The Best (and Worst) J-Bay Julian Wilson's Ever Had, Seth Moniz Drops Banger, Hoyo's Ruling!

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Mike Jennings

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Ten Things From Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was August 16, 2019

1. Seth Moniz and the best surfing of the week in Fruition

That Seth Moniz is so hot right now. The Hawaiian CT rookie and current World no. 14 dropped one of the better clips we’ve seen in 2019. Well rounded in all respects – surfing: big barrels, big airs. Soundtrack: Nipsey Hustle, Tame Impala. And Location: Big Hawaii, small Waco Texas (at least for a little bit). It’s hands up the best clip of this week. Can't wait to see how goes at Teahupo'o, which starts August 21!

2. Julian Wilson's Best and Worst J-Bay Ever

Julian Wilson’s deftly put together, light-touch  YouTube vlog series drops another episode from the road of the CT. This one comes from Jeffreys Bay, where Wilson had a shocker, coming 17th (his worst result there ever) and all but confirming he wouldn’t be featuring in the World Title race this December. That’s a bummer, but it makes for interesting viewing, and he’s still probably the best surfer we’ve got at the World Class level today. That pre-comp surf is incredible, too.

3. Hoyo Still Rips ('Cause of Course He Does)

It's pretty bloody rare that a surfer (that isn't Kelly Slater) can release a freesurf clip that'll blow your hair back over the age of 40. No problems for Hoyo though, so here's the patron saint of the hack, Mr Matt Hoy, in a short sharp edit of raw Novacastrian power.

4. Kerrsy Wins Maldives Comp

The longest name competition in all of surfing – the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy 2019 – went down this week with World Champ Joel Parkinson entering the invite only event for the first time, joined by fellow first timers Kai Lenny and Matt Wilkinson. But it was Josh Kerr who took it out, making it back to back wins for Kerrsy. Here's the clip from the twin-fin part of the comp, because Joel Parkinson on a twin fin in fun Maldivian waves is what we wanna see out of this.

5. Parker Coffin's Rincon

Parker Coffin takes us through his hometown of Santa Barbara and the iconic local break that is Rincon. There’s a couple cameo clips here of Bobby Martinez and his brother Conner too. Bobby Martinez’s brother Conner Martinez? No, Parker’s brother Conner. Bobby’s brother Conner was busy this day. Hey, do you ever think about how Conner and Parker both have names with two syllables ending in -er? And how if they had another sibling they’d probably also be given an -er name? I think about that all the time. Shooter Coffin. Loser Coffin. Killer Coffin. Pepper Coffin. Dinner Coffin… the choices are endless. Lobster Coffin…

6. Saving Martha

Here’s a ten minute Patagonia clip about the salmon farming industry prevalent in Tasmania and now looking at moving into King Island, including the world class waves of Martha Lavinia. Now the thing about moving an industry like this into an area of interest to surfers, like King Island is, the way those industries conduct themselves and the environmental concerns they flaunt suddenly come under our spotlight. This clip, Saving Martha, gives a great overview of the situation that’s playing out at the moment. Give it a watch, enjoy the shredding of Rasta and Mikey Brennan, and then hit this link to join the King Island community in saying no to farmed salmon.

7. Dusts of Gold

Surf auteur Morgan Maassen turns his lens to friend and craftsman Ryan Lovelace as well as friend and surfer Trevor Gordon for this great piece called Dusts of Gold. Be nice to be Morgan Maassen’s friend and something, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t know, guy hasn’t picked up the phone to me in years, and I’ve had some amazing Ponzi investment opportunities for him too… for shame. Lovely video though.

8. Jamie O'Brien's Hanging up the YouTube?

The OG of the YouTube-surfer-vlog-series-thingo game, Mr Jamie O'Brien, was this week announced to be calling it quits on his famous web series, Who is JOB. The Red Bull Surfing YouTube account wrote on Tuesday: "Guess who's back... The final season of Who is JOB drops next week! 🔥 Be on the lookout for the trailer coming this Friday on the @Red Bull YouTube channel! 👀 "

This isn't that trailer, this is a video of Jamie playing in a Balinese shorebreak. The big question this announcement leaves us with thoug is: "What will become of Poopies?!" I'm worried for that guy. I mean, more worried than normal.

9. Mick Fanning Did His ACL

Rip Curl sent out a breaking news press release this week that our beloved three time World Champion, the retired from competitive surfing Mick Fanning, had unfortunately injured his ACL. The presser read: "Over the weekend 3x World Champion Mick Fanning injured himself on a Stab In The Dark magazine trip in South Africa. After an immediate flight home and a trip to the doctors Fanning has confirmed he has torn his ACL, which will require surgery and a 6-12 months recovery process." It kind of highlights how different surfing is to other sports – how after retirement from the competitve part of the game, peak performance and injuries still play a major factor – that in essence for Mick Fanning (and surfers of his stature), he'll never really be totally retired. Wishing you a speedy recovery Mick!

10. Occy Acting, Always Fun

The new tradition of Occy acting in ads for Billabong campaigns continues with this Wave Washed, laundromat bit. He doesn’t do much, to be honest, but the little he does is just so delightful. And the old gag of his portrait cover in front of his head? *Chef’s kiss*, bellissimo! 

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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