's very good but I guess the CT didn't really suit his awesome style" February. Those are their official nicknames and I definitely didn't make them up just now, but maybe don't check on that.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone. Love you, miss you.

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