Medina's Melt, Creed's Unreal Cult of Freedom Part, and The Melbourne Wave Pool Has Been Turned On!

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Mike Jennings

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Is that Taj looking for the second wave of the set? Looks fun, no? Photo: URBNSurf

Is that Taj looking for the second wave of the set? Looks fun, no? Photo: URBNSurf


Ten Things from Surfing & the Internet on the Week That Was October 25, 2019

1. Medina Lost (Stupidly) and Opened Up The World Title Race

The biggest story of the week is no doubt the absolute brain-melt moment for once-near-World Title certainty Gabriel Medina at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, when he dropped in on Caio Ibelli without priority during their Round of 32 heat. The blunder resulted in Medina's second wave being stripped entirely from his heat score, leaving the two time World Champ with a one wave score of 8.17. Caio scraped on by with a two wave total of just 8.50. Caio's last wave of the heat, a 3.10, got him over the line. Before the interference call, Caio needed a 9.37.

There's been some speculation that the priority had been rewarded to Ibelli incorrectly earlier in the heat, but, sheeeesh Gabby, all you had to do was turn around and look at the board to know that the priority had been awarded against ya, and you know, then just not drop in on your opponent... Rest easy though, it's not like you had a World Title on the line or anything.

The earlier than expected exit for the dominating Medina is a godsend for those chasing him, however – with Filipe Toledo, Italo Ferreira, Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith and Kanoa Igarashi now still all in contention when the tour moves to Pipe in December, and all those surfers are still in contention of winning this Portugal event and significantly making ground on the trophy.

The incident lit up the internet, which is always a bit of fun, but sadly the swell didn't co-operate to keep the stoke going – just as surf fans were getting all fired up the comp went on hold for what's felt like six weeks (four days).

On the women's side of the event, though, Carissa Moore has made no such World Title threatening mistake, and is still very much a chance of clinching it while in Peniche. She can make sure it's hers by beating Lakey Peterson in the semis (if they both win their quarters), and then going on to win the final.

This will all go down at the specific time of... some point this weekend. Wooh!

2. Creed McTaggart's Globe Part Is The Sickness!

The fourth installment of Globe's excellent Cult of Freedom series has kept us waiting. I'm not counting, but I think it's been a year?! That's far too long. However, Globe's auteur filmmaker Joe G focussing on the enigmatic West Aussie freesurf star and all around sweetheart Creed McTaggart has been worth the wait. This is nine and a half minutes of modern surf-internet A-grade excellence right here. Enjoy:

3. Your Weekly Wave Pool Update: The Melbourne Pool's First Waves

Like Mum with a closet full of Christmas presents, URBNSurf Melbourne is continuing their slow dripfeed of torture, showing us the shortest of glimpses of their tank's first waves. What can we learn from this footage so far? Well, it works, it doesn't look to have broken, it's the biggest and best looking surf in that WaveGarden technology's history, and that Taj Burrow and Tyler Wright (WELCOME BACK TYLER!!!) have given it a test run. Those are all big ticks for this one in the wave pool space race! Negatives? None maybe? Perhaps only that it looks just about as good as our tempered expectations have allowed, and not crazy 8 foot barrels for days. We'll have to wait till the crew at URBNSurf drop some footage of surfers actually riding waves till we know more... or till an email hits with an invite to come and have a splash!

As far as opening dates, prices, and other more tangible details go, they're still up in the air, but still looking like some time this summer. 

4. Caring for the Clarence, Get Around This Petition

The clip below is quite a beautiful and important bit of video made by soul-surf-filmmaker Nathan Oldfield. It's about the impending danger the Clarence River is facing from the threat of mining, and the call to action by Dan Ross and David Rastovich, Hayley Talbot (the first person to paddle the full length of the Clarence), and the local community to help save it.

There is curently a new copper mine proposal underway for Cangai, directly adjacent to the Mann river, a main tributatary of the Clarence. As seen in 2018 with the Walsh River and Jamie Creed disaster, copper mining has an extremely dangerous history in Australia, and this could pose a serious threat to the ecological health of this pristine region.

The local MP for the region has guaranteed that if they can get 10,000 signatures, the issue will be taken to parliament to ask the legislative council to stop exploration or mining within the Clarence Valley and surrounding area. Let's get it done!

10,000 signatures, should be a piece of piss. However, this petition is going take a little bit more energy from us than usual. We need to print off this petition here, physically sign it, and then post it on.

5. Did you know this is the first women's event at Supertubos in ages?

I didn't realise that. The women's event has been run at Cascais the last decade, which is an hour and a half drive from Peniche, and umm not at all the same place, which if you're an absolute moron like me, who knows nothing about anything and is problematically ignorant about the history of womens surfing, is interesting news. Good on the WSL (and Rip Curl?) for bringing it back.

6. Mason Ho in Bali

I said this two weeks ago, but I'm gonna say it again: "Mason Ho's incredible output of novelty shredding and legitimate shredding and just general surf-entertainment could probably sustain the careers of about five professional freesurfers. It's outrageous." Here's his latest, a Bali dream of long perfect lefts around the Rip Curl Padang Cup.

7. Timmy Reyes Love Letter To Mexico

Gaaaaah-Riiiiinding Mexican tubes somewhere around the Baja region, surfed with aplomb and beautifully soundtracked, if it weren't for Creed up top this mighta just been the best clip of the week. Lovely.

8. Seinfeld Voice: What's deal with Billabong and Metallica?

For the 212th* time Billabong is releasing a collaboration with Metallica and... I just don't know what to make of this. Are we still in 2019? They must sell a truckload of them, I guess.

*Not the actual number.

9. Conner Coffin's Portugal Vlog

One of the men responsible for my pathetic Fantasy Surfing performance in Peniche* took some time out to show us around the beautiful Portugal during his short time in the MEO Rip Curl Pro. As far as travel vlogs by surfers go, this ain't bad. Pretty keen for sardines now.

*To be fair, it was a team effort, everyone really pulled together on this one. And Conner faced the red-hot Italo Ferreira in the round of 16, a tough assignment in any scenario.

10. True Detective Interviews Maya Gabeira

I've often stared into night skies and silently prayed to the internet surf gods that one day they might bless us mere mortals with a web clip where Academy Award winner and Surfer, Dude star Matthew McConaughey interviews a famous professional surfer. I was starting to doubt my faith in the internet surf gods, but this week my prayers were answered!

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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